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[2017-01-29 20:59:20] Immortalbob says, "streaming MT's portrait on twitch"
[2017-01-29 20:59:41] Cuttler says, "nice Bob"
[2017-01-29 21:03:31] Magnus says, "looks like a lot of ppl, hope they backed up their chars!"
[2017-01-29 21:03:59] Fenn says, "lot of people doing what?"
[2017-01-29 21:04:16] Fenn says, "also, thanks for the tools <3"
[2017-01-29 21:14:22] Magnus says, "just areminder, i intend to put up a new mag-tools tomorrow that will add the color of your armor to the log output"
[2017-01-29 21:14:42] Hellswrath says, "omg i have to relog 200 characters AGAIN"
[2017-01-29 21:14:46] Hellswrath says, "smite me now"
[2017-01-29 21:15:12] Hellswrath says, "def only doing like 3 guys lmao"
[2017-01-29 21:15:25] Dharmavyadha says, "Consider yourself smited..."
[2017-01-29 21:15:32] Spindar says, "glad I decided to wait til the last minute to log"
[2017-01-29 21:16:03] Magnus says, "armor color was never important to me so it wasn't a priority"
[2017-01-29 21:16:24] Spindar says, "but now we get to preserve our ugliness!"
[2017-01-29 21:17:31] Fenn says, "are you referring to the inventory logger?"
[2017-01-29 21:17:40] Magnus says, "want to hear something stupid.. doing a single lum aetheria proc aug, takes a lvl 4 aetheria from 1.7% chance to 1.71% chance"
[2017-01-29 21:17:46] Magnus says, "yes Fenn"
[2017-01-29 21:17:55] Immortalbob says, "lol"
[2017-01-29 21:18:55] Dmdtt says, "chance for proc changes depending on weapon and inc vs outgoing damage and a few other factors as well the augs really dont do much especially for lvl 4 aetheria"
[2017-01-29 21:19:55] Magnus says, "dmdtt/ib, we gonna see you guys in the emu?"
[2017-01-29 21:20:25] Dmdtt says, "not sure tbh"
[2017-01-29 21:20:47] Immortalbob says, "you really think an emu is possible? i mean...even with the data logging its gonna be a TON of work"
[2017-01-29 21:20:58] Kamakoze says, "where is info on emu"
[2017-01-29 21:21:00] Magnus says, "it's very possible"
[2017-01-29 21:21:29] Magnus says, "i hope you guys, or someone, logs a few gauntlet runs"
[2017-01-29 21:21:33] Dmdtt says, "not to mention turbine could also C&D can't they?"
[2017-01-29 21:21:39] Syclone says, "WE is going to tomororw night, Mag"
[2017-01-29 21:21:51] Syclone says, "hopefully both the primary and secondary run "
[2017-01-29 21:23:08] Sslider says, "where is noob war"
[2017-01-29 21:23:25] Hackprophet says, "reddit said shreth hive"
[2017-01-29 21:23:41] Depapp says, "32.4S 71.0E"
[2017-01-29 21:23:58] Kybar says, "better win crimson.. lol"
[2017-01-29 21:26:48] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/B4HCEJy Free AC chat - Can be installed on PC or Cell phones"
[2017-01-29 21:27:01] Feidt says, "keep in touch!"
[2017-01-29 21:29:28] Bradacc says, "Is this how most online games work, with the majority happening server side? I thought the client had all the npc text, interactions stored, like the .bmps in the portal.dat."
[2017-01-29 21:30:45] Derandark2 says, "its stored server side in a giant clusterfuck db"
[2017-01-29 21:31:08] Hellswrath says, "no the npc text his not client side"
[2017-01-29 21:33:12] Bradacc says, "Mag, if the container is closed before all items are logged will you still get useful info on what it does manage to log?"
[2017-01-29 21:33:57] Magnus says, "yes, but it won't get all, it will miss wahtever was in there that didn't get id'd"
[2017-01-29 21:34:27] Hellswrath says, "brad, mad a rule in your loot profile at the very top that is just TotalValue>=1000000"
[2017-01-29 21:34:31] Hellswrath says, "add*"
[2017-01-29 21:34:41] Hellswrath says, "damn phone"
[2017-01-29 21:38:06] Bradacc says, "Done, but I thought red rules were what slowed down the ID'ing."
[2017-01-29 21:38:21] Hellswrath says, "red rules is what makes it ID everything"
[2017-01-29 21:38:25] Hellswrath says, "thats whyits slow"
[2017-01-29 21:38:31] Hellswrath says, "it snot just id'ing names, its getting all stats"
[2017-01-29 21:38:37] Hellswrath says, "it's not*"
[2017-01-29 21:39:22] Bradacc says, "NM, I had Value, not TotalValue. It's red now."
[2017-01-29 21:39:40] Hellswrath says, "make sure its top of the list"
[2017-01-29 21:40:06] Bradacc says, "It's first."
[2017-01-29 21:42:51] Fenn says, "thanks"
[2017-01-29 21:43:53] Glegend187 says, "sp when ac ends what are people going to be playing?"
[2017-01-29 21:44:07] Tz says, "drinking games"
[2017-01-29 21:44:18] Tz says, "well, i already do that now, but more then"
[2017-01-29 21:44:30] Bradacc says, "I have to go back to checking my kids homework on a nightly basis......"
[2017-01-29 21:44:31] Shad says, "....and Project Gorgon"
[2017-01-29 21:44:56] Bradacc says, "...and CoD BO3."
[2017-01-29 21:45:08] Hellswrath says, "ac"
[2017-01-29 21:45:14] Tz says, "RENEW!!!!"
[2017-01-29 21:45:18] Glegend187 says, "huh?"
[2017-01-29 21:45:33] Fenn says, "the door is locked lol?"
[2017-01-29 21:45:38] Hellswrath says, "wtf"
[2017-01-29 21:45:40] Hellswrath says, "how"
[2017-01-29 21:45:47] Fenn says, "no idea, i just hopped the wall"
[2017-01-29 21:45:53] Paxtalon says, "I'm on tera,rift,lotro,ddo,sto"
[2017-01-29 21:45:54] Hellswrath says, "i did /house open and /house guest add"
[2017-01-29 21:46:00] Fenn says, "its fine, i can get in the house"
[2017-01-29 21:46:04] Hellswrath says, "lol kk"
[2017-01-29 21:46:06] Fenn says, "but did you lock the front door?"
[2017-01-29 21:46:15] Glegend187 says, "any good pvp games?"
[2017-01-29 21:54:55] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/B4HCEJy Free AC chat - Can be installed on PC or Cell phones"
[2017-01-29 21:55:32] Bradacc says, "On FF > [General] Wb Executive says, "yes AC has been saved, congrats""
[2017-01-29 21:56:05] Sumdeath says, "get outa here"
[2017-01-29 21:56:06] Bradacc says, "Seems super legit, pretty stoked ;p"
[2017-01-29 21:57:00] Tz says, "think maybe one of the DT kids just made a char named WB Executive to say that?"
[2017-01-29 21:57:09] Hellswrath says, "no, totally real"
[2017-01-29 21:57:15] Hellswrath says, "100%"
[2017-01-29 21:57:19] Sumdeath says, "lol"
[2017-01-29 21:57:19] Hellswrath says, "undeniable"
[2017-01-29 21:57:23] Tz says, "maybe the same one that has been bombing ther auth server?"
[2017-01-29 21:57:24] Bradacc says, "WB does there most official announcements on Sunday nights"
[2017-01-29 21:57:34] Hellswrath says, "through gamesdead channels"
[2017-01-29 21:58:05] Fenn says, "hey hw, check out my new suit"
[2017-01-29 21:58:15] Sumdeath says, ""
[2017-01-29 21:58:17] Hellswrath says, "/e jogs across the house"
[2017-01-29 21:58:29] Valoth says, "wait ac is saved?"
[2017-01-29 21:58:32] Hellswrath says, "LOL"
[2017-01-29 21:58:34] Hellswrath says, "yea man"
[2017-01-29 21:58:41] Hilaryduff says, "yeah ac got saved!"
[2017-01-29 21:58:43] Hellswrath says, "a WB exec made a character and gave us the good news"
[2017-01-29 21:58:44] Sumdeath says, "where can i c this"
[2017-01-29 21:58:50] Hellswrath says, "lolololol"
[2017-01-29 21:59:10] Sumdeath says, "kill him"
[2017-01-29 21:59:11] Hellswrath says, "this is why fake news works."
[2017-01-29 21:59:17] Sumdeath says, "lol"
[2017-01-29 21:59:17] Bradacc says, "lmao"
[2017-01-29 21:59:17] Drid says, "alternative facts"
[2017-01-29 21:59:19] Hellswrath says, "people dont look for context they just immediately go WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT"
[2017-01-29 21:59:19] Unavoidable says, "I think what kills me the most is the fact it would cost WB pennies to keep the servers up per month, and they would garner a lot of good will with people for keeping it up"
[2017-01-29 21:59:32] Immortalbob says, "they only read headlines"
[2017-01-29 21:59:34] Valoth says, "didnt think so just checking"
[2017-01-29 22:01:10] Bradacc says, "Death's Allure, Falatacot Depot, Foundry of Izexi, Lost Lore done!"
[2017-01-29 22:01:20] Hellswrath says, "niice"
[2017-01-29 22:01:21] Bradacc says, "Next up; Rescuing Mouf P"
[2017-01-29 22:04:54] Dfu says, "HW, thanks for reminding me to use TreeStats to back up my toons. Making sure I have all the magtools logs too."
[2017-01-29 22:27:21] Immortalbob says, "incase anyone's interested what the entire game map looks like, including landmasses we cant get to... http://imgur.com/a/lix1J"
[2017-01-29 22:27:34] Giii says, "cool! thanks"
[2017-01-29 22:28:13] Tz says, "i just want you to make a 3D print of my char and send it to me :)"
[2017-01-29 22:28:27] Ripley says, "nice, how to you generate that map?"
[2017-01-29 22:31:46] Hellswrath says, "iso people doing pcaps to hit Vissidal"
[2017-01-29 22:31:54] Hellswrath says, "and DI"
[2017-01-29 22:32:10] Borndead says, "none of my dudes are flagged :<"
[2017-01-29 22:32:19] Fenn says, "how hard is the pumpkin king fight?"
[2017-01-29 22:34:03] Fenn says, "ive got this blue blanket and i was thinking of giving it a try"
[2017-01-29 22:35:04] Ripley says, "please do, and log it! =)"
[2017-01-29 22:36:24] Bradacc says, "Which server Fenn?"
[2017-01-29 22:36:42] Fenn says, "VT"
[2017-01-29 22:36:53] Fenn says, "no idea how tough it is though"
[2017-01-29 22:36:57] Fenn says, "or if that char can solo it"
[2017-01-29 22:37:05] Bradacc says, "Pop rares ftw"
[2017-01-29 22:37:23] Fenn says, "k, ill do it a bit later"
[2017-01-29 22:37:47] Bradacc says, "http://asheron.wikia.com/wiki/Pumpkin_King"
[2017-01-29 22:37:48] Fenn says, "also, gonna do some portal hopping with Caul portal gems and others in probably 45 minutes or so over on VT if anyone wants to come along for the ride"
[2017-01-29 22:42:41] Bradacc says, "HW I should be able to portal over to Viss and run around a little later"
[2017-01-29 22:43:56] Hellswrath says, "awesome"
[2017-01-29 22:46:44] Sslider says, "Olthoirgreat"
[2017-01-29 23:00:29] Bradacc says, "What kind of range do my loggers have when running outdoors? IE how much should I crisscross Vissidal Island?"
[2017-01-29 23:10:37] Hellswrath says, "vtank status hud - magtools id queue length"
[2017-01-29 23:28:46] Fenn says, "hw, you around?"
[2017-01-29 23:41:13] Ripley says, "Workin in a coal mine... "
[2017-01-29 23:41:20] Ripley says, "goin down down down"
[2017-01-29 23:41:38] Shad says, "I works sooooo hard"
[2017-01-29 23:41:43] Bradacc says, "Has character creation been captured, or does it even need to?"
[2017-01-29 23:42:00] Ripley says, "all done there "
[2017-01-29 23:42:11] Ripley says, "emu can already create chars"
[2017-01-29 23:42:22] Kybar says, "this is so depressing, like actually starting to become a reality =("
[2017-01-29 23:42:45] Bradacc says, "Does it have the secret spot that you click 10 times to get an alien though?!"
[2017-01-29 23:43:20] Shad says, "Thats only at the Texas border with Mexico"
[2017-01-29 23:43:29] Bradacc says, "lmao"
[2017-01-29 23:45:07] Fenn says, "how do i make my empyrean float again? i forget"
[2017-01-29 23:52:47] Mcantrell says, "Go to the barber and pay for a haircut, it's an option"
[2017-01-29 23:57:01] Fenn says, "dunno if anyone had any interest in hopping through some of these caul portal gems, but if so come to holtburg on VT now"
[2017-01-30 00:07:35] Fenn says, "hw?"
[2017-01-30 00:33:33] Bradacc says, "Vissidal Island perimeter is ran, Temple of Xik Minru done."
[2017-01-30 00:33:38] Hellswrath says, "love it"
[2017-01-30 00:34:03] Bradacc says, "Now, bed time. Happy hunting and stay safe all. Been a pleasure gaming with you, hopefully I see you all again :)"
[2017-01-30 00:34:12] Hellswrath says, ":)"
[2017-01-30 00:35:03] Strider says, "nite"
[2017-01-30 05:18:03] Virindi says, "gooooood morning world"
[2017-01-30 05:18:35] Strider says, "good morning "
[2017-01-30 05:18:47] Pol says, "good morning"
[2017-01-30 05:18:58] Virindi says, "what's on people's list for the last full day of AC"
[2017-01-30 05:19:51] Pol says, "I just finisched my favorite quest lol walking boots, just going to clean houses, cannot leave them just like that"
[2017-01-30 05:20:34] Pol says, "making tond of screenshots"
[2017-01-30 05:22:22] Pol says, "and when I have time left I going to run through the world"
[2017-01-30 05:22:32] Strider says, "data mining some dungeons"
[2017-01-30 05:23:42] Virindi says, "I was going to do that but I never did"
[2017-01-30 05:24:01] Virindi says, "too sad about the death of the game I guess"
[2017-01-30 05:24:41] Ripley says, "its ok, we gotchu fam"
[2017-01-30 05:25:09] Strider says, "is a sad day yep"
[2017-01-30 05:26:28] Strider says, "doesnt seem possible been here 16 years but I have, seems like yesterday i was running around with my trusty wooden sword beginning to explore this strange new world"
[2017-01-30 05:26:33] Haz says, "AC doesn't die, it just goes to ground "
[2017-01-30 05:26:47] Virindi says, "don't be cryptic haz."
