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Where can I learn about the specifics of each plugin, and their advanced usage

Visit the Main Page and select the plugin you wish to learn more about.

Virindi Tank

What are the Fellowship Commands for Virindi Tank?

Visit Virindi Tank Fellowship Commands

How do I setup an @tell sound alert

Visit the @tell Sound alert setup page for instructions

What is Meta?

The Virindi Tank Meta system is a way to control what the macro is doing on a higher level than normal operations. The system allows you to implement a Finite-state machine. Visit the Meta System page for more information

How do I use Alinco with Virindi Tank?

First of all, you need the latest version of Alinco3 (Alinco3 or later). You must also have the Virindi Tank Bundle release.

If you are running both Alinco3 and Virindi Tank, Virindi Tank will display a message at login in the chatbox to let you know that you can connect Alinco3 with Virindi Tank. Simply clicking on the link provided will connect the two plugins so that Virindi Tank uses your Alinco3 rules to loot.

Manual setup:

Login with both VT and Alinco3 running. Open VT, go to the profiles page, and click 'New'. You should see a list of loot systems VT can use. If it includes a message about the Alinco Connector (*.los) then you have installed the plugins properly. Now you must tell VT to use Alinco to select loot items.

Create a new loot profile in VT (using that new button) with a file extension of .los (for instance, alinco.los). Make sure VT has this new profile selected as your loot profile on the profiles page.

You're done! Virindi Tank will now use your Alinco rules to loot whenever that .los file is selected as its loot profile.

Configuring salvage:

If you want Alinco3 to use its own combine rules for salvage, set Alinco3 to autosalvage. Otherwise, VT will salvage according to its rules.
***WARNING***: If you enable the "auto-ust" setting in Alinco3, Alinco3 will salvage ANY items on your character which do not match its keep rules. This includes equipment being wielded. It is highly recommended that you do not enable this setting.

How do I set up Looting in Virindi Tank Classic Looter?

Virindi Tank uses a plugin-based loot system. This means that loot profiles are managed by an external component, and you edit what you want to loot using that component.

Currently there are two loot plugins available: VTClassic (included in the bundle) and Alinco3. Alinco3 provides an easy to use interface, while VTClassic provides a lower-level, more powerful interface.

To configure Alinco3, see above

To configure VTClassic, you must create a profile with the external editor .exe, installed by the bundle installer in your VirindiPlugins\VirindiTankClassicLooter directory. Information on how to create a VTClassic profile can be found here.

These forum threads might also be useful:

How does Virindi Tank know what level of spells to use, and how can I change it?

Virindi Tank selects the proper level of spells to use based on your current buffed skill. If, at any time, your skill makes you able to cast a higher level of buffs than you have, it casts them.

The amount of skill that is required for Virindi Tank to consider you 'able' to cast a spell is controlled by two settings in the Advanced Panel:

  • SpellDiffExcessThreshold-Hunt (default 25)
  • SpellDiffExcessThreshold-Buff (default 5)

The default numbers indicate the number of skill points above the spell's difficulty that you must have in your buffed skill in order to cast.

For instance:

  • Level 6's require 250, plus 5 for SpellDiffExcessThreshold-Buff-5 equals a minimum requirement of 255 skill for VTank to buff.
  • If you also have 255 War Magic, then the rule is 250 plus 25 for SpellDiffExcessThreshold-Hunt-25 equals 275, which is above your skill, so the spells are considered too difficult and VTank will revert to level 5's.

By changing these numbers, you can set both your Hunting and Buffing spell levels directly and your preference for chance of fizzling.

Note: Even when buffing, stamina to mana, revitalize, and heal use the number for SpellDiffExcessThreshold-Hunt, since these are often cast when your mana is very low and thus a conservative estimate for the potential for fizzling is required.

How do I choose which spells are used to buff?

Creature buffs are always cast. Which ones are used are selected automatically based on the skills that you have trained.

Life protections and banes can be selected through the advanced panel by changing the BuffProfile_Prots and BuffProfile_Banes options. The builtin selections are:

  • All (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash, Acid, Lightning, Cold, Fire)
  • None
  • B (Bludgeon)
  • BPS (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash)
  • BPSA (Bludgeon, Pierce, Slash, Acid)
  • ALFC (Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold)
  • Custom (see below)

'Custom' element sets are specified similarly to the above, by selecting among the letters BPSALFC. To do this, set the option in the advanced options panel to 'Custom' and then issue a command like the following, replacing BPSALFC with the letters you want:

  • /vt opt set BuffProfile-Prots BPSALFC
  • /vt opt set BuffProfile-Banes BPSALFC

How does Virindi Tank choose when to buff?

Virindi Tank has two ways to buff.

By default, it rebuffs when there is less than 5 minutes on a buff timer.
Optionally, if you check 'Rebuff when idle' your macro will begin to rebuff at 20 minutes left on timer
If another action takes priority (i.e. combat from monster spawn) you will pause buffing until the action is complete.

