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/vt commands - Profiles

  • /vt settings [save/load/savechar/loadchar] [filename] - Saves or loads character setting profiles. Savechar/loadchar apply to MineOnly profiles.
  • /vt nav [save/load] [filename] - Saves or loads a navigation profile.
  • /vt loot [save/load] [filename] - Saves or loads a loot profile.
  • /vt meta [save/load] [filename] - Saves or loads a meta profile.
  • /vt opt [list/get/set/setinall] - lists, gets, or sets an advanced option. Setinall affects ALL profiles - Options List
  • /vt testitem - Checks the currently selected item against the current loot rules, and tells you what the action would be if the item were found on a corpse.
  • /vt propertydump - Displays the raw game properties for the currently selected item.
  • /vt refresh - Refreshes the UI. This also causes the list of profile files in the profile dropdowns to be updated.
  • /vt getdb - Attempts redownload of the latest game information database.
  • /vt addnavpt [coords] - Adds a navigation waypoint at the specified coordinates to the end of the current navigation profile.
  • /vt addnavjump [heading] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds] - Adds a jump to the current route. Example: /vt addnavjump 360 true 500
  • /vt addnavcheckpoint - Adds a checkpoint to the current route. Checkpoints are like normal waypoints, except the plugin waits for the server to verify you reached the location before continuing.

/vt commands - Actions

  • /vt start - Turns the macro on
  • /vt stop - Turns the macro off
  • /vt forcebuff - Initiates a forcebuff
  • /vt cancelforcebuff - Cancels a forcebuff
  • /vt setmetastate [statename] - Sets the meta state to the statename
  • /vt fakedeath - Used to test the Character Death trigger in meta, rather than killing yourself
  • /vt deletemonster - Select a monster, then do /vt deletemonster to force the client to delete it.
  • /vt reverseroute [true/false] - Reverses the currently loaded navroute
  • /vt reverseroutequery - Returns the value of /vt reverseroute (true/false)
  • /vt equipitemsfor [monstername] - each use of this command will invoke one step of the process, such as going to peace mode or equipping a weapon. Multiple calls to this command will probably be required for expected operation. (Rules that contain operators will not work.)
  • /vt mexec [expression] - Evaluates an expression. Used to test expressions before using in a meta. (Setting variables this way is the same as setting in a meta)
  • /vt echo [text] - Simply outputs the text given to it back to the user, with a custom VCS preset. Makes it easier to color meta feedback messages.
  • /vt tapjump - Taps jumps
  • /vt jump [heading] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds] - Issues a single jump. Example: /vt jump 360 true 500
  • /vt setattackbar [0 to 1] - Sets the attack bar slider position.

/vt commands - Game Info

  • /vt dumpspells - Dumps the client spell table to C:\spelldump.txt
  • /vt dumpspecies - Dumps the client species table to C:\speciesdump.txt
  • /vt dumpmats - Dumps the client material table to C:\matdump.txt
  • /vt dumpskills - Dumps the client skill table to C:\skilldump.txt

/vt commands - Debug

  • /vt log - Displays the current logging state.
  • /vt log [type] [on/off] - Sets or unsets logging of a particular type. Valid types are ActiveRule, SalvageList, SpellCast, RuleInfo, Timers, CastInfo, DebuffChoice, Loot, CharProps, Misc
  • /vt testmonster - Select a monster and issue the command to evaluate the selected monster against your Monster List Match rules
  • /vt lockdump -
  • /vt dumptracker -
  • /vt clearlocks -
  • /vt clearbusy -
  • /vt listmonstervariables - Lists the supported monster expression variables (true, false, name, typeid, species, maxhp, range, hasshield, metastate)
  • /vt dumpmetavars - Lists the currently set meta variables
  • /vt listmetafunctions - Lists all Meta Functions
  • /vt metafunchelp [function] - Gives detailed information for each function
  • /vt fakeimp - Marks a monster as imped
  • /vt pscount - Portal debugging info
  • /vt testspell [spellid] - Tests whether you know a spell and if you can cast it based on your threshold mods. Example: /vt testspell 567
  • /vt testpet - Tests whether a pet can be summoned in the current location.