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  • Added support for Potion of Endless Vigor and Potion of Destiny's Wind.
  • Meta actions SetVTOption and GetVTOption, allows getting and setting macro profile settings.
  • Streamline corpse IDs so that navigation only pauses for an ID when that corpse is within loot/lootapproach range.
  • Dynamically update percent displays for h/s/m sliders.
  • Loot plugins can now show/hide the "Show Editor" checkbox.
  • Added chatboxpaste meta function.
  • Added meta functions to update the Virindi HUDs Status Hud (statushud, statushudcolored).
  • Added option to fastcast buffs. Moves you backwards during casting, use with caution.
  • Added breakable turn system. When breakable turn is enabled, the macro is able to "change its mind" after turning to cast a spell on a target. This increases survivability and kill rates in groups.
  • Wall detection system: The macro will now check if a missile or spell would hit a wall (or other object such as a tree) rather than the target, and choose a different target. At the moment, this system ignores closed doors due to problems with door open/closed detection.
  • Fix incorrect selection of monster damage type with "Any Wand" and "Auto" selected on a Void mage.
  • Fix jump system fighting with navigation system if a /vt jump command is issued during navigation.
  • Characters with untrained magic skills no longer attempt to use them to buff, when the character is above level 80. This can be changed with the BuffWithUntrained-* settings.
  • Fix grenade equip handler so that both shields and offhand weapons can be equipped with grenades.
  • Added /vt testpet, /vt testcollision, and /vt clearshapes debug commands.
  • Added support for metas to create windows. Currently only buttons can be created in meta windows.
  • Only attempt to cast debuff spells when actually in range of the spell. Allows use of eg. Destructive Curse without manual range testing.
  • Add quoted strings to meta expressions. The backtick character (`) can now be used to quote a string so you do not have to escape large numbers of characters with \. (09/10/2016)

  • Added new Meta Expression functions: getcharvital_base, getcharvital_current, getcharvital_buffedmax, getcharskill_traininglevel, getcharskill_base, getcharskill_buffed. (09/10/2016)

  • Add Viridian Rise Recall, Viridian Rise Great Tree Recall, Celestial Hand Stronghold Recall, Radiant Blood Stronghold Recall and Eldrytch Web Stronghold Recall spells to the route tab. (09/10/2016)

  • Add "/vt setattackbar" command. (09/10/2016)

  • Fix broken pause hotkey when VHS and DHS are not running (bug introduced in (09/08/2016)

Milestone: 71 macro actions included, 83,734 lines of code

  • Fix broken ChatMessageCapture condition on profile load before editing the condition.
  • Fix the return values of expression functions being evaluated as a variable name string (true or false).
  • Added new Meta Expression functions: cnumber, floor, ceiling, round, abs. (09/08/2016)

  • Added new Meta Expression functions: getisspellknown, getcancastspell_hunt, getcancastspell_buff, wobjectfindnearestbynameandobjectclass, actiontrygiveitem, actiontryequipanywand, actiontrycastbyid, actiontrycastbyidontarget.
  • Add Meta ChatMessageCapture Condition.
  • Add StrafeRight and StrafeLeft options to /vt addnavjump and jump commands.
  • Meta function wobjectfindnearestbyobjectclass can no longer return the current player.
  • Fix debug container handling again.
  • Trim newlines from the end of Meta chat buffer lines. This affects ChatMessage and ChatMessageCapture conditions.
  • Add new "?" button for some Meta configuration pages to display help text.
  • Fix /vt addnavpt/addnavjump/addnavcheckpoint not immediately saving the new point to the nav file, causing the point to vanish if you switch to another profile and back without additional changes.
  • Fix the pasting of chat command text by the CopyTo and New buttons on the Profiles tab when using non-English keyboards.
  • Coordinates read from text commands can now range from 0-999 rather than 0-99, and can have any number of decimal digits. (04/21/2015)

  • Adjust healing check stance modifier from 2.6 to 2.2 to match the changed difficulty in the game.
  • Added extra debugging to spell cast checks. (04/07/2015)