[2017-01-30 05:27:29] Haz says, "There's how many people working on emulators?"
[2017-01-30 05:27:46] Haz says, "A surprising amount for such a venerable game."
[2017-01-30 05:27:46] Strider says, "no idea "
[2017-01-30 05:28:02] Virindi says, "prepare for WB legal smackdown"
[2017-01-30 05:28:28] Strider says, "you mean ATT smackdown "
[2017-01-30 05:29:08] Strider says, "arent they buying WB ?"
[2017-01-30 05:29:23] Virindi says, "huh"
[2017-01-30 05:29:56] Strider says, "ATandT i thought was in works to buy WB"
[2017-01-30 05:30:44] Strider says, "oops Time Warner Cable they looking to buy"
[2017-01-30 05:33:45] Virindi says, "I think it is in limbo"
[2017-01-30 05:34:02] Virindi says, "modern superbigco: everyone buys everyone"
[2017-01-30 05:36:43] Virindi says, "I think I will be doing stuff with my first character today :)"
[2017-01-30 05:37:12] Shad says, "G'Morning V =)"
[2017-01-30 05:37:14] Virindi says, "I still have a mask token here, I am waiting for my uber rewards. That and my gem of wealth."
[2017-01-30 05:37:29] Virindi says, "I'm gonna get uber rewards someday, the devs promised."
[2017-01-30 05:37:55] Strider says, "they jumped ship"
[2017-01-30 05:38:06] Strider says, "and didnt take us with them :("
[2017-01-30 05:49:01] Strider says, "so Virindi what are you playing now"
[2017-01-30 05:49:35] Virindi says, "played some ksp the last 3 days"
[2017-01-30 05:49:53] Strider says, "ksp?"
[2017-01-30 05:49:59] Virindi says, "kerbal space program"
[2017-01-30 05:50:54] Strider says, "guess there isnt and never will be anything quite like AC again"
[2017-01-30 09:29:54] Immortalbob says, "fastest 275 ever, 39 seconds, beat my old record by 8 seconds! https://youtu.be/uMh91Rmp63M"
[2017-01-30 09:31:03] Virindi says, "is that from stipend "free level" certificates?"
[2017-01-30 09:31:11] Immortalbob says, "and xp gems, ya"
[2017-01-30 09:32:41] Magnus says, "Nice, I've been burning through XP gems at about 50 per char doing testing"
[2017-01-30 09:33:46] Virindi says, "gotta clear that 40% vitae somehow I guess"
[2017-01-30 09:33:50] Immortalbob says, "haha"
[2017-01-30 10:12:39] Bradacc says, "Good morning all. So should I zip up all "pkt_" files along with Magnus' logger files and send to http://aka-steve.com/uploads/"
[2017-01-30 10:12:53] Bradacc says, "Or do Mag's files go seperately, somewhere else"
[2017-01-30 10:41:48] Jacktheripper says, "hell u om"
[2017-01-30 15:11:10] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on Discord App. Stay in touch/Play other games"
[2017-01-30 15:16:33] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD free Ac chat on Discord app. can be installed on PC or Cellphone. Stay in touch/play other games"
[2017-01-30 15:16:56] Feidt says, "tell your friends please!"
[2017-01-30 15:42:20] Magnus says, "so I'm using a sword I bought from a vendor, no buffs/tinks. 3-6dmg sword.. and with 275 heavy weapon skill, i can only hit a lvl 20 olhtoi 20% of hte time... doesn't make sense"
[2017-01-30 17:03:09] Fenn says, "hw, tink and hw logged off"
[2017-01-30 17:04:12] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 17:12:31] Dene says, "is it tonight it's being shut down or tomorrow night?"
[2017-01-30 17:12:59] Fenn says, "tomorrow 12 pm est i think"
[2017-01-30 17:13:06] Strider says, "supposedly "
[2017-01-30 17:13:34] Dene says, "hmm, so strange that they refuse to release the code for the server"
[2017-01-30 17:13:41] Strider says, "supposedly noon tomorrow easthern time"
[2017-01-30 17:14:20] Kybar says, "they cant, because other games use parts of the server from what i have heard"
[2017-01-30 17:15:06] Imtrippin says, "whomevers logging on harvestgain, do you want a grand casino keyring to pull"
[2017-01-30 17:16:20] Dene says, "they said that the GM's will be logging in, any of the old ones that are worth while or just the current ones no one cares about?"
[2017-01-30 17:32:20] Hilaryduff says, "going to pull an all nigher until it closes, how about you guys?"
[2017-01-30 17:50:23] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 18:05:04] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 18:26:10] Zongtong says, "Good bye AC peeps and take care don't forget to check out https://www.reddit.com/r/AsheronsCall/ u might find some cool stuff there, this is Linbaba - Dataspelare - Acco - Hells Angels MC - Shantaram - D E A D P O O L - K I C K A S S farwell"
[2017-01-30 18:26:31] Inuk says, "all the best to you!"
[2017-01-30 18:26:52] Kybar says, "what are the rumors im hearing about an announcment from the GM tonight?"
[2017-01-30 18:27:01] Hellswrath says, "lol wut"
[2017-01-30 18:27:27] Hellswrath says, "you mean the guy nobody has heard of that nobody cares about and any message he tried to give us that was sentimental would jsut be taken as douchebaggery"
[2017-01-30 18:27:29] Hellswrath says, "fuck that guy"
[2017-01-30 18:27:29] Kybar says, "just heard they will be putting out a farewell announcement"
[2017-01-30 18:27:52] Syclone says, "what Hells said x 10000"
[2017-01-30 18:28:32] Kybar says, "oh so its the new GM? not the old turbine guy?"
[2017-01-30 18:28:42] Hellswrath says, "the old turbine devs are not with turbine"
[2017-01-30 18:28:50] Hellswrath says, "do you get to walk in to your old office andlog on the pcs? hell no"
[2017-01-30 18:29:10] Kybar says, "true true.. so its more or less a sorry i F8"
[2017-01-30 18:29:29] Kybar says, "F*C&^D you announcement"
[2017-01-30 18:30:03] Bradacc says, "HW, if you get this; I'm at work and ran had my guys run through http://asheron.wikia.com/wiki/Chorizite_Veined_Shield_Quest, but didn't see it on that trello card thing. Maybe pass the info on that it's data mined?"
[2017-01-30 18:30:41] Kybar says, "im prepping for blackmires one last time, in Flenop's honor"
[2017-01-30 18:42:54] Negus says, "is there a part that tell me when the inventory has been scanned from mag tools?"
[2017-01-30 18:43:44] Hellswrath says, "on login youll get text saying its scanning"
[2017-01-30 18:43:49] Hellswrath says, "when its done youll get another"
[2017-01-30 18:44:15] Fenn says, "and i need to do it again now since its been updated to record armor color?"
[2017-01-30 18:46:17] Almedes says, "DM you on?"
[2017-01-30 19:01:32] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 19:13:14] Negus says, "anyone know where the Mag Tools Logger files save?"
[2017-01-30 19:13:33] Hellswrath says, "documents \ decal plugins \ pluginnname"
[2017-01-30 19:13:51] Negus says, "ty."
[2017-01-30 19:14:14] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 19:14:17] Inuk says, "wrath, rawr, themark, bl... any of you here by any chance?"
[2017-01-30 19:14:36] Hellswrath says, "depends on which "wrath""
[2017-01-30 19:14:38] Hellswrath says, "<"
[2017-01-30 19:14:49] Strider says, "in the magtools folder in documents i think"
[2017-01-30 19:14:57] Inuk says, "Jon"
[2017-01-30 19:14:57] Negus says, "yep got it"
[2017-01-30 19:15:06] Strider says, "documents/asherson call/magtools look there"
[2017-01-30 19:55:38] Fenn says, "you only get an hour to kill aerbax, right?"
[2017-01-30 19:56:02] Borndead says, "correct"
[2017-01-30 19:56:16] Fenn says, "if you're up there when the hour is up, you just get portaled out"
[2017-01-30 19:56:18] Fenn says, "?"
[2017-01-30 19:56:31] Borndead says, "yep"
[2017-01-30 19:56:58] Fenn says, "wish my third client werent bugged, preventing me from logging it in to vt : ("
[2017-01-30 19:57:32] Fenn says, "oh well, guess ill have to settle with getting him to 50%"
[2017-01-30 19:57:50] Borndead says, "what server?"
[2017-01-30 19:57:55] Fenn says, "VT"
[2017-01-30 19:59:16] Fenn says, "or i guess i could tink up my armor lol"
[2017-01-30 20:00:27] Fenn says, "err nvm, guess i already did that"
[2017-01-30 20:33:47] Mcantrell says, "A reminder, if I hear anything about SaveAC or other projects, i'll be posting to http://reddit.com/r/AsheronsCall/"
[2017-01-30 20:41:47] Immortalbob says, "final gauntlet for MT streaming live: https://www.twitch.tv/immortalbobmt"
[2017-01-30 20:42:02] Syclone says, "nice timing, we're kicking off in about 20 mins"
[2017-01-30 20:42:12] Syclone says, "final WE run"
[2017-01-30 20:42:25] Stramus says, "good luck!"
[2017-01-30 20:42:34] Elak says, "so long guys, thanks for everything you did for us"
[2017-01-30 20:42:40] Kybar says, "what about the WE mass suicide?"
[2017-01-30 20:42:41] Snake says, "<3 peace and chicken grease"
[2017-01-30 20:42:58] Kurik says, "what WE mass suicide?"
[2017-01-30 20:43:02] Syclone says, "hopefully that's just Kybar"
[2017-01-30 20:43:07] Shad says, "huh?"
[2017-01-30 20:43:18] Kurik says, "aha fair enough - good luck with that Kybar"
[2017-01-30 20:43:22] Kybar says, "saw something when i was over emptieng my villa about a mass suicide on WE"
[2017-01-30 20:43:37] Immortalbob says, "if i played WE i would too"
[2017-01-30 20:43:40] Immortalbob says, ":D"
[2017-01-30 20:43:46] Snake says, "rekt :D"
[2017-01-30 20:44:06] Shad says, "Saw Virindi on late last night"
[2017-01-30 20:44:24] Kybar says, "I was thinking about naked VoD runs. lol miss those, make vassels see who can make it the farthest for bunch of free stuff"
[2017-01-30 20:45:14] Hilaryduff says, "VoD is for pussies"
[2017-01-30 20:45:29] Shad says, "Then VoD it is!"
[2017-01-30 20:45:30] Kybar says, "you tell that to those paradoxes that tore you up"
[2017-01-30 20:45:46] Hilaryduff says, "thats because i'm a pussy"
[2017-01-30 20:46:11] Kybar says, "lol we are all just standing in old hub on TD, not really sure why, or who summoned it in mp"
[2017-01-30 20:48:28] Shad says, "I wonder what the server population is tonight?"
[2017-01-30 20:48:47] Hilaryduff says, "record breaking 3 dozen"
[2017-01-30 20:49:02] Kybar says, "i went through all my servers and a few are in the 6-700 range.."
[2017-01-30 20:51:50] Immortalbob says, "gauntlet starting now, watch the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/immortalbobmt"
[2017-01-30 20:52:06] Kurik says, "on WE too"
[2017-01-30 20:52:21] Shad says, "Final Guant on WE =P"
[2017-01-30 20:52:22] Spindar says, "Thanks for the link, IB"
[2017-01-30 20:54:20] Mcantrell says, "Any chance for a Virindi chat web interface?"
[2017-01-30 21:15:48] Fenn says, "Master Arbitrator tells you, "Since you have slain him, you must be will be known as the "Pumpkin Throne Usurper.""
[2017-01-30 21:15:50] Fenn says, "bwahaha"
[2017-01-30 21:16:21] Fenn says, "must be will be, eh?"
[2017-01-30 21:16:30] Cuttler says, "how is everyone tonight?"
[2017-01-30 21:16:39] Mcantrell says, "Surprisingly ok for the end of the world"
[2017-01-30 21:18:50] Fenn says, "got all the festival stone ones and the one on obsidian span, yeah"
[2017-01-30 21:18:57] Fenn says, "unless that one isnt included in the party goers set"
[2017-01-30 21:19:00] Sslider says, "... MT is fairly full tonight "
[2017-01-30 21:19:08] Fenn says, "Vt is pretty much as quiet as ever : \"
[2017-01-30 21:19:11] Cuttler says, "fairly"
[2017-01-30 21:19:32] Paxtalon says, "actually have people on HG"
[2017-01-30 21:19:34] Fenn says, "but ive got a pumpkin shield now, so all is well"
[2017-01-30 21:20:04] Kybar says, "i was impressed at the people on the servers tonight, its a lot like old school feel"
[2017-01-30 21:20:21] Sslider says, "lol Old school players are logged in..."
[2017-01-30 21:20:42] Paxtalon says, "servers throwing a fit, new ones not designed for this load. lol"
[2017-01-30 21:20:42] Kaitro says, "ISO Connor the crafts master"
[2017-01-30 21:39:02] Mcantrell says, "Currently using HTTrack to mirror asheronscall.com"
[2017-01-30 21:39:17] Mcantrell says, "apparnetly there's a 500 meg ACdata file hidden on it linked somewhere"
[2017-01-30 21:39:20] Hellswrath says, "should have started a few days ago lol"
[2017-01-30 21:39:25] Mcantrell says, "and it's getting the 2.5 gig ac2 installer"
[2017-01-30 21:39:39] Hellswrath says, "the game and the updated game files are on the site,yes"
[2017-01-30 21:39:41] Hotdog says, "cool"
[2017-01-30 21:40:28] Ozildur says, "that Phat one ?"
[2017-01-30 21:41:30] Hellswrath says, "nobody said anything about that lol"
[2017-01-30 21:42:10] Shad says, "Swan-Dive off the Humming Crystal platform anyone? =)"
[2017-01-30 21:50:37] Fenn says, "did anyone ever figure out if there was something you could do with the ring from ulgrims island?"
[2017-01-30 21:50:47] Sslider says, "19:49:34 You learn the Spectral Flame spell.19:49:34 The scroll is destroyed."
[2017-01-30 21:50:59] Fenn says, "the one with the inscription "Lo Bnaseuim" seems like it could be an anagram"
[2017-01-30 21:51:04] Sslider says, "<3 Sasho"
[2017-01-30 21:51:07] Cuttler says, "um grats?"
