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A Quick Reference Guide for the Virindi Tank Bundle - Compiled by Hell's Wrath

Before diving in you may want to Customize Your View

Virindi Tank TankIcon.PNG

Click the Tank icon TankIcon.PNG on the Virindi Views(VVS) bar to open the main Virindi Tank plugin.

Options tab

The main options page handles basic Vtank ranges and a multitude of easy-access options.

Vtank Main.PNG

For detailed explanations of the individual options on the main tab, visit the Standard Options page

You can also view the entire Advanced Options which will be linked to throughout this guide.

Profiles tab

Vtank Profiles.PNG

Macro Setting Profiles

Understanding how profiles are managed is vital to running an organized macro. You will likely have many profiles for different locations and tasks. There are two types of profiles we will talk about: Those with Mine Only enabled, and those without.

  • Click the Macro Settings dropdown list
  • You will see [Default] and [ByChar] -- You never want to edit settings within these, think of them as templates. You load one, make a save with a specific name, then edit and use the new save.
  • [Default] profile settings will always reset on logout.
  • [ByChar] is associated with the Mine Only radio button and retains any changes. Each character has their own [ByChar] profile, you should make copies for specific areas/tasks. See the next section for creating new [Char] profiles.
  • When creating a new character specific profile you want to have the Mine Only radio button enabled, selecting the [ByChar] profile automatically enables Mine Only.

Saving [Char] Macro Settings

  • Select [ByChar] from the Macro Settings dropdown then click the "CopyTo" button.
  • Your chat bar will be filled with the string "/vt settings savechar" -- Type a name after "savechar" and press Enter. (eg. "/vt settings savechar ProfileName")
  • You will now have a "[Char]ProfileName" profile in the Macro Settings dropdown - You can now safely begin making changes to the settings.
    • Changes made within profiles are saved immediately and automatically. You do not have to save after making alterations. This is the reason for using [ByChar] as a template to make new profiles.

Transferring [Char] Profiles to Alt Char.

  • To transfer a [Char] setting profile over to another character you will need to load the [Char]profile, disable Mine Only and click CopyTo.
  • In your chat bar you will see the string "/vt settings save" - type a profile name and click enter. (eg. "/vt settings save ProfileName")
  • On the character you want the profile transferred to, uncheck Mine Only and select the Macro Settings dropdown. You will see "ProfileName" listed without a [Char] tag.
  • You now need to save the cross-char profile as a [Char] profile. Select "ProfileName" from the dropdown and then enable Mine Only. Click "CopyTo" and the string "/vt settings savechar" should appear in your chat bar. Type ProfileName and press Enter.
    • You should now see "[Char]ProfileName" in your macro settings dropdown list.
    • Now you must populate the Items/Consumables tab with your items, and assign any weapon types in the Monster tab that may have become unassigned as a result of transferring the profile.

Auto-Navigation Profiles

  • To create a new route select [None] from the dropdown and then click the "CopyTo" button - "/vt nav save" will appear in your char bar, type a name and hit Enter
  • Build and edit your routes on the Routes tab

Looting Profiles

  • Displays a list of loot profiles, select one to load it
  • Profiles loaded from your \\VirindiPlugins\VirindiTank folder
  • Loot profiles for Virindi Tank are built outside of game using the Virindi Tank Classic Loot System
  • The classic looter is extremely powerful. Example profiles are available on the above page.
  • provides a profile called "Lootsnob" that has hundreds of rules for all manner of armor/weapon/trophies/collectibles.
    • Aside from the Vtank Classic Looter, you can also use Alinco3, GearFoundry, or any other plugin that will link its profile to Vtank
    • OnLogin, if no loot profile is selected, Vtank will detect if GearFoundry or Alinco is loaded and provide a link you can click to attach your profile to Vtank.

Meta Action Profiles

  • Select a meta profile from the dropdown list to load it
  • You build and edit on the Meta tab

Vitals tab

The vitals tab is crucial to your survival. Depending on your skill level you will want to adjust the sliders to best fit your circumstances. Lower level spells do not revitalize as well so the sliders must be adjusted to give you maximum benefit. Trial and error is the name of the game.