  • Healing kit use engine completely rewritten. Double heals should no longer be a problem.
  • Incorporate some tracker fixes.
  • Changed behavior of drain auto on monsters which do not report hit points.
  • Internal changes: improve busy flag system.
  • Meta watchdogs added: when you enter a state, you can set a watchdog. If at any time during that state your character has not moved from where they are for a certain amount of time, a second state is called.
  • NPC Talk nav point type added. This tries to use an NPC until it sees a "tell" message from them.
  • Jump engine added. Jumps can be executed either by chat command or as a part of a route. Commands: "/vt jump [heading in degrees] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds to charge the power bar (0 is minimum, 1000 is maximum)]", "/vt addnavjump [heading] [shift] [charge]"
  • Internal fixes to the nav point cycler.
  • Checkpoint nav point type added. This functions as a normal waypoint, except that when reaching it the macro pauses until the server reports back your location as being near the point. (Normally, your client sees your location as a bit ahead of what the server sees, due to communication latency.) This point type can ensure that you really made it around a corner or through a doorway. Once the server reports that you are in a location you will not be "rubber-banded" back. Add this point type at your current location with "/vt addnavcheckpoint". Sometimes you will stop and wait and the server will disagree on your final location, so if you have been waiting awhile the macro will inch forward.
  • Change win32 functions to not depend on the game window's title.
  • Previously if you dragged the stack slider on an item and then the macro attempted to wield an item, it would get stuck "attempting to split" the item to wield. This has been fixed.
  • Significantly improve speed of buff check calculations which run all the time. This should not change any functionality, but framerates while the macro is running should be greatly improved.
  • Remove erroneous double calculation of skill level with the five-fold path augmentation.
  • When a target is vulned and the weapon is set to auto, prefer AR/CS/CB to rend weapons. This includes quest weapon effects.
  • Added "insert below" option to navigation pane. (02/23/2015)

  • Item tracker updated...
    • Fix a rare case where items purchased from a vendor, sold by another player, were not tracked. (02/20/2015)

  • Item tracker updated...
    • Fix a rare case where an item handed to you by another player could be ignored.
    • Fix a rare case where your character's tracking object could be cleared, resulting in the macro not knowing your summoning mastery. (02/17/2015)

  • Another fix to slot tracking for stacking.
  • External functions added for new Item Tool functionality to temporarily disable stack and cram. (02/12/2015)

  • Significantly increased the speed of the crafting check algorithm. This should improve framerates for archers. (02/10/2015)

  • Fix blacklisting the target after a ring/wall hits a player. (02/04/2015)

  • Fix autostacking pulling arrows out of the arrow slot. (02/04/2015)

  • Fix autostacking items just given to the player by an NPC. (02/03/2015)

  • Autostack rewritten. Autostack now stacks items towards the bottom-most item in the pack, and into side packs. This means that the partial stack of an item will always be the topmost one in your inventory, which is the order that the game burns components. This prevents having to stack every spell cast, and prevents stacking from pulling items from side packs.
  • Autostack now correctly detects similarly named but unstackable items, such as prepatch missile weapons glyphs.
  • Looting selection of corpses improved: the macro now picks among nearby corpses to loot by which would cause the player to turn the least. Approached corpses are unchanged and still are chosen by distance.
  • Pets are now summoned against targets when A/S is unchecked but other debuffs are checked (previously they were only summoned before all debuffs were applied).
  • Which pet to summon is now chosen by the element for the highest priority monster, rather than by looking at an arbitrary monster.
  • Summoning monster density option added ("PetMonsterDensity"). This is the minimum number of monsters (configured for summon) that must be in pet range before a pet is summoned.
  • Summoning now checks the mastery of pet gems against the player's mastery type.
  • Pets which match your mastery are now auto-added to items when setting the profile to default.
  • Reorganize main ("Settings") tab. Added options for nav, looting, meta, nav priority, rare corpse only, summon pets, and pet range mode. Added text input for custom pet range and pet density.
  • Add CorpseLootItemMaxAttempts setting (previously was hardcoded to 20).
  • Landscape objects which can be hit by spells (eg. the vent in caul volcano) no longer cause the macro to fire indefinitely. An invalid target message now causes the monster to be immediately blacklisted. (01/06/2015)