[2017-01-30 21:51:13] Cuttler says, "hehe"
[2017-01-30 21:57:30] Bradacc says, "http://asheron.wikia.com/wiki/Renegade_Herbal_Kits is now packet logged"
[2017-01-30 21:59:26] Sslider says, "what does the gauntlet wishbone do? lol"
[2017-01-30 21:59:40] Paxtalon says, "for doing thunder turkey"
[2017-01-30 21:59:52] Fenn says, "just need an egg for thunder chicken"
[2017-01-30 22:00:18] Fenn says, "oh, nvm"
[2017-01-30 22:00:21] Fenn says, "misread"
[2017-01-30 22:00:36] Syclone says, "was going to say, there is thunder chicken and there is thunder turkey"
[2017-01-30 22:01:08] Bradacc says, "Which one has........"
[2017-01-30 22:01:14] Bradacc says, "Thunder Thighs!"
[2017-01-30 22:01:17] Kybar says, "just feel like everything i want to do seems like a waste of time with so little left =/"
[2017-01-30 22:01:21] Fenn says, "turkey"
[2017-01-30 22:01:30] Bradacc says, "Not if you're packet logging Kybar"
[2017-01-30 22:01:54] Eridyn says, "Log, log, log."
[2017-01-30 22:01:56] Kybar says, "i quit doing that a few weeks ago when everyone told me it was pointless."
[2017-01-30 22:02:22] Hotdog says, "so many people fighting in arwic that I cant even load into the town w/ out crashing. "
[2017-01-30 22:02:33] Hotdog says, "on dt"
[2017-01-30 22:02:39] Eridyn says, "There's a fairly decent effort to compile it all in one place. That's more than any other attempt has had."
[2017-01-30 22:02:46] Kybar says, "shoushi and network is the same.."
[2017-01-30 22:02:54] Kybar says, "and yaraq.. its crazy."
[2017-01-30 22:03:01] Hotdog says, "nice!"
[2017-01-30 22:03:14] Kybar says, "i have not been anywhere else yet.. haha"
[2017-01-30 22:04:12] Bradacc says, "Any way to check # of people logged in, or is it only checked when you log in yourself?"
[2017-01-30 22:04:18] Mcantrell says, "Not sure"
[2017-01-30 22:04:29] Mcantrell says, "been wondering that myself"
[2017-01-30 22:04:31] Kybar says, "was 636 when i came into DT awhile ago"
[2017-01-30 22:04:34] Akando says, ""
[2017-01-30 22:04:34] Eridyn says, "You're not the same Hotdog from the VN boards, are you?"
[2017-01-30 22:04:51] Hotdog says, "VN? maybe"
[2017-01-30 22:05:17] Hotdog says, "whats vn?"
[2017-01-30 22:05:21] Kybar says, "ill log and check DT numbers"
[2017-01-30 22:05:30] Mcantrell says, "VN was the old forums I think"
[2017-01-30 22:05:34] Mcantrell says, "VNBoards.ign.com"
[2017-01-30 22:05:36] Mcantrell says, "killed years ago"
[2017-01-30 22:06:10] Hotdog says, "ah nope I wasnt active on boards back then. if you see a character w/ the word "face" in it thats me though"
[2017-01-30 22:06:20] Kybar says, "22:06:05 [VI] Welcome to Virindi Integrator2. There are currently 744 players logged in."
[2017-01-30 22:06:30] Hellswrath says, "that doesnt mean much tonight"
[2017-01-30 22:06:35] Hellswrath says, "most players ar eon without decal, returnees"
[2017-01-30 22:06:39] Hellswrath says, "thats just vi2 players"
[2017-01-30 22:06:49] Kybar says, "really?"
[2017-01-30 22:06:53] Hellswrath says, "http://treestats.net/player_counts/"
[2017-01-30 22:06:59] Hellswrath says, "that is more accurate"
[2017-01-30 22:07:00] Mcantrell says, "apparently someone was switching alts around for treestats and some of the servers have 700+ players on tonight"
[2017-01-30 22:07:16] Hellswrath says, "no"
[2017-01-30 22:07:21] Hellswrath says, "that were looking at vi2 numbers"
[2017-01-30 22:07:26] Hellswrath says, "which is not the server pop"
[2017-01-30 22:07:40] Mcantrell says, "Ah, I see"
[2017-01-30 22:07:44] Hellswrath says, "treestats pulls the server pop onlogin"
[2017-01-30 22:07:50] Hellswrath says, "used to be available on launcher and char screen"
[2017-01-30 22:07:52] Hellswrath says, "hidden after tod"
[2017-01-30 22:07:52] Mcantrell says, "Poor Verdantine, the server that shouldn't have been"
[2017-01-30 22:08:01] Hellswrath says, "I am verdantine"
[2017-01-30 22:08:02] Hellswrath says, "Lol"
[2017-01-30 22:08:56] Bradacc says, "treestats pulls actual server populations, not just of people that use treestats?"
[2017-01-30 22:09:03] Hellswrath says, "yes"
[2017-01-30 22:09:12] Hellswrath says, "just like magtools, craftbot and numerous other plugins show on login"
[2017-01-30 22:09:20] Hellswrath says, "thats the number it is using"
[2017-01-30 22:09:29] Paxtalon says, "<{Mag-Tools}>: Plugin now online. Server population: 235 HG"
[2017-01-30 22:09:50] Kurik says, "We won on our last Gaunt run on WE"
[2017-01-30 22:09:51] Immortalbob says, " <{Mag-Tools}>: Plugin now online. Server population: 263 on MT"
[2017-01-30 22:09:59] Bradacc says, "Seems like a weird thing for a plugin to have access to"
[2017-01-30 22:10:00] Snake says, "congrats, WE!"
[2017-01-30 22:10:05] Hellswrath says, "the graph shows the peak for each server for the day"
[2017-01-30 22:10:15] Kurik says, "i shoudl say, We WON agin! :)"
[2017-01-30 22:10:18] Shad says, "Last Guant on WE done!"
[2017-01-30 22:10:27] Hellswrath says, "raw data - http://treestats.net/player_counts-latest.json"
[2017-01-30 22:10:29] Bradacc says, "Anyone packet log the gaunt runs?"
[2017-01-30 22:10:31] Paxtalon says, "how many of those are bots? lol"
[2017-01-30 22:10:52] Bradacc says, "I'm 9 of em of FF Paxtalon"
[2017-01-30 22:10:56] Immortalbob says, "brad, i just did till all my accounts crashed in room 9"
[2017-01-30 22:11:20] Paxtalon says, "think we have 4 bots running on HG atm."
[2017-01-30 22:11:42] Bradacc says, "How exciting would it be to have an emulator with fixed gauntlet :)"
[2017-01-30 22:11:50] Giii says, "Lan has 2 by himself"
[2017-01-30 22:13:15] Bradacc says, "Something I thought of tonight, wondering if anyone knows the answer. Will any of the data loggers be able to tell what kind of reset timer is on a chest?"
[2017-01-30 22:13:30] Num says, "sup ya'll"
[2017-01-30 22:13:47] Bradacc says, "I ran Renegade Herbal Kits tonight, and the chest slowly replenishes the kits until it gets back up to 10"
[2017-01-30 22:27:25] Dmdtt says, "Goodbye Vtank, and vi2 community"
[2017-01-30 22:27:57] Fredthedestoryer says, "later dm you suck"
[2017-01-30 22:28:09] Fredthedestoryer says, "<- remote"
[2017-01-30 22:29:00] Magnus says, "take care dmdtt"
[2017-01-30 22:29:08] Edwardclark says, "Any ETA till doomsday?"
[2017-01-30 22:29:23] Akando says, "dmdtt you playing Gorgon?"
[2017-01-30 22:29:34] Zackthesilent says, "http://i.imgur.com/JzGDfst.jpg"
[2017-01-30 22:29:43] Edwardclark says, "I am going out with my Asherons robe"
[2017-01-30 22:29:43] Eridyn says, "12 EST the servers are off"
[2017-01-30 22:30:24] Bradacc says, "Any packet log Renegade Garrison yet?"
[2017-01-30 22:40:46] Sslider says, "Thank you to all those that developed and helped the community over the years. Where we would be without people like Hell's or Immortalbob...Virindi or Mag..."
[2017-01-30 22:40:54] Sslider says, "Paraduck and countless others..."
[2017-01-30 22:40:56] Cuttler says, "Aye!"
[2017-01-30 22:41:00] Haz says, "What about me? :P"
[2017-01-30 22:41:07] Immortalbob says, ":)"
[2017-01-30 22:41:09] Virindi says, "god willing, we'll meet again in AC2: the search for more money"
[2017-01-30 22:41:10] Giii says, "and cartographers like Tlosk"
[2017-01-30 22:41:14] Immortalbob says, "haz fo sho"
[2017-01-30 22:41:15] Virindi says, "wait, no"
[2017-01-30 22:41:15] Sslider says, "Thank you for helping us become the community that we have and being such a valuable piece of it."
[2017-01-30 22:41:26] Doognine says, "Virindi /bow"
[2017-01-30 22:41:32] Kybar says, "anyone on from WE pre TOD?"
[2017-01-30 22:41:54] Haz says, "Yeah and we're all in eastham meeting hall right now."
[2017-01-30 22:42:19] Cuttler says, "I'd prever Asheron's Call Redux ... same great story, 2020 graphics"
[2017-01-30 22:42:32] Cuttler says, "and oh ... Virindi!!!"
[2017-01-30 22:42:34] Bradacc says, "I couldn't care less about graphics"
[2017-01-30 22:42:36] Virindi says, ":)"
[2017-01-30 22:42:37] Giii says, "and 2020 sound"
[2017-01-30 22:42:45] Shad says, "V i r i n d i"
[2017-01-30 22:42:51] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-30 22:43:03] Virindi says, "2020 graphics are all about millions of dollars of handcrafted rocks on the side of the road, it's not worth it :P"
[2017-01-30 22:43:17] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-30 22:43:24] Cuttler says, "well at least I no longer have to worry about losing my saved password for virindi chat anymore"
[2017-01-30 22:43:30] Giii says, "thanks for all of the great tools Virindi. I hope you'll run your servers again if the game survives in some form"
[2017-01-30 22:43:35] Cuttler says, "because I don't remember what it was!"
[2017-01-30 22:43:45] Bradacc says, "Anyone familiar with renegade mace quest?"
[2017-01-30 22:43:57] Spindar says, "Thanks for your passion over the years, V =)"
[2017-01-30 22:44:01] Cuttler says, "did it long ago"
[2017-01-30 22:44:04] Spindar says, "And all the devs"
[2017-01-30 22:44:11] Virindi says, "but VTANK IS NOT FINISHED"
[2017-01-30 22:44:13] Bradacc says, ""
[2017-01-30 22:44:21] Bradacc says, "Magic trap casts Nullify All Magic Other on you and dispels:"
[2017-01-30 22:44:24] Daimaou says, "Thanks Virindi"
[2017-01-30 22:44:26] Magnus says, "finish it for ACE. :D"
[2017-01-30 22:44:38] Doognine says, "LOL vtank did a billion miles. that engine flew. :)"
[2017-01-30 22:44:38] Spindar says, "I'm looking forward to the next release"
[2017-01-30 22:44:40] Spindar says, "=)"
[2017-01-30 22:44:52] Bradacc says, "There's a nullify all magic trap in there if you jump up where the luggies are sniping"
[2017-01-30 22:44:55] Virindi says, "bugs exist in"
[2017-01-30 22:44:58] Cuttler says, "MT Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205121665251/ (happy to have non MT plyers too)"
[2017-01-30 22:44:59] Virindi says, "that cannot stand"
[2017-01-30 22:45:22] Boom says, "how do we use virindi chat after tommorow! *cry*"
[2017-01-30 22:45:36] Cuttler says, "IKR?"
[2017-01-30 22:45:36] Brycter says, "ISO Pure Holocaust from DarkTide or anyone who knows Beanerlords on DT"
[2017-01-30 22:45:45] Virindi says, "and you know, I really wanted to make a ring/volley/etc optimum caster to go along with geometry"
[2017-01-30 22:46:14] Spindar says, "ugh, that would be sweet"
[2017-01-30 22:46:17] Virindi says, "current ring casting is stupid and outdated, it's like, eltank technology"
[2017-01-30 22:46:52] Immortalbob says, "iso update before noon tomorrow to vtank"
[2017-01-30 22:47:03] Zackthesilent says, "lol"
[2017-01-30 22:47:08] Virindi says, "I mapped the whole idea out for smart ring/volley, I was going to add it in, but I cut it because I got bored and then the anniversary came up"
[2017-01-30 22:47:38] Zackthesilent says, "Thank you lads for everything you've done for his game"
[2017-01-30 22:47:51] Virindi says, "also "don't shoot at walls" won't let you use harm mode to harm though a wall"
[2017-01-30 22:47:54] Virindi says, "I mean comon"
[2017-01-30 22:48:06] Virindi says, "how is that bugged like that, I swear I checked that"
[2017-01-30 22:48:12] Spindar says, "yeah. that "hurts"..."
[2017-01-30 22:48:12] Virindi says, "I freaking swear I did"
[2017-01-30 22:48:28] Virindi says, "because it thinks it is an "arc""
[2017-01-30 22:48:36] Bradacc says, "V, I'm stoked you did what you did. Thank you so much for your contributions"
[2017-01-30 22:48:45] Boom says, "Virindi, Thank you for all you have done! So much love for everyting you have done for us!"
[2017-01-30 22:48:52] Virindi says, ":)"
[2017-01-30 22:48:56] Bradacc says, "I hope you make an appearance in the emu's if they come to fruition."
[2017-01-30 22:49:01] Cuttler says, "yes, you do rock Virindi!"
[2017-01-30 22:49:03] Kybar says, "wasnt V also a buffbot on TD"
[2017-01-30 22:49:22] Virindi says, "virindi paradox and star emerald were my characters, I ran them as buffbots for several years."
[2017-01-30 22:49:30] Shad says, "Virindi, might we see your hand in any emulator or such projects in the near future? =D"
[2017-01-30 22:49:45] Danalif says, "To V & all those that contributed, thanks for making the game more playable for a disabled"
[2017-01-30 22:49:49] Daimaou says, "Thanks Virindi for all the stuff"
[2017-01-30 22:49:54] Virindi says, "I do not want to invite the wrath of WB."
[2017-01-30 22:49:59] Danalif says, "Vet"
[2017-01-30 22:50:10] Shad says, "I understand"
[2017-01-30 22:50:19] Mcantrell says, "Virindi, any chance you'll make a web based chat client for vigeneral?"