Vtank vitals.PNG

  • The first three sliders manage your vitals during combat
  • The second set of sliders manages your Top-off vitals. When there are no combat targets in range you will recharge to these values.
  • The third set of sliders manages your Helper spells

Monsters tab

The monsters tab is where you will manage the different types of attacks, debuffs, and weapons you use against specific monsters.

Vtank monsters.PNG

  • Type in a monster name and click Add, or select a monster in the 3D window and click Add Sel.
  • Once you have a monster name entered you can set the ways you want to react. Hovering over each of the letters will show a tooltip.
  • Click the text beneath Dmg type / Extra Vuln / Weapon / Offhand / PetDmg to cycle through the available options.

The monster list can be very simple or quite complex, depending on your needs.

There are advanced operators and variables you can use to account for very specific situational problems

Check out Monster List Matching for more information.

Items tab

Within the items tab you add all of your weapons/wands/shields/pets you want to use in your profile.

Vtank items.PNG

  • Select an item in your inventory and click "Add" to add it to the list.

Once an item is listed it can be set in the Monsters tab under the appropriate options.

Consumables tab

Vtank consumables.PNG

  • If you use any type of gems/foods/healing kits/potions/lockpicks etc, you can add them to the Consumables list and have Vtank automatically use them at the appropriate times.
  • If you don't want to use high level spells you can exclude Scarab types so the spells aren't cast. This is handy for saving on spellcomps when hunting lower level areas on a high level character.

Advanced Crafting Options

  • Notes:
    • Items that cast spells lasting less than 5 minutes will not work.

Buffs tab

Vtank reads your characters skills, spellbook, and available spellcomps to determine which spells to cast.

Vtank buffs.PNG

Creature buffs are always cast. Which ones are used are selected automatically based on the skills that you have trained.

  • The buffs tab is used when you want to Add or Exclude buffs from your buffing profile.
  • Normally you will not need to change anything on this tab.
  • Life protections and banes can be selected through the advanced panel by changing the BuffProfile_Prots and BuffProfile_Banes options. The builtin selections are:
   All (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash, Acid, Lightning, Cold, Fire)
   B (Bludgeon)
   BPS (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash)
   BPSA (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash, Acid)
   ALFC (Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold)
   Custom (see below)

'Custom' element sets are specified similarly to the above, by selecting among the letters BPSALFC. To do this, set the option in the advanced options panel to 'Custom' and then issue a command like the following, replacing BPSALFC with the letters you want:

   /vt opt set BuffProfile-Prots BPSALFC
   /vt opt set BuffProfile-Banes BPSALFC

Set skill thresholds so you can pick up scrolls and attempt to cast spells above your skill level

Advanced Buffing Options

  • Notes:
    • "/filter -magic" will cause Vtank to loop and continuously cast a single spell. You can "/filter -spellcasting" without issues.
    • You can safely filter the chat using the AC Chat options instead of the /filter commands.

Route tab

This is where you will build all of your auto-navigation routes.

Route tab.PNG

  • Turn your character with camera turning must be disabled for auto-navigation to function
  • Default movement keys must be used in your keyboard configuration

There are 4 types of routes you can build:

  • Circular routes traverse waypoints in the order ABC-ABC.(After last waypoint, will return to first waypoint)
  • Linear routes traverse waypoints in the order ABC-CBA. (Will run back and forth from beginning to end)
  • Once routes traverse a route just once. Waypoints in the route tab will appear to delete themselves, reloading the route reloads the waypoints (Good for ToVendor/ToDungeon routes.)
  • Follow routes follow another player-character. See Mini Remote

  • To build a route you simply run while clicking the "Add" button to add waypoints.
  • Aside from waypoints you can input Recalls, Use Portal/NPC, Pauses, Chat commands and Jumps.