  • Added PetDmg column to monsters list. Possible choices are:
    • PAuto (default) - Try to use the same element as the player. If not available, use the auto damage list element
    • Auto - Use the auto damage list element.
    • None - ignore this monster for pet summoning purposes.
    • (Elements) - Use only the specified element.
  • Since the main window is now wider than 800 pixels (and it is possible to run the game at 800x600), a horizontal sizing system has been introduced. At 800x600 resolution, the window will make itself narrower and the up/down arrows on the right of the monster panel will not be visible. The width of the window is set at login but you can drag it in or out later if you change the game resolution during play. (01/05/2015)

  • Fix Ex. vuln does not fire when A/S are not checked (introduced in .152).
  • Add wobjectfindininventorybynamerx meta expression function
  • Fix some typos and missing messages in /vt console commands
  • Fix typo in actiontryapplyitem parameter count (01/04/2015)

  • Tons of new meta expression functions.
  • Added a small print button to the right of the textbox in many meta rule edit panels.
  • /vt metafunchelp now displays info about each function parameter. + .152 "the lost update" (01/01/2015)

  • Meta expressions introduced. These are expressions similar to monster list expressions containing text, numbers, and a new type of function call. Type "/vt listmetafunctions" to see a list of available functions and their parameter counts. For information on a particular function, type "/vt metafunchelp [function name]". These expressions can set and retrieve variables, control chat output, and more. This adds the "Expression" meta condition and the "Expression Action" and "Chat Expression" meta actions. The "/vt mexec [expression]" command is used for testing these expressions. Examples: Doing something ten times, by counting up. Using character data.
  • "/vt equipitemsfor [monster]" command introduced. When called with the name of a monster, it causes the macro to take one step towards equipping all of the weapons that would be used for that monster. For instance, the first call may cause it to go to peace mode, while the second may equip the primary weapon, etc. Spamming this will allow pre-equipping of the proper weapons. Note: complicated monster expressions such as hasshield are not taken into account.
  • DistanceToAnyRoutePointGE meta condition added. It is activated when the nearest route point is beyond a given distance.
  • Meta spam now has its own VCS preset category.
  • Killing blows are no longer filtered by VTank. A preset for them will be added to VCS.
  • "/vt echo [text]" command added. It simply outputs the text given to it back to the user, with a custom VCS preset. This should make it easier to color meta feedback messages.
  • Previously, when a meta was executing the rules in a state and caused a new meta profile to be loaded with the same state name as was executing, old rules could still be executed. This has been fixed. This change only affects behavior which would occur when switching to a new profile with a state of the same name. If you want commands to be executed after switching profiles, you can still use an All { set profile, other command } construct.
  • Commands added to reverse the operation of the current route. This doesn't change the actual order of the points, but causes the macro to run them in reverse order. This is the same effect as occurs when the macro gets to the end of a linear route.
  • CorpseOpenTimeoutSeconds setting added, with an improved corpse opening algorithm. This should make it possible for players on satellite connections to use automatic looting.
  • Rune of Dispel is now used to dispel both 7s and 8s.
  • 'Auto' is now an option for Ex. Vuln. This vulns for the default damage type for a monster (useful for void mage vulners).
  • Society Gems of Dispelling are now supported.
  • BurdenPercentGE meta condition added.
  • Attempting to load a corrupted meta file should now output a more friendly error message.
  • Code cleanup: debuff selection. (03/19/2014)

  • TimeLeftOnSpellGE
  • Call meta state, return from call
  • Seconds in state persistent
  • Full summoning support
  • Fix macro timing when clock changes to or from daylight savings time (03/08/2014)

  • Nav point insertion
  • Nav up/down/refresh buttons (01/20/2014)

  • Support seed of mornings
  • Add rynthid recall
  • Status hud output tweaks (10/28/2013)

  • Run melee attacks by memloc even when the chatbox is active
  • Fix rare error when using a once route
  • Change cooldown operation to use the actual game data, allowing for automatic detection of new cooldown types (08/15/2013)

  • Fix corpse tracker confusion when the game reuses a corpse ID for another corpse
  • Change default BlacklistCorpseOpenAttemptCount from 70 to 30 (08/14/2013)