[2017-01-30 22:50:25] Kybar says, "so dont do an emulator, do a new age version . that covers everything"
[2017-01-30 22:50:29] Virindi says, "I was thinking about that actually mca"
[2017-01-30 22:50:36] Mcantrell says, "Emulator... here's what I was thinking"
[2017-01-30 22:50:40] Cuttler says, "I concur there V, that would be a bad move"
[2017-01-30 22:50:44] Mcantrell says, "Server Emulator, then a Client Emulator"
[2017-01-30 22:51:23] Mcantrell says, "Then you basically have a third party server AND CLIENT that you can guarentee work perfectly together"
[2017-01-30 22:51:37] Mcantrell says, "Basically, you'd be using AC as a basis of a protocol for your own implementation of it"
[2017-01-30 22:51:54] Kybar says, "exactly"
[2017-01-30 22:51:56] Shad says, "We can call the new world, DR for Dereth Reborn!"
[2017-01-30 22:52:13] Mcantrell says, "New Dereth, but yeah. Hopefully the emulator team has enough information to continue"
[2017-01-30 22:52:13] Magnus says, "Asherons Recall"
[2017-01-30 22:52:31] Shad says, "I like Asherons Recall idear"
[2017-01-30 22:52:43] Mcantrell says, "Well, hopefully WB comes to their darned senses or really does have something to announce"
[2017-01-30 22:52:49] Mcantrell says, "Asheron's Recall: Memories of Dereth"
[2017-01-30 22:53:09] Cuttler says, "but she doesn't own the franchise so WB would come after her"
[2017-01-30 22:54:26] Boom says, "if virindi was heading the fb things would be one group"
[2017-01-30 22:55:09] Mcantrell says, "No, because the ACRessurection people would still be doing their game."
[2017-01-30 22:55:39] Virindi says, "WB owns the game, and I am no pirate"
[2017-01-30 22:55:52] Brycter says, "i am"
[2017-01-30 22:55:53] Kybar says, "WB owns this game, not one similar"
[2017-01-30 22:55:54] Mcantrell says, "I'm torn on it."
[2017-01-30 22:55:55] Brycter says, "grrr"
[2017-01-30 22:56:03] Aloriahg says, "sometimes you gotta black hat to be a white hat"
[2017-01-30 22:56:18] Virindi says, "and even if I were a pirate, I would do it in private."
[2017-01-30 22:56:24] Redacted says, "In any case. Thanks Virindi !"
[2017-01-30 22:56:32] Virindi says, "attaching a known name to such an effort would be foolish"
[2017-01-30 22:56:53] Cuttler says, "yeah, she's have to do a new storyline"
[2017-01-30 22:59:25] Bradacc says, "Renegade Mace Quest is packet logged!"
[2017-01-30 22:59:58] Edwardclark says, "could I get a eta on game shut down. I am 19 hrs ahead of east coast USA time"
[2017-01-30 23:00:11] Kybar says, "13 hours"
[2017-01-30 23:00:11] Virindi says, "13 hours"
[2017-01-30 23:00:24] Edwardclark says, "from now?"
[2017-01-30 23:00:26] Virindi says, "yes"
[2017-01-30 23:00:28] Kybar says, "yup"
[2017-01-30 23:00:28] Paxtalon says, "yes"
[2017-01-30 23:00:28] Mcantrell says, "yes"
[2017-01-30 23:00:31] Edwardclark says, "damn"
[2017-01-30 23:00:37] Edwardclark says, "thanx guys"
[2017-01-30 23:00:39] Mcantrell says, "Last call. Closing time."
[2017-01-30 23:00:55] Doognine says, "Margarita please, with a shot."
[2017-01-30 23:00:56] Giii says, "I wonder if they will even log in an admin char"
[2017-01-30 23:01:04] Mcantrell says, "There are none left."
[2017-01-30 23:01:07] Mcantrell says, "Absolutely none. "
[2017-01-30 23:01:12] Mcantrell says, "They ALL went to SSG."
[2017-01-30 23:01:17] Mcantrell says, "Those that weren't fired over the years."
[2017-01-30 23:01:33] Edwardclark says, "i am hoping that they are hoarding the game so that they can open in the future with a new version"
[2017-01-30 23:01:37] Magnus says, "i'd be surprised if anything happens tomorrow other than just a shut down at noon"
[2017-01-30 23:01:38] Hilaryduff says, "is there going to be a special event like a comet in the beta?"
[2017-01-30 23:01:49] Mcantrell says, "Nope. No one left to do it."
[2017-01-30 23:01:50] Giii says, "maybe they read Severlin's notes and can figure out how to login ;)"
[2017-01-30 23:01:51] Razordenial says, "Evening everyone"
[2017-01-30 23:01:55] Bradacc says, "Hell no, we couldn't even get seasons"
[2017-01-30 23:02:03] Boom says, "there is probly one guy they brought back who has been practicing all week on how to unplug the dumb server lol"
[2017-01-30 23:02:04] Mcantrell says, "The best they could do is set the servers up to reboot faster (3 minutes vs 30) to prevent the DDOS from working."
[2017-01-30 23:02:07] Kybar says, "i kinda got the feeling they were paid to close it as a non compete."
[2017-01-30 23:02:20] Mcantrell says, "... I hadn't considered that"
[2017-01-30 23:03:33] Magnus says, "lol i doubt anyone is foolish enough to pay for AC's shut down.. the 12 players left aren't going to swarm over to any 1 game."
[2017-01-30 23:03:38] Mcantrell says, "It's highly lkely they're just goign to decommission the servers and that will be the end. I don't even think there's anyone left around to argue to keep the data."
[2017-01-30 23:04:11] Giii says, "they still have source code repositories and backups of the data"
[2017-01-30 23:15:56] Bradacc says, "how sad, I'm running Snowman Village quest and there is a corpse of a Limestone Golem in here from when I first ran it almost a year ago"
[2017-01-30 23:16:34] Ridemoto says, "anyone know what time the server are shutting down?"
[2017-01-30 23:16:41] Hackprophet says, "12om est"
[2017-01-30 23:16:47] Hackprophet says, "12pm*"
[2017-01-30 23:16:56] Ridemoto says, "thanks"
[2017-01-30 23:17:54] Hotdog says, "WTS maxed account archer on DT only $150"
[2017-01-30 23:18:06] Hotdog says, "bidding starts in 15 mins"
[2017-01-30 23:18:10] Virindi says, "wow a steal"
[2017-01-30 23:18:10] Ridemoto says, "lol"
[2017-01-30 23:18:16] Virindi says, "can I buy some rares too"
[2017-01-30 23:18:29] Hotdog says, "yep. $30 for 100 :)"
[2017-01-30 23:19:25] Lino says, "anyone selling MMD for $"
[2017-01-30 23:21:57] Bradacc says, "Frost Haven, and associated quests are packed logged!"
[2017-01-30 23:23:24] Kybar says, "what logger are you guys using?"
[2017-01-30 23:23:33] Bradacc says, "https://www.reddit.com/r/AsheronsCall/comments/5ovn09/read_this_if_youre_logging_in_for_any_reason_at/"
[2017-01-30 23:23:44] Kybar says, "im gonna run some of the blackmires"
[2017-01-30 23:29:53] Hotdog says, "suggestions on stuff to do or see before i log off for ever? "
[2017-01-30 23:31:08] Stramus says, "I'm a slacker - what packets should I run"
[2017-01-30 23:31:25] Negus says, "log all ur characters in with a tracker"
[2017-01-30 23:31:31] Hellswrath says, "Route: Umbral Hall north -> Stonehold -> Thyrinn Cant Cottages (81.6N, 20.7W) "
[2017-01-30 23:31:33] Hellswrath says, "go there"
[2017-01-30 23:31:33] Stramus says, "done that"
[2017-01-30 23:31:45] Negus says, "whyyyh"
[2017-01-30 23:31:51] Stramus says, "omw"
[2017-01-30 23:31:53] Hellswrath says, "telling hotdog"
[2017-01-30 23:31:56] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-30 23:32:45] Hellswrath says, "thats just babe the blue auroch"
[2017-01-30 23:33:11] Stramus says, "so you need umbral hall?"
[2017-01-30 23:33:44] Hotdog says, "sry was in bathroom"
[2017-01-30 23:33:47] Fenn says, "theres a castle out on a hilltop in the dires SE of Hall of Lost Light. Not listed as a poi on acexplorer and cant run up to it, Anyone remember what its for?"
[2017-01-30 23:33:57] Fenn says, "77.3S, 73.6w ish"
[2017-01-30 23:33:59] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-30 23:34:05] Mcantrell says, "Isn't that one impossible to get to?"
[2017-01-30 23:34:10] Hotdog says, "what tracker Negus? whats it do?"
[2017-01-30 23:34:20] Mcantrell says, "one of many oddball things they hid around the world for future events if they wanted to"
[2017-01-30 23:34:36] Hellswrath says, "part of unused content, nothing in it."
[2017-01-30 23:34:52] Fenn says, "i love all the unused content : )"
[2017-01-30 23:35:25] Fenn says, "but im weird"
[2017-01-30 23:35:59] Hotdog says, "whats the benefit of running a tracker on your characters?"
[2017-01-30 23:36:18] Hotdog says, "i concidered trying to save the character model. "
[2017-01-30 23:36:27] Hellswrath says, "thats easy...."
[2017-01-30 23:36:37] Hotdog says, "is it?"
[2017-01-30 23:36:49] Hellswrath says, "http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2009487"
[2017-01-30 23:37:18] Kybar says, "i wanna know where the other explorer markers are, was on my mage earlier on TD and only have 57 of 100"
[2017-01-30 23:37:35] Hellswrath says, "3dvia printscreen for those, low poly no texture"
[2017-01-30 23:37:39] Hotdog says, "wow! dude hells this is amazing!!"
[2017-01-30 23:37:45] Hellswrath says, "if you want full texture models use 3d ripper x"
[2017-01-30 23:37:59] Hotdog says, "how can i capture my character?! I would print that at work. we have 3d printers"
[2017-01-30 23:38:00] Hellswrath says, "most of those would print like shit"
[2017-01-30 23:38:18] Hotdog says, "nice ty"
[2017-01-30 23:38:19] Purenoobage says, "hells:)"
[2017-01-30 23:38:22] Hotdog says, "ima do it now"
[2017-01-30 23:38:24] Hellswrath says, "https://www.reddit.com/r/AsheronsCall/comments/5l4g53/asheron_for_your_3d_printer/"
[2017-01-30 23:38:31] Hellswrath says, "download in there somewhere for 3dvia printscreen"
[2017-01-30 23:38:42] Haz says, "AC models are composed of parts, you could print each part and glue them."
[2017-01-30 23:38:44] Hellswrath says, "its finiicky, didnt work on 5 of my pcs"
[2017-01-30 23:38:51] Hellswrath says, "aye definitely haz"
[2017-01-30 23:45:55] Hotdog says, "dude Hells Im printing ALL of these scans you did!"
[2017-01-30 23:46:08] Hellswrath says, "send me one, I'm poor."
[2017-01-30 23:46:10] Mcantrell says, "Wish there was time to make custom models for one's character"
[2017-01-30 23:46:21] Mcantrell says, "would love to immortalize Daija"
[2017-01-30 23:46:25] Feidt says, "me2plz<3"
[2017-01-30 23:46:27] Hellswrath says, "hells crouching with his dreidle wand :p"
[2017-01-30 23:46:29] Syclone says, "anyone datamine the nightclub? lol"
[2017-01-30 23:46:29] Mcantrell says, "Is there an olthoi model? didn't see it"
[2017-01-30 23:46:30] Hotdog says, "ty fr doing those man. what program did u use to get those models again?"
[2017-01-30 23:46:32] Brycter says, "ill buy one if you make one of my guy"
[2017-01-30 23:46:39] Kybar says, "3d printer scans?"
[2017-01-30 23:46:44] Hotdog says, "yea"
[2017-01-30 23:46:52] Mcantrell says, "Or an original Lifestone?"
[2017-01-30 23:46:55] Kybar says, "i have one in my shop have no clue how to use it.. haha"
[2017-01-30 23:46:55] Hellswrath says, "https://www.reddit.com/r/AsheronsCall/comments/5l4g53/asheron_for_your_3d_printer/"
[2017-01-30 23:47:08] Hellswrath says, "read through that, theres a download for 3dvia printscreen"
[2017-01-30 23:47:17] Hellswrath says, "and youll need simlab or something similiar that will import .3dxml files"
[2017-01-30 23:47:36] Kybar says, "wonder if i could Gwizard it and CNC it"
[2017-01-30 23:48:21] Hotdog says, "ok ty hells"
[2017-01-30 23:48:23] Kybar says, "real life bronze statues.. lol"
[2017-01-30 23:51:48] Virindi says, "printing an AC character...........half of it would be lost without color :("
[2017-01-30 23:52:20] Hellswrath says, "aye :/"
[2017-01-30 23:52:20] Mcantrell says, "So paint it."
[2017-01-30 23:52:27] Mcantrell says, "models like that are EASY to paint"
[2017-01-30 23:52:32] Virindi says, "paint wouldn't be the same"
[2017-01-30 23:52:39] Virindi says, "well, maybe if you had skill"
[2017-01-30 23:52:42] Mcantrell says, "so print out the textures on a laser printer"
[2017-01-30 23:52:42] Virindi says, "I don't."
[2017-01-30 23:52:48] Hellswrath says, "printed Asheron http://i.imgur.com/rB6LjzL.jpg"
[2017-01-30 23:53:21] Virindi says, "lowpoly asheron"
[2017-01-30 23:53:26] Haz says, "needs more pla whiskers."
[2017-01-30 23:53:26] Hellswrath says, "lol ya"
[2017-01-30 23:53:30] Hellswrath says, "very much show"
[2017-01-30 23:53:37] Hellswrath says, "so*"
[2017-01-30 23:53:40] Hellswrath says, "iso sleep"
[2017-01-30 23:54:04] Virindi says, "needs more support material."
[2017-01-30 23:55:08] Shad says, "Co;;ecting data..."
[2017-01-31 00:01:30] Hotdog says, "iso way to spit out complete guild character list"
[2017-01-31 00:02:31] Fenn says, "iso someone to do the rest of crystal crag for me : /"
[2017-01-31 00:02:33] Derandark2 says, "treestats"
[2017-01-31 00:03:06] Hellswrath says, "that only gets your patron and vassals, need those chars to login to complete the tree"
[2017-01-31 00:03:20] Hellswrath says, "theres an allegiance mapper plugin, sends the @allegiance info command all day long "
[2017-01-31 00:03:32] Brycter says, "I needs someone to 3D print my guys"
[2017-01-31 00:03:40] Brycter says, "i gotd money"
[2017-01-31 00:04:06] Hellswrath says, "if a 3d print of HW showed up in my mailbox, I wouldn't be upset."
