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Known issues and proposed features are here: Virindi Plugins Bug Tracker.

Other Virindi plugins and utilities

NamePurposePlatformLanguageOpen source?StatusVersionDownload?
Virindi BooterCycles an allegiance bootlistDecal VB6 NoComplete     
Virindi OCSTracks the use and automates the purchase of spell components, with a focus on assisting users of old pre-foci spell components.Decal C# NoComplete     
Virindi ReporterReports XP/Hour and time to next level based on current rate (Source)Decal C# YesComplete     
Virindi Decal Plugin UpdaterDisplays a list of plugins and their current versionsStandaloneApp C# NoComplete     
Virindi XPHelperCalculates how much your str/end/etc should cost based on the costs of your skillsDecal C# NoComplete     
VVS Theme ViewerAssists in the import/export of Virindi View XML themes.Decal C# NoComplete     
Virindi Armor Color ToolA Virindi Views replacement for DCS.Decal C# NoComplete     
Virindi FollowerAuto-follow pluginDecal VB6 NoBeta 0.4bYes     
Virindi Item ToolAutomates handing large numbers of identical items to a player or NPCDecal C# NoComplete*Yes     *
Virindi Integrator 2A server-based system providing networked services for AC, such as cross-server chat, large 'fellows', and mapping.Decal C# NoComplete Yes†
Virindi ViewsAn alternate UI system for Decal.Decal C# NoComplete Yes†
Virindi TankA general-purpose combat macro geared towards ACM play. This is the standalone edition, which may not be as up to date as the bundle edition.Decal C# NoComplete†
Virindi Hotkey SystemA Virindi Views-capable replacement for Decal Hotkey System.Decal C# NoComplete Yes†
Virindi Chat System 5A reimplementation of the classic VCS, allowing custom filters for ingame as well as bundle plugin text.Decal C# NoBeta Yes†
Virindi HUDsProvides a number of Virindi Views HUDs for use with various bundle plugins.Decal C# NoBeta Yes†
Virindi SenseA 6th-sense style plugin for Virindi Views.Decal C# NoBeta Yes†

*A newer version is available in the bundle.
†Available in the bundle only.

Selected source code available in the Virindi Public Repository

Plugins written by others which I have modified

These are plugins originally written by others and either released under an open source license or provided to me for modification. I have modified each one as noted.

NamePurposePlatformLanguageOpen source?StatusVersionDownload?
DIRCal ToD PortA port of Lane Meyer's open source dIRCal plugin to Decal 3. (GPL source)Decal VB6 Yes0.7.0.2vYes     
SkunkVision VVS EditionA port of GKusnick's open source SkunkVision plugin to Virindi Views. (MIT licensed Source)Decal C++ C# Yes1.0.0.8Yes     
Radar Add-onA fixed version of Flynn1179's Radar Add-on service which tracks the new movable radar properly. Closed source, distributed with permission.Decal C# No1.2.0.58aYes     
AC+An updated version of Flynn1179's AC+ plugin. Includes various fixes, VVS bar integration, and VHS hotkey support. Closed source, distributed with permission.Decal C# No2.0.0.2208Yes     

Deprecated Virindi plugins and utilities

You shouldn't need these anymore. They are here for reference.

NamePurposePlatformLanguageOpen source?StatusVersionDownload?
Automatic Rank 6 GeneratorDecal ACTool VB6 ACTool YesDeprecated 1.0Yes     
Skybox Bug PatchA replacement for Decal's inject.dll that forces AC to use software vertex processing in DirectX, eliminating the NVidia skybox bug at the cost of lower framerates. (Should no longer be necessary.)Decal C++ NoDeprecated Yes     
Virindi LogoVideoBlockerStops AC from playing the loud Turbine intro video at startDecal C++ NoDeprecated     
Virindi ChatbugfixAutomatically leaves and rejoins server-wide channels at login to prevent the "Failed to enter chat room" problemDecal C# NoDeprecated