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*****To download Virindi Tank, visit the Virindi Plugins page*****

Virindi Tank support is available on the DecalDev Forum or ingame in the Vigeneral channel of Virindi Integrator 2.
Please read the Virindi Tank FAQ before posting any questions.

Virindi Tank is a Decal-based combat macro plugin for Asheron's Call designed to replace LifeTank and is written in C# with Decal.Adapter.

Virindi Tank is intended to only provide those functions necessary for basic operation of a combat macro, ie. those that require character actions during the macro process. As such, Virindi Tank does not provide:

  • Equipped item management
  • Buffbot
  • Unfriendly player detection alarms

Additionally, Virindi Tank does not provide features which are only of use to UCM characters, such as:

  • Admin alarms
  • Log out on death, low comps, etc

Use of Virindi Tank in a manner inconsistent with the Asheron's Call Code of Conduct is a violation of the Virindi Tank license agreement.

Virindi Tank is now a public Decal plugin. (Virindi Tank Release Post on VNboards)

The latest stable version is available on the Virindi Plugins page. Virindi Tank is distributed with the Virindi Plugin Bundle and as a standalone installer.
Currently only the Bundle version works with Decal due to changes in the game related to the introduction of Void Magic.


Virindi Tank Standard Options

Virindi Tank Advanced Options

Virindi Tank Commands

Virindi Tank Fellowship Commands

Virindi Tank Monster List Matching

Virindi Tank Meta System

Virindi Tank Changelog

VTClassic Tutorial for the VTClassic loot plugin

VTClassic Advanced Tips

Salvage Material IDs

Armor Set IDs

Previous versions of Virindi Tank

Known Bugs

Virindi Tank FAQ


Virindi Tank features:

  • Melee, Missile and Mage combat, with full support for hybrid templates
  • 2-handed combat support*
  • Void magic support*
  • Summoning support*
  • Harm/martyr mage support
  • Automatic selection of the best attack type based on your configured weapons
  • Alchemical grenades support*
  • Lenses support*
  • Cast-on-strike debuffing weapons support*
  • Fine-grained control over combat action priorities
  • War/void streak spell support
  • Automated buffing, with item buff durations persisted between logins
  • Level 8 spell support
  • Rebuffing early when character is idle
  • Automatic stacking of items and storing into side packs
  • Beers, buff gems, and foods support
  • Automatic crafting of food, arrowheads, etc from components
  • Automatic mana stone mode loots and fills stones, then uses them when your items run low*
  • Fellowship helper, with Healer's Heart support for healing allies
  • Sophisticated navigation system capable of linear or connected routes, with support for recall waypoints
  • Looting and learning of unknown scrolls
  • Use of dispel gems and/or spells when vulned
  • An extensible plugin-based loot system
  • Default configuration requiring minimal set-up
  • All internal variables can be set using an advanced options panel, for experienced users
  • Meta system allows high level state-based control over macro and character behavior*

(*) Feature currently only available in the bundle edition