  • Jumps can be executed by a chat command, or added to a navroute using a different command
  • Execute a jump: "/vt jump [heading in degrees] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds to charge the power bar]
  • Add a jump to a route: "/vt addnavjump [heading] [shift] [milliseconds]"
  • Execute a strafe jump: "/vt addnavjump [heading] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds] [strafeleft/straferight/forward]"
    • For example "/vt jump 360 true 500 strafeleft" will make you face north and do a left-strafe shift jump at half power.

  • Note: /vt addnavjump will automatically pause and issue the jump. If you use the /vt jump command you must add the pauses yourself


  • Add to routes with "/vt addnavcheckpoint"
  • Functions as a normal waypoint, except that when reaching it the macro pauses until the server reports back your location as being near the point. (Normally, your client sees your location as a bit ahead of what the server sees, due to communication latency.) This point type can ensure that you really made it around a corner or through a doorway. Once the server reports that you are in a location you will not be "rubber-banded" back. Sometimes you will stop and wait and the server will disagree on your final location, so if you have been waiting awhile the macro will inch forward.

Route Editing

  • You can edit routes by using the drop-down menu containing "Add to End", "Insert Above" and "Insert Below"
  • The curly green arrow GreenTurnDownArrow.PNG sets the route to the nearest waypoint to your location. You can use the green and red up/down arrows to change the waypoint.
  • You must change your route to circular to use the curly green arrow. It will not work for once and linear routes. Change back once finished editing.

Meta tab

The Virindi Tank Meta system is a way to control what the macro is doing on a higher level than normal operations. The system allows you to implement a Finite-state machine. This machine consists of rules and states.

With meta you can create Hunt / Recomp / Return On Death routines, automate entire quests, control multiple characters through chat commands and much more.

Check out the Meta System page for more information.

Virindi Classic Looter

Virindi Tank provides a standalone loot editor called Virindi Classic Looter

  • Found in your VirindiPlugins\VirindiTankClassicLooter folder (typically C:\Games\VirindiPlugins\VirindiTankClassicLooter)
    • Run "uTank2 Settings Editor.exe"

The Classic Looter is quite extensive and requires detailed explanations.

Information can be found on the following pages

If you don't like the Classic Looter or feel it is too complicated for your needs you can use an alternate plugin for loot profiles

At login, Vtank will auto-detect if you are running Alinco or GearFoundry without a loot profile loaded. If so, it will provide a link to connect the plugins.

Virindi Integrator2 I2 Icon inactive.PNG I2 Icon Active.PNG

  • VI2 connects to a central server in order to provide fellow-like groups, friends notifications, tells, automated mapping and ally location awareness.
  • Friends and /tells in VI2 operate through an account-based system; sent tells go to every character logged in under the same VI2 account, and friends logging on to their VI2 account appear as online regardless of which AC character or server they are logged in to.
  • VI2 is completely AC-world independent, allowing communication and even questing to function easily across different game worlds.
  • Fellow Members prefer to attack vulned/imped mobs first.
  • Fellow members will try not to double-vuln mobs
  • Fellow Members heal each other without the need for the AC Fellow Panel to be open

Visit the Virindi Integrator2 page for a detailed breakdown of the plugin.

Virindi Reporter Reporter Icon.PNG

  • Reports XP/Lum Earnings to yourself, fellowship chat, or allegiance chat.
  • Must be running for XP/Lum Earning properties to appear on the Status HUD


Virindi Chat System 5 VCS Icon.PNG

  • A filtering plugin for text in the AC chatboxes. It allows you to define rules that specify where matching text will go, and what color it will become, with the option for corresponding sound alerts.
  • These rules apply not only to AC's text, but also to the text output of all Virindi Bundle plugins.