Both of those time periods (5 and 20 minutes) can be customized. They are controlled by:

  • RebuffTimeRemainingSeconds
  • IdleBuffTopoffTimeSeconds

My character stops at each Nav point in my route and won't proceed until I press a key. What's wrong?

This is a bug in AC. For autorun to work properly, mouse camera turning must be off. Here's how to do it: Cameraturning.png

Why are some unknown scrolls looted and not others?

Unknown scrolls are looted if your buffed skill in their magic school is greater than 15 points below the spell's difficulty. For instance, to loot and learn a level 6 life magic scroll, your buffed life magic must be greater than or equal to 235.

To completely disable learning unknown scrolls, set the option ReadUnknownScrolls to false in the Advanced Options Panel.

Scrolls which match your current loot profile are saved rather than read, even if you don't know them.

Spell Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Difficulty 1 50 100 150 200 250 300 400
Buffed skill required 1 35 85 135 185 235 285 385

Why won't Virindi Tank attack with my melee/archer

If 'Enable Combat' is checked, this may be because of your attack keys. To attack with melee/archer, VT always uses the del/end/pgdn keys. You must have AC set up so that those keys perform a melee attack.

If you want to use other keys as well, simply add them to the second or third column in AC's key configuration so that both del/end/pgdn and your keys make you attack.

Can Virindi Tank cast Walls?

Tusker Fists only mode was added in version
To use it, set damage type to 'Fists' in the monsters panel.
When casting Fists, you will have to manually position your character. It is also up to you to ensure that the monster is not too close to be damaged by the spell (eg. it is blocked by other characters).

Can Virindi Tank use Rare gems?

Rare usage is not currently supported

How do I get Virindi Tank to refill the mana of my items?

The Bundle edition of Virindi Tank currently supports both mana stones and mana charges. If you add a mana stone/charge type to your consumables panel, it will use those to recharge your items.

When a mana stone type is present in consumables, VT will automatically loot and keep filled a small number of that type of mana stone, if looting is enabled.

Only items not matching any loot rule are used to fill mana stones. If Alinco3 is being used to loot, you should disable mana tank looting in Alinco3.

How do I get Virindi Tank to use special arrows?

Under the advanced settings crafting category, change the UseSpecialAmmo setting.

How do I get Virindi Tank to use Void Magic and/or Drain/Martyr spells?

In the Monsters Tab, set damage type to "Void Basic", "Drain Auto" or "Harm". Void damage over time spells can be selected by the Cp, DC and Cs checkboxes.

What do all the letters mean on the Monsters tab?

Descriptions are here.

As of version, nether damage should be autoselected if War Magic is not trained, Void Magic is trained, and no rend melee/ranged weapons are available. In the same case if neither War Magic nor Void Magic are trained, Drain Auto mode is selected.

Is Virindi Tank smart enough not to duplicate debuffs?

Virindi Tank will not duplicate monster debuffs cast by other members of the same Virindi Integrator2 (VI2) 'fellow'. See Virindi Integrator 2 for more information.

How do I loot corpses at a longer distance?

When you are out of range to just open a corpse directly, the macro relies on navigation approach to get you to the corpse first. The easy way to deal with this is to increase the "Approach" range on the main UI.

When I login, I get spammed with ID messages from [Alinco/other plugin]! What's going on?

By default, Alinco displays the details in the chatbox for any item anytime it is identified, regardless of how the identification was requested. In order to track the mana in your items to refill them, Virindi Tank must ID them. It also must ID weapons and shields to determine their rend properties and if they are unenchantable, as well as potions and gems to determine their builtin spells.

The best solution to this is to tell Alinco to stop displaying these messages. In Alinco, the option is called "Show Info on Identify".

It has been reported that this is no longer an issue with Alinco3.

Internally, that box actually sets two settings: ApproachDistance (for monsters) and CorpseApproachRange-Max (for corpses). If you want to approach corpses at a farther range than monsters, you can do that by raising CorpseApproachRange-Max in advanced. Both ApproachDistance and CorpseApproachRange-Max in advanced are specified in landblocks (1/240 * yards). So when you put 5 into the approach box in the main UI, ApproachDistance and CorpseApproachRange-Max are both set to 5/240 = 0.0208333.

How do I set up a simple sticky position?

Open Vtank and go to the Route tab. Once there click the ADD button to add your current position to the list.
Enable auto-navigation on the Profiles tab. You will now run back to the one point you added.

What is 'Random Helper Buffs'?

The 'Random Helper Buffs' feature was something I added in 2 minutes a couple years ago. The reason was, at the time a bug had been found in the game that allowed people to cause pets to attack other players. People were using it to kill off tradebots in the marketplace. The idea was that I could stand in the market and my char would cast a random prot spell on a random player within range, with no regard for remembering what had been previously cast (for simplicity). Since the attacking pets were very weak, this would prevent tradebots from being killed by them.

"Random Helper Buffs" is not really something that is intended to have a real use now, I simply never removed it because there wasn't any point in doing so. There is no configuration, and it is completely stateless. The logic involved is approximately 30 lines of code. It is not, nor will it ever be, a buff buddy system. At some point in the future I may write such a system, but it would be a completely separate and new thing.