[2017-01-31 00:04:26] Doognine says, "In my area Office Depot with a color printer, you take the file in, print."
[2017-01-31 00:04:29] Brycter says, "haha"
[2017-01-31 00:04:36] Doognine says, "err 3D printer"
[2017-01-31 00:04:50] Hellswrath says, "i dont want a toothpick sized model"
[2017-01-31 00:04:57] Brycter says, "so how do i get the 3D rendering?"
[2017-01-31 00:05:36] Doognine says, "http://custom3dprint.com/?gclid=CMm5sIrO69ECFdyFswodFWEIFQ"
[2017-01-31 00:09:21] Doognine says, "Hells"
[2017-01-31 00:09:32] Doognine says, "any write ups on how to export our chars?"
[2017-01-31 00:09:37] Doognine says, "any write ups on how to export our chars? (to 3d?)"
[2017-01-31 00:10:12] Hellswrath says, "http://web.archive.org/web/20110717042507/http://www.3ds.com/products/3dvia/3d-xml/1/"
[2017-01-31 00:10:20] Hellswrath says, "if that program works for you (turn off decal)"
[2017-01-31 00:10:29] Hellswrath says, "take a bunch of "screenshots" with it"
[2017-01-31 00:11:09] Hellswrath says, "then download simlab, has a free trial"
[2017-01-31 00:11:20] Hellswrath says, "import the .3dxml files, delete everything you dont want"
[2017-01-31 00:11:33] Hellswrath says, "there will be an assload of particle effects, tiny squares"
[2017-01-31 00:11:47] Hellswrath says, "if your inventory is open youll also get that character model, in that pose"
[2017-01-31 00:12:20] Hellswrath says, "fin"
[2017-01-31 00:12:48] Hellswrath says, "oh. use marketplace"
[2017-01-31 00:12:59] Hellswrath says, "dont like... stand in holtburg"
[2017-01-31 00:14:07] Trigger9008 says, "AC.... You will be missed greatly!!! :("
[2017-01-31 00:14:26] Hellswrath says, "you have discord, trig?"
[2017-01-31 00:14:34] Trigger9008 says, "yes"
[2017-01-31 00:14:40] Hellswrath says, "https://discord.gg/pwuAn"
[2017-01-31 00:14:54] Hellswrath says, "AC discord"
[2017-01-31 00:24:09] Bradacc says, "Janthef's Release Packet Logged!"
[2017-01-31 00:25:41] Surargo says, "is there a hotkey to hide the UI for a clean screen shot?"
[2017-01-31 00:26:14] Hellswrath says, "what do you think this is, ac2? :p"
[2017-01-31 00:26:29] Hellswrath says, "think theres a plugin that can do that, maybe defective?"
[2017-01-31 00:26:57] Haz says, "It was "Hex" but I never updated it after they made the new ui."
[2017-01-31 00:27:55] Hotdog says, "hey hells"
[2017-01-31 00:28:06] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 00:28:32] Hotdog says, "how do i direct chat on vcg again?"
[2017-01-31 00:28:37] Hotdog says, "yea negus "
[2017-01-31 00:28:56] Hotdog says, "someone take a scan of my character model for me!!"
[2017-01-31 00:29:11] Hotdog says, "cant get this shit to work. "
[2017-01-31 00:34:05] Hotdog says, "anyone able to capture with 3dvia?"
[2017-01-31 00:40:13] Hellswrath says, "tried compatibility?"
[2017-01-31 00:40:19] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 00:40:25] Hellswrath says, "i installed it on 5 machines before i got it working lol, it's old af"
[2017-01-31 00:40:44] Hellswrath says, "only works on my vista machine, but others had it running in 7 and 10"
[2017-01-31 00:40:58] Hotdog says, "if u capture me my mains model in fighting pose ill send you a print of your main. "
[2017-01-31 00:41:13] Hotdog says, "if the print price is under $100"
[2017-01-31 00:41:25] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 00:41:30] Hotdog says, "haha"
[2017-01-31 00:42:41] Hotdog says, "seriously though. price checking prints now"
[2017-01-31 00:44:49] Hellswrath says, "expect your wallet to disappear"
[2017-01-31 00:45:08] Haz says, "Monoprice has a decent printer for like, 200ish"
[2017-01-31 00:45:26] Beale says, "i got an olthoi printed for about $30"
[2017-01-31 00:47:10] Hotdog says, "there ya go. can some 1 capture my main for me? If so ill buy ya a print of your choice when I order mine. "
[2017-01-31 00:49:06] Haz says, "3dhubs has a bunch of people running printers on it"
[2017-01-31 00:49:35] Hilaryduff says, "Kybar are you there?"
[2017-01-31 00:59:15] Hotdog says, "our guy that runs the bot is still fuckin runnin it!"
[2017-01-31 00:59:33] Hotdog says, "all the way until the last day. "
[2017-01-31 01:01:35] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 01:12:45] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 01:17:01] Kybar says, "anyone ever have the chat window expand and cover entire screen, but no way to access to make it smaller?"
[2017-01-31 01:17:41] Akando says, "yes but use unlock and resize"
[2017-01-31 01:17:54] Hellswrath says, "grab the bottom"
[2017-01-31 01:17:59] Hellswrath says, "drag down"
[2017-01-31 01:18:17] Kybar says, "its all under my health mana and stam and Vtank, i cant get to the top"
[2017-01-31 01:18:34] Hellswrath says, "grab the bottom and drag around, it happens to mine all the time"
[2017-01-31 01:19:02] Hellswrath says, "do you have a /loadui or /vwt capture"
[2017-01-31 01:19:31] Kybar says, "nope"
[2017-01-31 01:19:43] Kybar says, "i have been playing manual , just learned Vtank a few days ago"
[2017-01-31 01:21:19] Kybar says, "reset to default worked, but now i have no color"
[2017-01-31 01:21:19] Hellswrath says, "man that quick? I'm still learning it."
[2017-01-31 01:21:40] Kybar says, "lol me too, thats why everything is blocking my screen"
[2017-01-31 01:21:47] Kybar says, "i was still running lifetank..."
[2017-01-31 01:21:58] Strider says, "no color at all?"
[2017-01-31 01:22:24] Kybar says, "my backpack and stuff, but toon and house are all black and white"
[2017-01-31 01:22:45] Virindi says, "un-equip and re-equip an armor piece"
[2017-01-31 01:22:45] Boom says, "change resolution higher smoosh everything and set it back again low"
[2017-01-31 01:22:51] Virindi says, "ac bug"
[2017-01-31 01:22:52] Strider says, "try taking off and putting on armor piece"
[2017-01-31 01:23:02] Kybar says, "wohoo, "
[2017-01-31 01:23:15] Kybar says, "a thank you"
[2017-01-31 01:33:24] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 01:34:45] Negus says, "Virindi, TYVM for everyhing <3"
[2017-01-31 01:34:55] Virindi says, ":)"
[2017-01-31 01:35:09] Purenoobage says, "hey virindi"
[2017-01-31 01:35:28] Purenoobage says, "thx u for all that u have done"
[2017-01-31 01:35:39] Viperj78 says, "Yo Yo V-Dawg!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work over the years!!!"
[2017-01-31 01:35:40] Surargo says, "yes. thank you for everything."
[2017-01-31 01:35:41] Purenoobage says, "you and hells"
[2017-01-31 01:38:00] Feidt says, "<3 V"
[2017-01-31 01:43:17] Strider says, "is there anything like xp gems that you can use anywhere to get exp and lvl?"
[2017-01-31 01:45:37] Hellswrath says, "V did all the work, I'm just loud, and I had you guys fooled the whole time. I was just googling the answers :D"
[2017-01-31 01:48:38] Strider says, "thanks to all that have made decal kept it running, authors of awesome plugins like Vtank and all that helped noobs like me figure things out "
[2017-01-31 01:50:41] Meatbag says, "agreed"
[2017-01-31 02:09:07] Negus says, "KRUNKS COOK BOOK - http://pastebin.com/jk1AZU7n"
[2017-01-31 02:09:38] Stramus says, "I have some of his pancakes, still fresh somehow.."
[2017-01-31 02:16:12] Akando says, "how many titles are there"
[2017-01-31 02:16:43] Brycter says, "a shit load"
[2017-01-31 02:16:51] Ripley says, "500ish?"
[2017-01-31 02:17:00] Akando says, "wow"
[2017-01-31 02:17:03] Brycter says, "800+"
[2017-01-31 02:18:51] Surargo says, "what time tomorrow is the shutdown?"
[2017-01-31 02:19:00] Kybar says, "noon est"
[2017-01-31 02:22:03] Negus says, "Subscribe to me on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamCanada613 - Follow me on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/teamcanada613 - Xbox/PS4 GT: TeamCanada613 Steam: TeamCanada613 - Would love to stay in touch all"
[2017-01-31 02:23:53] Strider says, "do we send the magtool logs to same place as the pcap logs to?"
[2017-01-31 02:41:48] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch! All servers welcome!"
[2017-01-31 02:59:27] Sandyclaws says, "Just logged on and noted "Privilege: Remote Control" what does that one do? :)"
[2017-01-31 02:59:35] Hellswrath says, "open your vi2 fellow panel"
[2017-01-31 02:59:40] Hellswrath says, "enabled for all users"
[2017-01-31 02:59:46] Hellswrath says, "enjoy it for the next 9 hours :D"
[2017-01-31 03:00:08] Sandyclaws says, "lol thanks Hells, I will :)"
[2017-01-31 03:00:16] Hellswrath says, "man I really wish someone would give me a reason to ban them. I rarely got to use my admin privileges"
[2017-01-31 03:00:26] Hellswrath says, "where's primordius when you need him"
[2017-01-31 03:00:44] Sandyclaws says, "Right :)"
[2017-01-31 03:00:52] Viperj78 says, "hey hey hey.....FUCK YOU!!!!!!! bAN ME mUTHA FUCKA!!!"
[2017-01-31 03:00:55] Hellswrath says, "(dont make an account to do it, it bans your ac account)"
[2017-01-31 03:01:21] Sandyclaws says, ""Famous last words""
[2017-01-31 03:01:22] Viperj78 says, "gimme 10 mins tho"
[2017-01-31 03:02:00] Hellswrath says, "you want a 10min gag? lol"
[2017-01-31 03:02:30] Akando says, "lol viper"
[2017-01-31 03:02:36] Viperj78 says, "lol just need 10 mins to finish clearin my villa..lol"
[2017-01-31 03:02:53] Hellswrath says, "banned 10 accounts"
[2017-01-31 03:02:55] Hellswrath says, "enjoy your 10 minutes"
[2017-01-31 03:02:55] Sandyclaws says, "Handy with the remote thing. Now I know how the rich lived in AC lol"
[2017-01-31 03:03:12] Hellswrath says, "(it bans all ac accounts, not the vi2 account. you cant go make another ;O )"
[2017-01-31 03:03:41] Ripley says, "no undo?"
[2017-01-31 03:03:48] Fenn says, "what does the remote privilege do?"
[2017-01-31 03:03:55] Hellswrath says, "I can undo"
[2017-01-31 03:03:56] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 03:03:57] Sandyclaws says, "It would be soo embarrasing getting banned when the entire game is about to end lol"
[2017-01-31 03:04:13] Hellswrath says, "remote control in vi2 fellow tab"
[2017-01-31 03:04:21] Hellswrath says, "was made loooong before meta"
[2017-01-31 03:04:30] Hellswrath says, "has some fancy buttons for controlling an army"
[2017-01-31 03:04:46] Hellswrath says, "unbanned, viper"
[2017-01-31 03:04:53] Hellswrath says, "accidentally banned you for a month"
[2017-01-31 03:04:57] Hellswrath says, "that would have been sad :p"
[2017-01-31 03:05:16] Hellswrath says, "coulda swore she put this in milliseconds :p"
[2017-01-31 03:05:21] Viperj78 says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 03:05:23] Sandyclaws says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 03:05:27] Fenn says, "3 markers left"
[2017-01-31 03:05:46] Ripley says, "you can do it"
[2017-01-31 03:06:00] Fenn says, "...if only i knew which they were : \"
[2017-01-31 03:06:22] Ripley says, "there's a list and meta"
[2017-01-31 03:06:46] Hellswrath says, "funny thing about that meta"
[2017-01-31 03:06:49] Fenn says, "list doesnt help if i dont remember which ive done, ive looked over it"
[2017-01-31 03:06:51] Hellswrath says, "run it with a group and youll crash landblocks"
[2017-01-31 03:07:31] Fenn says, "and i dont wanna run a meta for this"
[2017-01-31 03:07:41] Fenn says, "ill figure it out"
[2017-01-31 03:08:12] Sandyclaws says, "Did VI have any other neato features that never made it to gen pop?"
[2017-01-31 03:08:22] Hellswrath says, "lol tons she wont release"
[2017-01-31 03:08:34] Hellswrath says, "she teased me with a c# scripting tool"
[2017-01-31 03:08:35] Ripley says, "don't you get a title per each theme?"
[2017-01-31 03:09:05] Sandyclaws says, "Scripting... That sounds ehm "potent" to say the least lol"
[2017-01-31 03:09:36] Strider says, "Hellswrath 8th most deaths, need to get to work HW :)"
[2017-01-31 03:09:46] Fenn says, "yep....which makes the last 3 harder--ive finished all the themed ones "
[2017-01-31 03:10:51] Strider says, "i got a toon 2nd in deaths on WintersEbb lol"
[2017-01-31 03:10:53] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Free AC Chat on discord. can DL on PC and Cell phones. Stay in touch! All servers welcome!"
[2017-01-31 03:11:36] Hellswrath says, "lol nice strider"
[2017-01-31 03:11:56] Hellswrath says, "I wanted to hit 10k legitimate deaths before i retired and moved on with my life"
[2017-01-31 03:12:00] Hellswrath says, "WB is forcing my hand"
[2017-01-31 03:12:10] Feidt says, "how many deaths u got"
[2017-01-31 03:12:15] Paxtalon says, "just keep running naked in vr."
[2017-01-31 03:12:16] Strider says, "mines only just over 2000 though"
[2017-01-31 03:12:20] Hellswrath says, "8,685"
[2017-01-31 03:12:34] Hellswrath says, "mainly pkl deaths from 2004-2010"
[2017-01-31 03:12:45] Feidt says, "haha mines at 1853 from 2001"
[2017-01-31 03:12:53] Strider says, "Gandalf da GreyWintersEbb 2,072"
[2017-01-31 03:13:07] Hellswrath says, "im sure mostly just DT'ers have me beat"
[2017-01-31 03:13:14] Hellswrath says, "or other pks on white servers that have old chars"
[2017-01-31 03:13:16] Feidt says, "id say 200 of my deaths are from macros"
[2017-01-31 03:13:32] Hellswrath says, "if you hit 8k deaths from pve, you're just awful :p"
[2017-01-31 03:13:58] Fenn says, "or persistent "
[2017-01-31 03:14:02] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 03:14:06] Feidt says, "should be a segment on ac with 1000 ways to die"
[2017-01-31 03:14:17] Stramus says, "existing client = existing chars and items?"