  • Corpse retry blacklisting (08/14/2013)

  • Meta stuff added to statistics options
  • More error checking in route code (07/29/2013)

  • Fix events for wand caster with a spell of nonzero duration
  • Add links and resources to propertydump (07/27/2013)

  • Detect corrupt messages.xml in parse error logger
  • Fix misc. exceptions
  • Fix route panel not refreshing when once waypoint removed
  • Add ratings to object keys (07/11/2013)

  • Corner follow toggle for miniremote (07/08/2013)

  • Disable runtime name wield check. If a player gets an item that is only wieldable by them and then an envoy changes their character name, the old name still appears on the item but the newly named character can wield it anyway. (07/06/2013)

  • Tweak UI for ChatMessage meta action (07/05/2013)

  • Fix more cases where the route panel may display incorrectly when switching to or from follow mode (07/05/2013)

  • Show client valid in propertydump
  • Fix inconsistency in meta UI when deleting a rule in the currently selected state (07/05/2013)

  • Fix UsePortalv2 navpoint confusion when two portals with identical names are near each other (07/03/2013)

  • Add NOT, portalenter, portalexit meta conditions
  • Haxy bandaid for the "extra slashes in path problem"
  • Add command to set meta state
  • Change default value of DropToPeaceModeRetryCount from 20 to 34 (07/03/2013)

  • Deal with the game state where the client will not let you drop to peace mode and your hand appears empty.
  • Fix /vt settings savechar (07/03/2013)

  • Implement meta state hotkeys
  • Prevent melee handler from halting melee combat when the macro is on and idle but the player manually presses an attack key (07/02/2013)

  • Automatically detect the presence of the GearFoundry plugin and suggest its loot connector
  • Embedded nav routes in metas
  • Add several new chat commands
  • Add meta landblocke, landcelle, nomonsterswithindistance conditions (06/30/2013)

  • Implemented replacement UsePortal navtarget to avoid ID dependence. Applies to newly added points only
  • Buff spell blacklist
  • Scarab blacklist (06/30/2013)

  • Support use of some 'container' portals in routes (06/30/2013)

  • Some meta refactoring
  • Meta NeedToBuff, MonsterCountWithinDistance, MonstersWithPriorityWithinDistance conditions
  • Change default NavFarStopRange from 200 to 999999 landblocks (06/29/2013)

  • Add some chat commands
  • Fix profile save/load with spaces in filenames
  • Vendor meta conditions (06/29/2013)

  • Fix missing nav parameter for UsePortal points (06/28/2013)

Milestone: Meta system

Milestone: 67 macro actions included, 53,369 lines of code

  • Meta system implemented
  • Add facility hub and candeth keep recalls
  • Navpoint refactor, add OpenVendor nav point type
  • Misc fixes (06/12/2013)

  • Add multicombine support for salvage. Needed for VTClassic money combine mode (06/10/2013)

  • Make the main window resizable (03/09/2013)

  • Fix looting of corpses killed by your pet or a fellow member's pet
  • Add general support for using "X to Y" style spells builtin to wands (02/23/2013)

  • Support buffing the summoning skill
  • Tracker fixes
  • Misc fixes (09/29/2012)

  • Prevent door opening timeout from stopping the macro entirely (09/15/2012)

  • Hotfix for newly introduced exception in object tracker (09/13/2012)

  • Change Spirit Drinker spell override to use the info db rather than being hardcoded
  • Log exceptions in the protocol (09/11/2012)

  • Change weapon buff spells to use the new aura spells (Lessons from the Past Event)
  • Add system to force the client to delete items which should no longer exist (objects whose last container was deleted are often leaked by the game)
  • Fix strange behavior of ghost deletion system
  • Add "/vt dumptracker" command
  • Tracker fixes
  • Add "Loot this Container" hotkey
  • Fix crash caused by game containers that contain themselves (06/02/2012)

  • Improve automatic aiming (06/02/2012)

  • Add automatic aiming for Tusker Fists attack mode
  • Change navigation approach to use 3d rather than 2d distance (05/22/2012)

  • Add Tusker Fists attack mode (05/19/2012)

