SSSort (VVS Edition)

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This is a version of Digero's SSSort plugin which has been modified to operate in Virindi Views. It is included in the Bundle.

Original documentation on Digero's website



SSSort sorts the scrolls, salvage, or mana stones in your main pack or side packs.

It has a number of specialized sorting criteria for scrolls, salvage, and mana stones.

It is not designed for anything outside of scrolls, salvage, and mana stones.

Chat Commands

  • /sort - If a pack is selected, sort the selected pack (equivalent to pressing the sort button), otherwise show this message.
  • /sort <pack number> - Sort the given pack (0 is the main pack, 1 is the first side pack, etc)
  • /sort stop - Stop sorting
  • /sort mode scrolls|salvage|mana - Set the sorting mode to scrolls, salvage, or mana stones
  • /sort help - Show this help message