[2017-01-31 03:14:22] Viperj78 says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 03:14:24] Stramus says, "woops"
[2017-01-31 03:14:24] Strider says, "most Eminent Leafcull 102,993 the rest ahead of you are all on dt"
[2017-01-31 03:15:08] Feidt says, "join the discord! lol"
[2017-01-31 03:15:08] Hellswrath says, "wow"
[2017-01-31 03:15:55] Strider says, "Gandalfs 2072 and not a one pvp, probably 1800 after they added in DI's"
[2017-01-31 03:16:09] Feidt says, "haha"
[2017-01-31 03:16:14] Feidt says, "nice"
[2017-01-31 03:17:59] Strider says, "only 5 of us on WE have more then 1000 deaths, and 3 are ones play with, we bad lol"
[2017-01-31 03:18:20] Hellswrath says, "lol, well the treestats DB is also fairly new, its not the old treestats db"
[2017-01-31 03:18:37] Strider says, "true"
[2017-01-31 03:18:49] Hellswrath says, "new dev, new db, new site.. just looks the same :p"
[2017-01-31 03:18:56] Mcantrell says, "Woo. Went through the newbie tutorial one last time. Recorded it for posterity."
[2017-01-31 03:19:03] Feidt says, "k gonna try n be on for 10 lol night everyone. nice to meet you all. and the people ive known for 16-17 years its been a pleasure if i dont see you."
[2017-01-31 03:19:49] Fenn says, "take care : )"
[2017-01-31 03:20:35] Strider says, "night"
[2017-01-31 03:22:55] Kybar says, "wohoo, wheres flenop when you need him"
[2017-01-31 04:09:45] Strider says, "can you still kill yourself ig?"
[2017-01-31 04:09:53] Hellswrath says, "@die"
[2017-01-31 04:09:53] Kybar says, "yes"
[2017-01-31 04:10:10] Strider says, "trying to decide where i want to leave my last body"
[2017-01-31 04:10:15] Hotdog says, "http://imgur.com/a/ivfiR"
[2017-01-31 04:10:19] Hotdog says, "ty hells"
[2017-01-31 04:10:22] Kybar says, "im going to hunt down jedi's old mansion"
[2017-01-31 04:10:22] Cryraos says, "bottom of subway"
[2017-01-31 04:10:25] Hellswrath says, "I have too much respect for my characters to kill them :p"
[2017-01-31 04:11:24] Strider says, "ok then hmm what to i want to get up against probably get killed doing it "
[2017-01-31 04:11:40] Kybar says, "jump off humming crystal "
[2017-01-31 04:11:46] Hellswrath says, "go naked and pvp, have someone stam drain you, and let The Chicken kill you in holt"
[2017-01-31 04:12:08] Cryraos says, "go buy beds for your houses, and let your characters die peacefully"
[2017-01-31 04:12:14] Hellswrath says, "or the cow, lord knows it needs some revenge after all that tipping"
[2017-01-31 04:12:15] Strider says, "lol "
[2017-01-31 04:12:23] Willow says, "i saved all i could lol :D"
[2017-01-31 04:12:27] Strider says, "so true on the poor cow"
[2017-01-31 04:12:42] Kurik says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 04:24:26] Ripley says, "just passed a standing/breathing corpse of a drudge..."
[2017-01-31 04:24:37] Strider says, "is there a command that hides all windows for taking pictures?"
[2017-01-31 04:24:45] Kurik says, "there used to be"
[2017-01-31 04:24:51] Hellswrath says, "nope"
[2017-01-31 04:25:01] Kurik says, "used to be z hid the intyerface"
[2017-01-31 04:25:09] Hellswrath says, "you're thinking of ac2"
[2017-01-31 04:25:32] Kurik says, "no I am sure it was available on AC as well"
[2017-01-31 04:25:42] Kurik says, "but i may be mistaken"
[2017-01-31 04:25:51] Kurik says, "it was a long time ago :)"
[2017-01-31 04:26:31] Kybar says, "have not seen this many bodies since 2000 lol"
[2017-01-31 04:26:35] Kybar says, "mt"
[2017-01-31 04:31:08] Strider says, "trade bots on duty to the bitter end here on WE"
[2017-01-31 04:35:52] Strider says, "anyone need portal bot for next 10 minutes or so?"
[2017-01-31 04:36:01] Strider says, "oops wrong chat "
[2017-01-31 04:36:13] Kurik says, "Me me me"
[2017-01-31 04:44:56] Fenn says, "y'all staying on?"
[2017-01-31 04:45:24] Pol says, "I do"
[2017-01-31 04:57:07] Strider says, "maintenance is automated isnt it?"
[2017-01-31 04:57:47] Kurik says, "so not only switch off but maintenance reboot too!"
[2017-01-31 04:57:52] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 04:57:59] Mcantrell says, "IIRC it missed it a few times this month?"
[2017-01-31 04:58:01] Hellswrath says, "great, i get to relog my buff/tinkerbots one last time"
[2017-01-31 04:58:13] Kurik says, "hehe me too"
[2017-01-31 04:58:27] Kybar says, "they are still restarting in the AM?"
[2017-01-31 04:58:34] Paxtalon says, "no clue"
[2017-01-31 04:58:37] Hellswrath says, "who knows"
[2017-01-31 04:58:52] Kurik says, "if i lose connection at 2am then we are restarting for maintenance!"
[2017-01-31 04:59:02] Strider says, "guess we find out in about 3 hours"
[2017-01-31 04:59:13] Kurik says, "i guess so"
[2017-01-31 05:00:02] Sandyclaws says, "I am starting to think there might not be any freebies at the end of the game.. hmm"
[2017-01-31 05:00:28] Hellswrath says, "who else is stayin up"
[2017-01-31 05:00:28] Strider says, "no one left to give us any"
[2017-01-31 05:00:35] Stramus says, "this guy"
[2017-01-31 05:00:37] Strider says, "waves hand"
[2017-01-31 05:00:39] Fenn says, "this one too"
[2017-01-31 05:00:39] Bluepython says, "what's sleep?"
[2017-01-31 05:00:42] Kurik says, "i thought they wee ging for a big sendoff with lots of freebies and content"
[2017-01-31 05:00:46] Paxtalon says, "I'm always awake. lol"
[2017-01-31 05:00:48] Hellswrath says, "3 20oz redbulls today"
[2017-01-31 05:00:51] Fenn says, "whats one more AC-all nighter in the grand scheme of things"
[2017-01-31 05:00:52] Hellswrath says, "the headache is real"
[2017-01-31 05:00:55] Kurik says, "i think I will be up until the 6am shutdown"
[2017-01-31 05:01:02] Hellswrath says, "im in it to win it"
[2017-01-31 05:01:05] Doognine says, "ow :) night for a bit. be back later"
[2017-01-31 05:01:07] Hellswrath says, "they have to force me mout"
[2017-01-31 05:01:08] Kybar says, "ill be here till the end, going to lay this toon down, have to lay my toons on WE down, and my toons on TD down."
[2017-01-31 05:01:11] Hellswrath says, "out*"
[2017-01-31 05:01:26] Strider says, "do i sent the mag logs i collected to same place as the pcap files?"
[2017-01-31 05:01:32] Hellswrath says, "aka-steve"
[2017-01-31 05:01:41] Killertemplar says, "damn Hell's .... you ever sleep bro?"
[2017-01-31 05:01:48] Kurik says, "whats sleep"
[2017-01-31 05:02:32] Sandyclaws says, "I read about sleep, it seems very popular among normal people apparantely"
[2017-01-31 05:03:20] Hellswrath says, "sleep?"
[2017-01-31 05:03:32] Hellswrath says, "you do realize i am a chatbot"
[2017-01-31 05:03:57] Stramus says, "hells isnt real"
[2017-01-31 05:04:16] Kurik says, "he is a collective and they all take turns in playing"
[2017-01-31 05:08:49] Hellswrath says, "so many chars to log still..."
[2017-01-31 05:08:53] Hellswrath says, "will it ever end"
[2017-01-31 05:08:56] Strider says, "dang we got 71 on WE at the moment, not to shabby considering"
[2017-01-31 05:08:58] Stramus says, "slacker"
[2017-01-31 05:09:23] Fenn says, "are you redoing it?"
[2017-01-31 05:09:27] Kybar says, "i have to get on WE in a bit and track down jedi's old mansion.. to fullfill a very old request"
[2017-01-31 05:09:27] Hellswrath says, "This account has 216 associated characters. "
[2017-01-31 05:10:18] Strider says, "wasnt it near hmm was it Kara? overlooking the lake?"
[2017-01-31 05:10:29] Fenn says, "there is one there"
[2017-01-31 05:10:32] Kybar says, "it was the beachfront"
[2017-01-31 05:10:56] Kybar says, "i dont know that was 15 years ago.. and i cant find it in my book"
[2017-01-31 05:11:08] Strider says, "ours overlooking the inner sea down by the south landbridge"
[2017-01-31 05:11:36] Kybar says, "but i promised lir'setie when i quit her blue EC and orb would be put in the sand on our trees were our bots use to buff"
[2017-01-31 05:12:10] Cryraos says, "are you on WE?"
[2017-01-31 05:12:12] Strider says, "but you cant remember where the mansion was?"
[2017-01-31 05:12:31] Cryraos says, "...strider*"
[2017-01-31 05:12:33] Kybar says, "it was in my book, but i have been thumbing through cords all day trying to find it"
[2017-01-31 05:12:39] Strider says, "yes im on WE"
[2017-01-31 05:13:05] Cryraos says, "I swore I was in an allegiance with a Strider when I played WE, were you ever under Jastonier?"
[2017-01-31 05:13:13] Strider says, "Kilzeer, Gandalf da Grey, Striderlongshanks"
[2017-01-31 05:13:39] Kybar says, "most of my chars are under strider.. except my rank 9 chain under pal"
[2017-01-31 05:13:40] Strider says, "ive always been a monarch, never sworn to anyone"
[2017-01-31 05:13:47] Cryraos says, "oh hmm"
[2017-01-31 05:13:53] Kurik says, "sworn at lotrs though"
[2017-01-31 05:14:01] Strider says, "monarch as Striderlongshanks that is"
[2017-01-31 05:14:29] Kybar says, "also all the buff and portal bots.. lol"
[2017-01-31 05:15:06] Cryraos says, "I dont think i played WE around the time of public bots"
[2017-01-31 05:15:11] Strider says, "wish i still had my wooden sword, i end it wielding it"
[2017-01-31 05:15:58] Strider says, "even though mostly mages (void) last few years for awhile, ill always be sword swinger in heart"
[2017-01-31 05:16:45] Strider says, "countless hours running thru Rampager dungeon killing monkees no decal at that time"
[2017-01-31 05:19:30] Strider says, "wonder if i can still find the rock i used to drop mule behind"
[2017-01-31 05:19:50] Cryraos says, "you didn't use the chest in Shoushi's healer building?"
[2017-01-31 05:19:53] Kybar says, "i tried the chest trick in old holt the other day and lost my stuff. haha"
[2017-01-31 05:20:35] Strider says, "at one time i used to use a chest upstairs in the hmm i think was the bowyer shop in Rithwic"
[2017-01-31 05:21:20] Strider says, "but in beginning i used a rock in the wilderness out of eastham, had to watch for someone using 6th sense though come running"
[2017-01-31 05:23:28] Strider says, "thought about ending up at my island villa but i think ill do it in Eastham amongst others, on one hand want to be alone and on another dont "
[2017-01-31 05:23:37] Kurik says, ":)"
[2017-01-31 05:24:36] Strider says, "think you got time to log in all your toons HW?"
[2017-01-31 05:24:44] Hellswrath says, "highly unlikely"
[2017-01-31 05:24:49] Kurik says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 05:24:50] Hellswrath says, "def not doing them all"
[2017-01-31 05:24:54] Hellswrath says, "and also doing some friends lol"
[2017-01-31 05:25:16] Fenn says, "you're just logging the inventory with magtools, right?"
[2017-01-31 05:25:40] Hellswrath says, "yea, main chars im copy/pasting /vt propertydump to text for palettes"
[2017-01-31 05:25:52] Hellswrath says, "but im also running pcaps, hex codes may be there as well"
[2017-01-31 05:25:58] Loveredheads says, "hiya"
[2017-01-31 05:26:05] Strider says, "i had 15 accounts worth to do, took awhile"
[2017-01-31 05:26:16] Hellswrath says, "yea :/ shoulda made an actool script"
[2017-01-31 05:26:30] Cryraos says, "people still write in ACtool?"
[2017-01-31 05:26:31] Hellswrath says, "or modified the stipend meta OMG WHAT WAS I NOT THINKING"
[2017-01-31 05:26:42] Hellswrath says, "fuck me, right. "
[2017-01-31 05:26:56] Strider says, "in denial "
[2017-01-31 05:27:04] Kybar says, "a lot of us are i think."
[2017-01-31 05:27:05] Cryraos says, "i use it every once in a while"
[2017-01-31 05:27:24] Hellswrath says, "actool had a major release"
[2017-01-31 05:27:25] Hellswrath says, "like"
[2017-01-31 05:27:32] Hellswrath says, "the day ac shutdown announcement came"
[2017-01-31 05:27:37] Kybar says, "im still picking stuff up like ill ever get a chance to use it."
[2017-01-31 05:27:38] Cryraos says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 05:27:39] Hellswrath says, "has been in the works for a while"
[2017-01-31 05:27:46] Hellswrath says, "was going to have multiclient support"
[2017-01-31 05:27:47] Strider says, "damn"
[2017-01-31 05:28:05] Hellswrath says, "http://www.immortalbob.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=89"
[2017-01-31 05:28:22] Kybar says, "is there a plugin like back in the day that will red out mountains and stuff only showing where you can go?"