  • Watch for melee/archer attack killshots to immediately begin the next action
  • Fix strange behavior with imp/yield (05/05/2012)

  • Optimize some functions for performance
  • Add "Random" damage type
  • Prefer to attack targets that require the same weapons as are currently wielded
  • Add a bunch of hotkeys

...................... (05/30/2010)

  • Added nav priority boost option
  • Added ghost deletion (for mages only)
  • Added manual ghost deletion through the "/vt deletemonster" command
  • Added creature blacklist (for mages only)
  • Propertydump now shows QuadValueKeys
  • The advanced options panel is now filterable
  • The maximum navigation walk distance has been decreased from 2 to 1.5
  • The 'forgotten salvage' bug has been fixed (05/12/2010)

  • Fix exception:

Index was out of range...
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException()
at c9.d()
at c9.e()
at b9.a()
at uTank2.Logic.LogicRulePreChain.set_Running(Boolean value)
at uTank2.cLogic.a(MyList`1 A_0) (05/11/2010)


  • Fellow management commands are now limited to 8 in 3 minutes, to prevent spam from stopping a character from killing (05/10/2010)


  • Indecisive recharge when in melee mode should be fixed, again (05/10/2010)


  • Item color data is now included in /vt propertydump
  • Multiplier settings for stam to health and mana to health added
  • UseKitsInMagicMode setting added
  • Extra salvaging safety added for the case when looting a corpse with the same name as the player
  • Salvaging safety also now includes a check for inscribed status
  • The 'forgotten salvage item' bug should be fixed (04/13/2010)


  • new fellowship recruit and voting system. (10/16/2009)

Milestone: Rebuild non-bundle version with existing bundle updates.

Milestone: 23 macro actions included, 33,949 lines of code


  • LootPlugin support
  • Automatic attack power mode added. It can be disabled with the "AutoAttackPower" advanced option.


  • Lots of exceptions fixed
  • Medicated/Eternal Stamina/Mana kits should now work
  • Decimal settings can now be properly set in the advanced panel
  • Melee attack is now more efficient (9/14/2009)


  • Bug: Exception in auto-weapon if non-mage character has rended wand in weapons list
  • Bug: "The process cannot access the file '[profiledir]\signkeys.txt' because it is being used by another process." when logging in multiple clients at the same time
  • Bug: "Index was out of range..." when using healer's heart
  • Bug: Loot editor names panel broken
  • Bug: Target lock and other rare situations on melees cause repeated target switching
  • Bug: distance text boxes reset to 1 too easily, preventing valid input (2/28/2009)


  • The 'weapon being swapped back and forth' bug has been fixed.
  • The character age-based spell database is now flushed of expired spells correctly.
  • Double fletching should no longer occur. (2/22/2009)


  • Reverted the melee combat change that caused crashing. (2/17/2009)


  • The beginnings of a friendly ingame loot profile editor made it into this version. Only 'names' currently works. Loot profiles can still be edited with the external editor (and always will be).
  • Item buffs cast by the macro are now tracked according to your character's age when you logout. This means that if the macro buffed your items when you were previously logged in, it will not have to rebuff them again until they are actually needed.


  • Macro will now change targets faster if someone else kills what you are trying to attack with a spell
  • Changed vtank's code so the game should no longer crash when using a vendor, though this is only a workaround for a bug in decal
  • After choosing a new target in melee/missile mode, the macro will begin attacking sooner
  • Melee/missile mode attacking should be a bit smoother now
  • The spam telling you you do not know a buff spell will now only be displayed once per spell per time the macro is turned on
  • Fixed the crash on AC exit
  • Fixed a cause of "Error: The given key was not present in the dictionary."
  • Fixed vuln behavior when DebuffEachFirst is All or Priority (1/27/2009)


