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SkunkVision VVS Edition is a VVS port of the Decal plugin Skunkvision for making visible in game some things you ordinarily can't see. These include unclimbable slopes, impassable water, and dungeon light.

SkunkVision VVS Edition is open source and released under the MIT license.

The original SkunkVision was written by Gregory Kusnick and is available here.

How to use

SkunkVision VVS Main.jpg

Taken from the original SkunkVision Page


The SkunkVision control panel has three toggles for enabling or disabling the following features:

  • Unclimbable slopes: Highlights those areas of a mountain or cliff that are too steep to climb.
  • Impassable water: Highlights those areas of open water that are too deep to wade.
  • Dungeon light: Lights up dark dungeon caverns.

You can also click the Set button next to any option to open a dialog box for adjusting the highlight color for that feature.

SkunkVision VVS colors.jpg