[2017-01-31 05:28:32] Hellswrath says, "yes"
[2017-01-31 05:28:38] Hellswrath says, "skunkvision vvs edition"
[2017-01-31 05:28:39] Strider says, "yep skunkvision"
[2017-01-31 05:28:42] Hellswrath says, "virindi.net/plugins"
[2017-01-31 05:28:44] Hellswrath says, "scroll down"
[2017-01-31 05:28:50] Kybar says, "so the same as always.. "
[2017-01-31 05:28:56] Hellswrath says, "yes, but updated for vvs"
[2017-01-31 05:28:57] Cryraos says, "is what got me into programming.... when i was a youth, a random patch broke decal , and i wrote my own (crappy) macro"
[2017-01-31 05:29:11] Hellswrath says, "yep, decal is why I took a programming degree"
[2017-01-31 05:29:44] Kybar says, "im still wondering if my 3d printer can do those prints in aluminum.. lol"
[2017-01-31 05:29:50] Hellswrath says, "lmao"
[2017-01-31 05:29:56] Hellswrath says, "find out"
[2017-01-31 05:30:08] Kybar says, "im not doing it, i pay people for that"
[2017-01-31 05:30:48] Kybar says, "thats what i was saying is i couldnt do color.. other than anodize"
[2017-01-31 05:31:01] Kybar says, "make them look like real bronze statues.. lol"
[2017-01-31 05:37:28] Strider says, "ahh got more gonna do?"
[2017-01-31 05:41:35] Strider says, "nice speedup Virindi did on buffing"
[2017-01-31 05:41:41] Hellswrath says, "your welcome"
[2017-01-31 05:41:44] Hellswrath says, "she didnt believe me"
[2017-01-31 05:41:47] Hellswrath says, "DO IT i said"
[2017-01-31 05:41:50] Hellswrath says, ""it wont help""
[2017-01-31 05:41:53] Hellswrath says, ""DO IT""
[2017-01-31 05:41:58] Hellswrath says, "boom 25 seconds knocked off"
[2017-01-31 05:42:01] Strider says, "ahh so was you, nice still :)"
[2017-01-31 05:42:03] Hellswrath says, "and if she tripled the speed"
[2017-01-31 05:42:05] Hellswrath says, "it would be 40 sec"
[2017-01-31 05:42:17] Hellswrath says, "tap down to help it out ;)"
[2017-01-31 05:42:19] Hellswrath says, "fast"
[2017-01-31 05:42:33] Strider says, "was it you got the switching faster to next critter ?"
[2017-01-31 05:42:44] Hellswrath says, "no i didnt write a single line of code for vtank"
[2017-01-31 05:42:45] Kimm says, "You know, I keep expecting V to say she finished her Doctorate in AI and that Hells is actually an AI..."
[2017-01-31 05:42:54] Hellswrath says, "i just have a loud voice"
[2017-01-31 05:43:01] Strider says, "lol on both"
[2017-01-31 05:43:06] Hellswrath says, ":D"
[2017-01-31 05:43:10] Hellswrath says, "it could happen"
[2017-01-31 05:43:14] Hellswrath says, "or happened"
[2017-01-31 05:43:16] Hellswrath says, "is happening?"
[2017-01-31 05:43:19] Hellswrath says, "we'll never know"
[2017-01-31 05:43:19] Kimm says, ":)"
[2017-01-31 05:43:52] Hellswrath says, "i just like to take credit for fastbuffs cause she didnt think it would be faster, and it was significant :D"
[2017-01-31 05:44:15] Kimm says, "TY for that Hells"
[2017-01-31 05:44:42] Strider says, "yep it is"
[2017-01-31 05:44:45] Hellswrath says, "rofl, don't thank me, I did nothing XD"
[2017-01-31 05:45:16] Kimm says, "Some of us know how hard it is to convince V to do something if she didn't think it was worth it"
[2017-01-31 05:45:18] Hellswrath says, "she added DoJiggle as an "easter egg""
[2017-01-31 05:45:22] Hellswrath says, "it wasnt supposed to be useful"
[2017-01-31 05:45:25] Hellswrath says, "but it totally is"
[2017-01-31 05:46:13] Hellswrath says, "there was a lot more planned too. she had just spent weeks breaking down the game physics engine to do collision detection"
[2017-01-31 05:46:25] Hellswrath says, "opened up a whole bag of new tricks"
[2017-01-31 05:47:17] Strider says, "hard to believe there was much more that could of been added, it would do just about everything ecept fetch ya a fresh cup of coffee"
[2017-01-31 05:47:43] Hellswrath says, "lol, there's always room for improvement"
[2017-01-31 05:47:57] Hellswrath says, "click map to nav, auto navigate around objects / find its own path"
[2017-01-31 05:48:03] Hellswrath says, "i begged for that"
[2017-01-31 05:48:39] Strider says, "i sent her donation couple times but had to quit"
[2017-01-31 05:49:08] Strider says, "everytime i did shed disappear for months, didnt think was enough to go on vacation cruise"
[2017-01-31 05:49:16] Hellswrath says, "lololol"
[2017-01-31 05:49:31] Snowstyle says, "hi"
[2017-01-31 05:49:36] Hellswrath says, "morning!"
[2017-01-31 05:49:52] Snowstyle says, "Afternoon here, living in France ;)"
[2017-01-31 05:49:55] Strider says, "morning"
[2017-01-31 05:49:59] Hellswrath says, ":D"
[2017-01-31 05:50:03] Snowstyle says, "so Turbine are closing servers today ?"
[2017-01-31 05:50:13] Strider says, "so the rumors say"
[2017-01-31 05:50:20] Hellswrath says, "yep"
[2017-01-31 05:50:21] Strider says, "im in denial"
[2017-01-31 05:50:30] Snowstyle says, "lol me too total denial"
[2017-01-31 05:51:34] Unavoidable says, "the realness of the servers going down hit me this afternoon, after a friend in my guild was given back a weapon he looted from a chest in arwic"
[2017-01-31 05:51:50] Unavoidable says, "and the one that gave it back had got to 41 paragon on it"
[2017-01-31 05:52:23] Unavoidable says, "and the inscription said something like "thank you for being a friend, and thanks for letting me borrow this""
[2017-01-31 05:52:29] Magitek3 says, "wb/turbine should have some kind of announcement after the lifetime subs officially expire"
[2017-01-31 05:52:57] Strider says, "had he lost it?"
[2017-01-31 05:53:00] Magitek3 says, "probably "we're putting asheron into this crappy mobile game we're making", but we can hope"
[2017-01-31 05:53:36] Unavoidable says, "no, my friend (we'll call him R) gave it to my other friend ( call him K)"
[2017-01-31 05:53:50] Unavoidable says, "and K had 41 paragoned it"
[2017-01-31 05:54:10] Kurik says, "happy i got everyone to lvl 15 paragon"
[2017-01-31 05:54:17] Unavoidable says, "but since the game is going down, he gave it back to R since R gave it to him in the first place, as a "thanks for letting me borrow this""
[2017-01-31 05:55:21] Snowstyle says, "but the servers will remain up :)"
[2017-01-31 05:55:21] Unavoidable says, "but the fact that the inscription was stated as "so long, thanks for everything" kinda, it hit me right in the feels, because he logged for the evening knowing he wouldnt be able to get back on tomorrow"
[2017-01-31 05:55:54] Strider says, "yeah its hitting me now for real :("
[2017-01-31 05:55:57] Unavoidable says, "i actually teared up a little..."
[2017-01-31 05:56:52] Magitek3 says, "hope they stay up, for ever and ever! maybe they'll just forget to turn them off"
[2017-01-31 05:57:04] Strider says, "dang i want to log out for aminute but afraid wont be able to get back on "
[2017-01-31 05:57:15] Unavoidable says, "or until the 50 year lifetime sub runs out :P"
[2017-01-31 05:57:55] Magitek3 says, "one theory is that they (and ssg) have been refusing to comment on ac specifically because the subs have to expire before wb can transfer the game"
[2017-01-31 05:58:06] Strider says, "my first one say lifetime subscription"
[2017-01-31 05:58:34] Unavoidable says, "yeah, yeah the only problem i have with that theory is that its a theory"
[2017-01-31 05:58:43] Magitek3 says, "and if one of them says "oh yeah, totally shutting down the servers to kill the lifetime subs" then it's legally bogus"
[2017-01-31 05:58:55] Sandyclaws says, "Watch your back Strider, WB might have sent assasins :)"
[2017-01-31 05:59:11] Kybar says, "i still think SSG made WB do a non compete"
[2017-01-31 05:59:17] Strider says, "i wondered why they didnt try putting back subs, say 5 bucks a month with the stipulation wont be anymore patches "
[2017-01-31 05:59:21] Hellswrath says, "SSG tried to buy it"
[2017-01-31 05:59:25] Hellswrath says, "it was WB that refused"
[2017-01-31 05:59:39] Kybar says, "interesting"
[2017-01-31 05:59:54] Strider says, "any idea why they would refuse yet give DDO and LoTR?"
[2017-01-31 05:59:56] Hellswrath says, "all turbine devs now at ssg are under nda"
[2017-01-31 06:00:15] Sandyclaws says, "My guess is that they are mothballing it for the lore, in case Fantasy movies makes a come back "
[2017-01-31 06:00:20] Hellswrath says, "i wont even try to speculate on that"
[2017-01-31 06:00:54] Kybar says, "retro games are in right now.. lol"
[2017-01-31 06:00:57] Strider says, "they could of sold it but retained the movie rights"
[2017-01-31 06:01:05] Hellswrath says, "lol ac movie"
[2017-01-31 06:01:30] Hellswrath says, "they are doing reboots of known stuff. google "movies 2017" "
[2017-01-31 06:01:32] Magitek3 says, "movie? no. might be able to adapt it to a tv series though"
[2017-01-31 06:01:33] Hellswrath says, "100% remakes"
[2017-01-31 06:01:34] Snowstyle says, "maybe we should call peter jackson and ask him to make a movie about Dereth life.."
[2017-01-31 06:01:36] Unavoidable says, "they would get dozens... DOZENS of people to watch an AC movie :P"
[2017-01-31 06:01:43] Sandyclaws says, "It wont be called an AC movie if they ever make one, it will be something more "catchy""
[2017-01-31 06:01:44] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 06:01:45] Strider says, "they have to pay me to use my names"
[2017-01-31 06:01:58] Hellswrath says, "they own your info :p"
[2017-01-31 06:02:15] Sandyclaws says, "They will just use the story line and make the rest up lol"
[2017-01-31 06:02:16] Strider says, "Tolkien owns have my names lol"
[2017-01-31 06:03:02] Hellswrath says, "Hell's Wrath is a really bad pantera song"
[2017-01-31 06:03:13] Hellswrath says, "I didn't name myself, i got perma'd on my orig and patron made me this char"
[2017-01-31 06:03:18] Hellswrath says, "haven't escaped the name :/"
[2017-01-31 06:03:21] Stramus says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 06:03:50] Stramus says, "its all good I had a toon named mudvayne all caps"
[2017-01-31 06:03:56] Hellswrath says, "dude..."
[2017-01-31 06:04:01] Hellswrath says, "i remember that char"
[2017-01-31 06:04:07] Unavoidable says, "my only hope is that one day someone will stumble across the leaked server code"
[2017-01-31 06:04:08] Fenn says, "me too"
[2017-01-31 06:04:08] Hellswrath says, "I have the Dtassassin account"
[2017-01-31 06:04:09] Strider says, "dang chat scrolled off to fast "
[2017-01-31 06:04:14] Stramus says, "me too :P"
[2017-01-31 06:04:18] Borndead says, "is anybody on DT right now?"
[2017-01-31 06:04:18] Hellswrath says, "::D"
[2017-01-31 06:04:25] Stramus says, "I was on blood sky wrecking the other day footage is so funny"
[2017-01-31 06:04:29] Hellswrath says, "hahaha"
[2017-01-31 06:04:32] Hellswrath says, "nostalgia"
[2017-01-31 06:04:38] Hellswrath says, "coreys basement"
[2017-01-31 06:04:39] Stramus says, "got a 275 to swear to me"
[2017-01-31 06:04:41] Hellswrath says, "the feels"
[2017-01-31 06:04:44] Unavoidable says, "Im on DT..."
[2017-01-31 06:04:50] Stramus says, "aye - i tried to get him to come back."
[2017-01-31 06:04:54] Borndead says, "is there anybody anywhere?"
[2017-01-31 06:05:07] Fenn says, "im all over the place"
[2017-01-31 06:05:13] Hellswrath says, "he jumped on the wow bandwagon too quickly"
[2017-01-31 06:05:19] Unavoidable says, "150/arwic have been hopping all night long"
[2017-01-31 06:05:19] Fenn says, "hunting this last exploration marker....kind of driving me insane"
[2017-01-31 06:05:23] Hellswrath says, "preached it to me in like 2006 hardcore"
[2017-01-31 06:05:33] Stramus says, "still on LoL"
[2017-01-31 06:05:38] Hellswrath says, "smh"
[2017-01-31 06:05:46] Hellswrath says, "a game with that acronym is not worth playing"
[2017-01-31 06:06:09] Strider says, "whew i got back in"
[2017-01-31 06:09:54] Unavoidable says, "Im at that point where if I go to bed now I might sleep past the server going down..."
[2017-01-31 06:10:06] Borndead says, "same, kinda not sure what to do about it"
[2017-01-31 06:10:23] Unavoidable says, "but staying awake is becoming harder as time passes"
[2017-01-31 06:10:28] Fenn says, "^"
[2017-01-31 06:10:47] Fenn says, "just 6 more hours..."
[2017-01-31 06:10:59] Fenn says, "i was thinking maybe a nap and lots of alarm clocks"
[2017-01-31 06:11:08] Fisheatsteel says, "coffee"
[2017-01-31 06:11:15] Borndead says, "you guys think it spossible to run a lowbie to Mountain Retreat LS?"
[2017-01-31 06:11:41] Borndead says, "gonna try"
[2017-01-31 06:11:46] Strider says, "worth a shot"
[2017-01-31 06:11:55] Strider says, "even though i dont remember where that is "
[2017-01-31 06:11:59] Borndead says, "I have a few nostalgic parts of the world I want to park a few different characters "
[2017-01-31 06:13:15] Unavoidable says, "I think Im going to see how far I can run my level 10 noob war character as far as i can toward the dires"
[2017-01-31 06:14:23] Strider says, "i got pretty good back in the day running noob toons to buy cottages when they popped up back when available housing was scarce"
[2017-01-31 06:14:30] Sandyclaws says, "well I'm off for a bit, cya all later"
[2017-01-31 06:14:57] Borndead says, "the asshole who is pulling the plug on us is probably waking up to their coffee right now"
[2017-01-31 06:15:11] Hellswrath says, "ugh lol"
[2017-01-31 06:15:50] Borndead says, "yeah this isnt gonna work without buffs"
[2017-01-31 06:15:54] Borndead says, "ugh.. what to do"
[2017-01-31 06:16:09] Strider says, "where is mountain retreat?"