  • A new option has been added to control the behavior of the macro when casting debuffs (DebuffEachFirst). This setting has three possible values:
    • One: One monster will be debuffed, then the macro will attack that monster. (This is the default)
    • Priority: All monsters of the same priority will be debuffed, then attacked, then the same will occur for anything of lower priority.
    • All: All monsters will be debuffed before any are attacked, regardless of priority.
  • Macro now by default turns off when you die. This behavior is controlled by the new StopMacroOnDeath variable.
  • Int and Double typed variables can now be edited in the Advanced Options panel, as opposed to just through the commandline.
  • Burning coals will no longer be automatically added to the foods list when generating an automatic profile.
  • When generating an automatic profile, weapons for which you do not have the skill trained will no longer be added.
  • The example loot file from the website has been included with the installer.
  • A few things I did months ago and since lost track of. (8/7/2008)


  • The advanced options panel has been modified to now allow entry of multiple-option settings.
  • Four multi-option settings have been introduced: UseArcs, TargetSelectMethod, BuffProfile_Prots and BuffProfile_Banes.
    • UseArcs: The bot can now use only bolts, only arcs, or arcs at long range and bolts at close range.
    • TargetSelectMethod: Previously, the bot selected monsters to attack based on which would require the shortest turn (angle). Using this option it may now be changed between closest by angle, closest by distance, or a combination setting which attacks all nearby monsters by angle and then attacks further monsters by distance. The combination setting is the new default.
    • BuffProfile_Prots and BuffProfile_Banes: Allows the selection of which elements will be cast for prots and self-banes. Shields are currently unaffected by this.


  • The textbox input bug introduced in has been fixed.
  • Asheron's Benediction, Asheron's Lesser Benediction, and Blackmoor's Favor gems should now be used correctly by the bot. (8/5/2008)


  • Authorization has been removed. This was really a relic of VTank's days as a private plugin, and it has been causing too many problems lately.
  • A "peace mode no target" option has been added.
  • A new advanced options panel has been created to allow easy access to many less frequently used options without cluttering up the main UI.
  • "Target lock" and "Switch wands to debuff" have been moved to the advanced options panel.
  • An easter egg has been unlocked.


  • A rare AC bug where your h/s/m appear as 0/0 no longer causes a macro exception.
  • The macro is now more friendly to missing items from the items list while buffing: it now shows a warning and continues.
  • Target lock is now a real setting that is preserved between logouts. (7/14/2008)


  • Vuln with auto damage now works correctly
  • Plugin auth and gameinfo update fixed to work with new server configuration
  • Misc fixes (5/4/2008)


  • Macro no longer approaches monsters when combat is disabled.
  • Loot issues introduced in should be fixed now. (4/30/2008)


  • New character-based profile set mode added. This mode, activated by the 'mine only' checkbox on the profiles tab, classifies primary profiles by character. When the 'mine only' checkbox is checked, any profile saved will belong to the current character, and appear only in that character's profile list. In this way, profiles can be copied to other characters by disabling mine only and saving the profile, but at the same time each character's individual profiles can be easily kept separate.
  • Advanced option LootFellowCorpses added. The LootAllCorpses option now specifies only whether to loot corpses that are not yours and not your fellows'.


  • In the past, the macro classified and looted corpses that it could open. Since player corpses are corpses as well, this caused a condition where items dropped on such a corpse could be treated like any other item looted from a corpse. To protect you from accidentally using this to salvage good items on your corpse, a hardcoded loot restriction has been added that prevents the macro from salvaging any item with tinks on it.
  • I have made a change to how weapons are tracked that should help stop you from getting the 'please add at least one wand to your profile' exception falsely.
  • The included loot editor now works on 64-bit Windows.
  • The cached gamedb now functions correctly when authorization is done through the backup server.
  • Other misc. minor bugfixes. (4/16/2008)


  • Option to begin rebuffing when idle, defaults to off. When enabled, the macro rebuffs spells with less than X seconds remaining on them if you are idle. X is controlled by the manual setting IdleBuffTopoffTimeSeconds and defaults to 20 minutes.
  • Macro now uses mana charges to maintain mana in wielded armor and jewelry. For this to work, you must add the mana charge types that you want it to use to the gems/food panel.