What is the TargetLock setting?

"Target Lock" is an old concept from ElTank. When Target Lock is enabled, the macro will prefer to attack the monster that you select. However, this only applies if a higher priority monster is not present (as specified in the Monsters tab).

What are Virindi Tank's priorities for which type of recharge to use?

Virindi Tank uses a somewhat sophisticated algorithm to determine the best way to recharge your health, stamina, and mana at any given time.

There are four lists of possible actions which are checked sequentially, and the first action which is determined to be usable in the list is selected and activated. Which lists are used depends on both your current health level and your combat stance.

When trying to regain health in magic stance, the following are checked in order:

  • If health is below 15%, stamina to health is used if it is more efficient than a heal and a restam
  • If health is below 15%, mana to health is used if it is more efficient than a heal, a restam, and a stamina to mana
  • If health is below 15%, heal self is used if available
  • If health is below 15%, healing foods are used if available
  • A healing kit is used if the chance of success would be favorable and UseKitsInMagicMode is true
  • Stamina to health is used if it is more efficient than a heal and a restam
  • Mana to health is used if it is more efficient than a heal, a restam, and a stamina to mana
  • Heal self is used if available
  • Healing foods are used if available

When trying to regain health in peace, melee or ranged stances, the following are checked in order:

  • If health is below 15%, healing foods are used if available (this is faster than a kit if one could be used, which is usually better at such low health levels)
  • A healing kit is used if the chance of success would be favorable
  • Healing foods are used if available
  • Stamina to health is used if it is more efficient than a heal and a restam (requires a stance change)
  • Heal self is used if available (requires a stance change)

When trying to regain stamina or mana in magic stance, the following are checked in order:

  • A stamina or mana kit is used if the chance of success would be favorable and UseKitsInMagicMode is true
  • Mana foods are used if available
  • Stamina to mana or revitalize is used if available
  • Stamina foods are used if available

When trying to regain stamina or mana in peace, melee or ranged stances, the following are checked in order:

  • A stamina or mana kit is used if the chance of success would be favorable
  • Stamina or mana foods are used if available
  • Stamina to mana or revitalize is used if available (requires a stance change)

Wand spells, such as the Casting Stein, are treated as normal recharge spells and checked along with them.

For advanced users interested in hacking, these recharge priorities are stored in user profiles under the Settings/RechargeHandlerSet subtable, but how to do this is beyond the scope of this FAQ entry.

How does Virindi Tank choose which health kit type to use?

Which type of kit to use is selected from the types listed in the Consumables tab.

When a heal with a kit is needed, the macro looks at all available types and chooses the one with the highest return bonus which is currently likely to succeed based on the MinimumHealKitSuccessChance setting. If return bonuses are equal, the kit with the fewest remaining charges is used.

Does Virindi Tank work on Windows Vista/7?

Yes. It must be installed in a directory other than Programs, or UAC must be disabled.

What is the WhoYouGonnaCall setting?

Good question.

Is there anything special about Virindi Tank and Darktide?


Virindi Tank does not attack PKs.

It does not report your location or any information about your character to anyone. (Note that running Virindi Integrator 2 allows others to see which character and server you are logged in to, if you are logged in as a non-anonymous user. If you join a VI2 fellow, others in that fellow can see your location, but nobody else.)

You are on your own on Darktide.

Why doesn't Virindi Tank have admin alarms?

Virindi Tank is not designed with UCMing in mind, even if it may be possible to use it that way.

Virindi Tank casts the same buff over and over! What's wrong?

Magic filtering must be disabled. Try: /unfilter -magic

Virindi Integrator2

What are VI2 'fellows' and how do I use them?

A VI2 fellow is a group that you can join in VI2 that allows chat, VTank helper, and location/HSM sharing. If you are running Virindi Views, joining a VI2 fellow will create a new window with information about other fellow members. VI2 fellows can be used by both authenticated and anonymous VI2 users.

To join a fellow:

  • /vij somename

To leave a fellow:

  • /vip somename

There are a few very useful but not so obvious uses for these fellows:

  • Because there are no level restrictions in a VI2 fellow they are ideal for power-leveling characters under 50. The higher level character can automatically supply heals, vulns, and act as a tank while the lower level character does the actual killing.
  • A VI2 fellow does not require the fellow window to be open in order to heal others. So no accidental deaths because you IDd something and then forgot to pull up the AC fellow window again.
  • Fellows larger than 9, though they won't share the xp, can be made so that healing and such can be coordinated.
  • Virindi Tank coordinates the debuffs between all members of the fellow so as to avoid duplication.

How do I change which window /vcg chat appears in?

This is done using the VCS5 plugin. See Virindi Chat System 5 for details.

Virindi Views

How do I disable Virindi Views or uninstall it?

Follow the instructions at Virindi Views#Uninstalling.

The hotdog stand theme is the coolest feature ever!!!!

That's not a question.


How can I add information to this wiki?

Anyone who wishes is free to add to this wiki. Create an account and let me know ingame or in a Decal Board PM, and I will grant your account edit permissions.