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Virindi Hotkey System (VHS) allows you to set hotkeys to perform functions created by different plugins. As an alternative to DHS, VHS uses Virindi Views and also supports assigning hotkeys to joystick/gamepad buttons.

VHS Main.jpg

Options available:

  • Set: Click on a rule in the main dropdown and click Set, then press whatever hotkey you want it set to.
  • Unset: Clear the selected hotkey so that no key triggers it.
  • Reset: Resets the selected hotkey to the default specified by the plugin.
  • Add VVS: Allows you to add hotkeys to open/close any Virindi Views window.

VHS AddVVS.jpg

For Plugin Authors

Code to assist plugin authors in the use of VHS+DHS is available here.

An example of a complete plugin using the hotkey wrappers is Octagram.