  • Macro now loots an entire corpse before salvaging, stacking, or reading scrolls.
  • Macro no longer gets stuck when out of mana charges for healer's heart
  • Macro no longer switches to a wand just to eat a food or use a gem
  • The crash that was introduced by the cooldown protocol changes when using the dispel self options is fixed

Known problems:

  • Cooldowns are not yet tracked, causing the bot to try to use Asheron's Benediction / Blackmoor's Favor when it can't. You may want to remove these from your gems/food list for now if they are likely to be dispelled, as your char may end up standing there for 30 seconds until it can use them again. (3/29/2008)

New features:

  • DHS hotkeys added to allow selection of attack height


  • Freezeup on slow computers should be less of a problem
  • Priorities changed so that macro salvages before looting additional corpses (3/19/2008)

New features:

  • Plugin now uses the healer's heart if you have it in your itemlist
  • "Expert mode" method of manually changing macro settings added. The command for this is "/vt opt"
  • Plugin now automatically crafts many items. If a known item is in your gems/food list and you do not have any of them, but you have the components and skill to make them, it makes one. The most obvious use for this is making blue healing kits from Oolutanga quest comps, but it also works with rations and some other things.


  • Secondary auth server added for people who were having problems connecting to the primary one
  • Monsters panel behavior fixed
  • Fixed navigation walk mode scrolling up when typing into chatbox
  • Default range setting for helper healing and stam changed to reflect the actual range of the spells
  • Other misc. bugfixes (3/13/2008)


  • Fletching behavior improved (3/11/2008)


  • Fixed "Save As" buttons (3/9/2008)

Milestone: Initial public release.

Milestone: Rename plugin from uTank2 to Virindi Tank

Milestone: 19 macro actions included, 16,965 lines of code

  • Create GameInfoDB
  • Add automatic damage type
  • Create database settings profile format and set old profiles to legacy conversion mode
  • Modify salvaging to be workmanship-aware
  • Add automatic selection of weapons
  • Revamp logic decision engine (02/26/2008)

  • Create settings database file format (02/10/2008)

  • Deal with missing profile weapons (02/10/2008)

  • Buff and use shields
  • Poke macro on idle when vitals change
  • Target selection algorithm changes (01/08/2008)

Milestone: First support for non-mage characters

  • Add melee support
  • Add support for weapon/wand switching
  • Detect bugged salvage bags
  • uTank2 SCF 1.06 (11/29/2007)

  • Add timer after kill to prevent immediate navigation away when looting
  • Fellow helper system improvements (10/09/2007)

  • Navigation engine improvements
  • Add more loot requirement types
  • Upgrade authorization system to SHA512 HMAC/RSA obfuscation
  • Many fixes to plugin shutdown (09/08/2007)

  • Add automatic looting and reading of unknown scrolls
  • Add Use Portal and Recall nav point types
  • Add hotkey profile support, uTank2 GLB 1.1
  • Improve fellow helper system (08/28/2007)

Milestone: Navigate and hunt along a route now possible

Milestone: First looting possible

Milestone: Plugin now shared with small testing group

  • Implement nav route files
  • Add nav route panel
  • Add more settings to the UI
  • Create initial loot rule framework
  • Create corpse tracker and looter
  • Create auto-salvager
  • Add support for food/gem buffs
  • Create settings file system for profiles, uTank2 SCF file format 1
  • Logic system improvements (08/07/2007)

  • Split UI into panels
  • Create logic rule system for macro decisions
  • Improve buff fallback
  • Add Target Lock (01/18/2007)

  • Create static navigation system (approach only), import Virindi Follower code
  • Create DoJiggle system (01/06/2007)

  • Add Gravity Well support
  • SpellTable improvements (12/30/2006)

  • Split plugin components into generic modules (12/19/2006)

Milestone: Plugin capable of surviving ninja attacks in Egg Orchard

  • Implement prot and bane buffs
  • Create spell tracker for objects
  • Add dispel with gem when vulned
  • Remove plugin template stubs
  • Thread authorization system (12/17/2006)

  • Create authorization system
  • Create buff tracker and caster
  • Create spell database and quality system
  • Implement target debuffs
  • Implement idle recharge
  • Add on/off button
  • Create basic installer (12/10/2006)

Milestone: uTank2 project initial creation; tests of a new state machine to reliably cast spells with minimal delay between casts

1.0.12 (12/10/2006)

Milestone: Final version of uTank1 VB6 test plugin