Virindi Tank Fellowship Commands

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As of Virindi Tank Version 0.3.1.xx Fellowship Management is now available.

To be automatically recruited into a fellowship tell the fellowship leader "XP".

If you are too far away you will receive a message:

[VT Fellow Manager] I will recruit you in a moment. Please stand close to me. -v-

[VT Fellow Manager] You are too far away. I will wait 20 seconds and give you one more chance. -v-


[VT Fellow Manager] I will recruit you in a moment. Please stand close to me. -v-

And [VT Fellow Manager] will recruit you into the fellowship.

After you are recruited tell the fellowship leader "help" for a list of commands.

[VT Fellow Manager] Available commands: xp, line, remove, leader, startvote, vote, help -v-

* XP: Recruits you to fellowship. 
* Line: Shows waiting list and current number of people in fellowship. 
* Remove: Remove yourself from the waiting list. 
* Leader: Tells you who the current fellowship leader is. 
* Startvote: (Startvote Giveleader myname) Starts the vote to replace a AFK Leader. 

When issuing a Startvote you will see fellowship text

[VT Fellow Manager] myname has called a new vote: giveleader myname! To vote either tell me 'vote 1 yes' or 'vote 1 no'. You have 2 minutes. -v-

After 2 minutes has passed:

[VT Fellow Manager] Vote total for 'giveleader myname' (IDX): x/x -v-

To vote yes or no respond to the leader with the appropriate reply.

  • Vote: to cast your vote type "vote 1 yes" or "vote 1 no"
  • Help: The commands available to you.