Virindi Item Tool VIT Icon.PNG

  • The Give tab is used to hand large quantities of the same type item, quickly, to another character or NPC
  • The Buy tab has options to select which item you need to buy, how many, and which items to sell to cover the costs(pea's/mmds)
  • The GiveVT tab has the Go button for pre-built Buy/Sell profiles to be triggered
  • The Chest tab allows you to automatically use keys on a chest and transfer looted items to a mule.
  • The Comps tab stores a list of user selected items to automatically purchase from vendors
  • Mag-Tools calls on VIT to handle item transfer for its Auto Buy/Sell feature.


Virindi Follower

Follow Character is built in to the Virindi HUDs MiniRemote

  • Select who you want to follow and Press the "FC" button Follow Char.PNG on the MiniRemote.
  • "C" toggles "Follow character around corners"
    • Enabled: Follows the leaders exact route - Mostly used inside
    • Disabled: Runs directly at the leader - Mostly used outside

The stand-alone version of Virindi Follower is unlikely to be updated in the future.

Virindi HUDs VirindiUIsIcon.png

Currently included:

  • Comps HUD
  • VTank Remote Control
  • VVS Chat Window
  • Status HUD
  • H/S/M Bar.
  • Old Style H/S/M Bar
  • ItemTool Comps HUD

More information on the Virindi HUDs or Customize Your View page

Virindi Hotkey System Virindi Hotkey System Icon.PNG

  • Allows you to set hotkeys to perform functions created by different plugins.
  • As an alternative to Decal Hotkey System, VHS uses Virindi Views
  • Supports assigning hotkeys to joystick/gamepad buttons.


Virindi Sense Virindi Sense Icon.PNG

A simple 6th Sense style plugin.

  • Input items you wish to track on the Setup tab
  • If something is detected you will be alerted in chat and the item will be listed on the Detected tab


Virindi Window Tool VWTIcon.png

  • Used to manage multiple UI Layouts
  • Save and load UI captures with a GUI rather than the AC chat commands.
  • Saves location of all VVS plugins
  • Offers the "Old AC UI" option


Virindi Global Inventory VGI Icon.PNG

A simple tool for managing armor, weapons and misc items on mules.

  • You must log on each character who's inventory you would like to track and choose a Tracking style, then wait for it to read all items.
  • You can search by item name/spells/sets and others. It will display all items matching the query and the character each item is on.
  • Suit Search application helps you filter through and match your gear to create the best possible suits.
  • World View application lists all weapons and pets for each character in a spreadsheet for easy viewing.


GoArrow (VVS) GoArrow Icon.PNG

A version of Digero's GoArrow plugin which has been modified to operate in Virindi Views.

  • Route-finding between any location by coordinates, searching locations, or manipulating the map.
  • Arrow HUD to show you the direction of your next waypoint or endpoint.
  • Filter options and ranges to display locations/npcs in your vicinity


SSSort (VVS) SSSort VVS Icon.PNG

SSSort sorts the scrolls, salvage, or mana stones in your main pack or side packs.

It has a number of specialized sorting criteria for scrolls, salvage, and mana stones.


Non-Bundle VVS Plugins

Available for download on the Virindi Plugins page.

Virindi Armor Color Tool VACT Icon.PNG

A DCS-like utility for viewing the colors of armor.

  • The colors it displays are the same as found in Virindi Tank propertydumps
  • Simply open the plugin and ID an item to retrieve the palette list.


SkunkVision (VVS) SkunkVision Icon.PNG

The SkunkVision control panel has three toggles for enabling or disabling the following features:

  • Unclimbable slopes: Highlights those areas of a mountain or cliff that are too steep to climb.
  • Impassable water: Highlights those areas of open water that are too deep to wade.
  • Dungeon light: Lights up dark dungeon caverns.


Virindi XP Helper XPHelper Icon.PNG

Virindi XP Helper assists in determining how much your character's primary attributes (strength, endurance, etc) should cost to raise based on the costs of your skills and secondary attributes (health, stamina, mana).


Virindi Old Comp System Virindi OCS Icon.PNG

VirindiOCS (Old Comp System) tracks the burning of components, predicts runtime, and allows you to purchase the proper ratios of components for a particular approximate runtime.

The goal is to make it easier for you to use old components (with peas).