[2017-01-31 06:16:19] Borndead says, "up north"
[2017-01-31 06:16:45] Borndead says, "theres a settlement portal from stonehold puts you 5 clciks away but its a 5 click run of tuskers and virindi"
[2017-01-31 06:16:48] Borndead says, "im level 6 lol"
[2017-01-31 06:17:30] Strider says, "what world you on?"
[2017-01-31 06:17:31] Borndead says, "might have to park Legendary Redness some where more reasonable"
[2017-01-31 06:17:33] Borndead says, "DT"
[2017-01-31 06:17:48] Strider says, "cant help ya there :("
[2017-01-31 06:18:05] Borndead says, "I have a new char I made this week on HG thats 187"
[2017-01-31 06:18:12] Borndead says, "but this has sentimental attachment"
[2017-01-31 06:18:17] Borndead says, "gonna try again"
[2017-01-31 06:18:37] Kybar says, "loot and hit the casino, i got to 57 on DT from casino items in like an hour"
[2017-01-31 06:18:58] Strider says, "i just got my last 275 done last night, buffbot created in 2002 turned into a bot hmm long time ago"
[2017-01-31 06:19:35] Strider says, "figured after all the work he had done buffing over the years, deserved to make 275"
[2017-01-31 06:19:47] Borndead says, "hells did you see those new housing models out on the dev area up in the right corner?"
[2017-01-31 06:19:53] Borndead says, "transparent glass windows... wtf"
[2017-01-31 06:19:59] Hellswrath says, "yep"
[2017-01-31 06:20:18] Hellswrath says, "not necessarily new"
[2017-01-31 06:20:27] Borndead says, "when we finally take over there may be some exciting new things already unearthed"
[2017-01-31 06:20:31] Borndead says, "right yeah but you get me"
[2017-01-31 06:20:33] Borndead says, "unseen"
[2017-01-31 06:20:45] Hellswrath says, "a test arwic is out there too"
[2017-01-31 06:20:48] Strider says, "dev areas?"
[2017-01-31 06:20:51] Hellswrath says, "the layout and such"
[2017-01-31 06:20:54] Borndead says, "ya i saw it"
[2017-01-31 06:20:56] Hellswrath says, "from when they rebuilt it over time"
[2017-01-31 06:21:10] Borndead says, "wish an old arwic was out there tho :p"
[2017-01-31 06:21:20] Hellswrath says, "thats in old client files"
[2017-01-31 06:21:25] Borndead says, "ya "
[2017-01-31 06:21:38] Hellswrath says, "we have. "
[2017-01-31 06:21:43] Hellswrath says, "just, not the focus."
[2017-01-31 06:21:45] Borndead says, "i know"
[2017-01-31 06:21:50] Borndead says, "this is murdercity/D"
[2017-01-31 06:21:54] Strider says, "did you know Salaban ? ithink it was maybe Salabon ?"
[2017-01-31 06:21:56] Borndead says, "lol i forget i use this name here"
[2017-01-31 06:21:58] Hellswrath says, "too many names to count"
[2017-01-31 06:22:01] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 06:22:19] Kurik says, "iu miss sal too"
[2017-01-31 06:22:25] Borndead says, "identity is a construct"
[2017-01-31 06:22:30] Kurik says, "Saloban"
[2017-01-31 06:22:40] Strider says, "sounds right"
[2017-01-31 06:23:10] Strider says, "saw somewhere he was a dev, just wondered if was "
[2017-01-31 06:25:40] Hellswrath says, "[General] Hamlit the Hell-Raiser says, "we should all call WB at noon and ask, "Is Asheron there?" =P""
[2017-01-31 06:25:54] Kurik says, "hehe"
[2017-01-31 06:26:09] Strider says, "looking to save Asheron one last time"
[2017-01-31 06:26:18] Kurik says, "i just did that :)"
[2017-01-31 06:26:32] Kurik says, "the mana barrier is down :)"
[2017-01-31 06:26:52] Kurik says, "hopeing it helped"
[2017-01-31 06:27:07] Strider says, "didnt realize just how much gonna miss this :("
[2017-01-31 06:31:10] Borndead says, "where do I take the Stipend attrib reset ticket?"
[2017-01-31 06:31:27] Kurik says, "to asherons castel"
[2017-01-31 06:31:33] Borndead says, "k"
[2017-01-31 06:31:54] Brycter says, "i have no idea where to put guys down at"
[2017-01-31 06:42:22] Strider says, "even noon sorta strange time to shut down, why not midnight or end of work day even"
[2017-01-31 06:43:06] Hellswrath says, "lunch break"
[2017-01-31 06:43:10] Hellswrath says, "dude isnt getting paid"
[2017-01-31 06:43:31] Strider says, "one thats flipping the switch?"
[2017-01-31 06:43:54] Hellswrath says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 06:44:03] Brycter says, "if he accidentaly left it on would they notice?"
[2017-01-31 06:44:06] Hellswrath says, "i keep calling him the intern, cause he kept failing on the forums"
[2017-01-31 06:44:14] Strider says, "you think theyll give us a "servers are going down in 1 minute, please log out"?"
[2017-01-31 06:44:18] Hellswrath says, "gave him red rep and then people blasted him to 3 bars"
[2017-01-31 06:44:30] Hellswrath says, "thats automatic on shutdown yes"
[2017-01-31 06:44:32] Strider says, "ahh yes the eternal search for those pants i remember that"
[2017-01-31 06:44:36] Hellswrath says, "they dont just pull the plug from the wall"
[2017-01-31 06:44:47] Hellswrath says, "they run a process that kills the server safely :p"
[2017-01-31 06:44:54] Kurik says, "why bother!"
[2017-01-31 06:44:56] Strider says, "well they can tell me to i aint gonna do it"
[2017-01-31 06:44:59] Brycter says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 06:45:01] Hellswrath says, "procedure lol"
[2017-01-31 06:45:05] Dene says, "in this case they might lol"
[2017-01-31 06:45:06] Kurik says, "its gonna be thrown away "
[2017-01-31 06:45:33] Hellswrath says, "its one guy having a pizza party in the ac broom closet of a datacenter. a single slice of 2 day old over-microwaved pizza"
[2017-01-31 06:46:21] Strider says, "dang should of gotten Trump to go after them, putting all of us out of work demand they keep running"
[2017-01-31 06:46:25] Brycter says, "if i hitt lotto just know yall ill offer them a price to give me servers than another company a price to ressurect AC"
[2017-01-31 06:46:59] Strider says, "maybe he'll get busy and forget"
[2017-01-31 06:47:15] Brycter says, "but i will add auto correct because i still cant spell for shit"
[2017-01-31 06:48:16] Strider says, "is everquest still running?"
[2017-01-31 06:48:28] Kurik says, "yes"
[2017-01-31 06:48:38] Strider says, "do they use instances?"
[2017-01-31 06:48:43] Kurik says, "no idea"
[2017-01-31 06:49:00] Kurik says, "i jus know its still running"
[2017-01-31 06:53:14] Strider says, "back in a few, running out for breakfast"
[2017-01-31 06:55:46] Hellswrath says, "enjoy"
[2017-01-31 07:03:59] Kybar says, "if you die during blackmire do you have to run the entire thing again?"
[2017-01-31 07:39:57] Shad says, "G'Morning Kurik"
[2017-01-31 07:47:56] Hellswrath says, "/e waits in anticipation for 8am restart (or not)"
[2017-01-31 07:48:11] Kybar says, "kinda what im thinking too"
[2017-01-31 07:48:26] Kybar says, "but this game isnt the only one on the server is it?"
[2017-01-31 07:48:37] Paxtalon says, "on this vm it is."
[2017-01-31 07:48:39] Fenn says, "how long does it usually take? never on for it"
[2017-01-31 07:48:51] Hellswrath says, "5-10min tops"
[2017-01-31 07:49:17] Hellswrath says, "getting those final screenshots, V? lol"
[2017-01-31 07:49:23] Hellswrath says, "havent seen a whole V army in quite some time"
[2017-01-31 07:50:15] Kybar says, "i just got a sweet one with the guy at the end of BM1"
[2017-01-31 07:50:30] Kybar says, "he bugged after he killed my patron twice.. and just stood there"
[2017-01-31 07:50:50] Hellswrath says, "rofl"
[2017-01-31 07:50:52] Virindi says, "I just wanted to log all my chars a bit"
[2017-01-31 07:51:19] Haz says, "Nothing wrong with that"
[2017-01-31 07:51:55] Hellswrath says, "I'm so done with that :p This account has 243 associated characters. "
[2017-01-31 07:52:05] Hellswrath says, "nowhere near finished, but I'm SO finished"
[2017-01-31 07:52:47] Haz says, "Meh, half mules?"
[2017-01-31 07:53:33] Hellswrath says, "like 30%"
[2017-01-31 07:53:52] Hellswrath says, "have >80 275s"
[2017-01-31 07:54:11] Strider says, "you'll still have almost 4 hours when servers come back up :)"
[2017-01-31 07:54:22] Hellswrath says, "I'm running on fumes lol"
[2017-01-31 07:54:26] Kybar says, "maybe"
[2017-01-31 07:54:27] Hellswrath says, "prob pass out 6 minutes to shutdown"
[2017-01-31 07:54:45] Kybar says, "its been a long night.. haha"
[2017-01-31 07:55:11] Hellswrath says, "yea I didn't plan on staying up lol, 4am came and went so i figured why not"
[2017-01-31 08:00:26] Strider says, "8 oclock"
[2017-01-31 08:01:12] Hellswrath says, "boom"
[2017-01-31 08:01:14] Kybar says, "wtf"
[2017-01-31 08:01:16] Hellswrath says, "auto restart enabled"
[2017-01-31 08:01:19] Borndead says, "ITS JUST TUESDAY RESTART"
[2017-01-31 08:01:21] Syclone says, "haha wtf"
[2017-01-31 08:01:21] Borndead says, "CHILL OUT"
[2017-01-31 08:01:28] Shad says, "PANIC!"
[2017-01-31 08:01:29] Paxtalon says, "relax people"
[2017-01-31 08:01:41] Kybar says, "i may see you again"
[2017-01-31 08:01:45] Strider says, "hells thru the switch"
[2017-01-31 08:01:55] Hellswrath says, "bumped it whoops, sec brb"
[2017-01-31 08:01:59] Virindi says, "to maintain the general stability of AC they need to reboot"
[2017-01-31 08:02:10] Sinned says, "in case this it is been fun and i will miss it"
[2017-01-31 08:02:12] Syclone says, "yes, these last 3 hours could be rough without a restart"
[2017-01-31 08:02:15] Shad says, "so, no panic =)_"
[2017-01-31 08:02:16] Bradacc says, "Imma packet log the boot"
[2017-01-31 08:02:21] Hellswrath says, "rofl"
[2017-01-31 08:02:28] Syclone says, "thanks for the programs V"
[2017-01-31 08:02:29] Strider says, "hell no i wont go"
[2017-01-31 08:02:33] Paxtalon says, "video for posterity. lol"
[2017-01-31 08:02:37] Kybar says, "exactly, i may not make it back on... but lets hope its fast, thanks for everything.."
[2017-01-31 08:02:38] Syclone says, "you've made this game quiet enjoyable again"
[2017-01-31 08:02:44] Virindi says, ":)"
[2017-01-31 08:02:47] Syclone says, "quite*"
[2017-01-31 08:02:55] Strider says, "thx all for the good times "
[2017-01-31 08:03:02] Fenn says, ": )"
[2017-01-31 08:03:23] Hellswrath says, "really hope they dont use that message when they shutdown at noon"
[2017-01-31 08:03:26] Hellswrath says, "very hostile"
[2017-01-31 08:03:28] Syclone says, "haha"
[2017-01-31 08:03:41] Shad says, "NOW lol"
[2017-01-31 08:04:02] Borndead says, "is this thing on"
[2017-01-31 08:04:16] Shad says, "Tap the mic"
[2017-01-31 08:04:39] Borndead says, "maybe its automated"
[2017-01-31 08:04:41] Hellswrath says, "Now seems to be an arbitrary length of time :p"
[2017-01-31 08:04:42] Borndead says, "and maybe they arent doing it"
[2017-01-31 08:04:47] Borndead says, "because its the last day"
[2017-01-31 08:04:49] Sinned says, "OMG every one is gone but me?"
[2017-01-31 08:04:55] Borndead says, "but maybe its an automated message"
[2017-01-31 08:05:03] Haz says, "WE went down"
[2017-01-31 08:05:19] Shad says, "FF still up"
[2017-01-31 08:05:27] Fenn says, "so are VT and MT"
[2017-01-31 08:05:40] Borndead says, "DT still kicking"
[2017-01-31 08:05:40] Snowstyle says, "Solclaim up"
[2017-01-31 08:05:42] Shad says, "SC up"
[2017-01-31 08:05:42] Sinned says, "On FF everyone got booted but I'm still here !!!!"
[2017-01-31 08:05:52] Hellswrath says, "well this is interesting"
[2017-01-31 08:05:58] Borndead says, "I scrambled for my final resting place cause Im right near it"
[2017-01-31 08:06:00] Hellswrath says, "half of MT got booted, rest of us still here"
[2017-01-31 08:06:03] Borndead says, "now I have all my final screens taken"
[2017-01-31 08:06:11] Borndead says, "rip glendon wood"
[2017-01-31 08:06:12] Sinned says, "General chat is not working"
[2017-01-31 08:06:33] Hellswrath says, "1 Failed to send text: [fdsjk] to room 2630."
[2017-01-31 08:06:38] Hellswrath says, "true enough"
[2017-01-31 08:06:41] Hellswrath says, "local works fine"
[2017-01-31 08:06:57] Shad says, "Yea.. Gen Chat should be back up in about 4-5- minutes"
[2017-01-31 08:07:00] Hellswrath says, "group of us in MT MP still chatting lol"
[2017-01-31 08:07:20] Hellswrath says, "i wonder if they tried to stopped it as it went down"
[2017-01-31 08:07:23] Hellswrath says, "stupid intern"
[2017-01-31 08:07:25] Hellswrath says, "just let it go!"
[2017-01-31 08:07:58] Snowstyle says, "they are pushing people feelings !"
[2017-01-31 08:08:06] Fenn says, "local chat not working now?"
[2017-01-31 08:08:17] Hellswrath says, "finally yea"
[2017-01-31 08:08:17] Sinned says, "the MP on FF is still full of players"
[2017-01-31 08:08:21] Borndead says, "I cant chat locally"
[2017-01-31 08:08:26] Hellswrath says, "local just dropped"
[2017-01-31 08:08:29] Loveredheads says, "me either"
[2017-01-31 08:08:37] Hellswrath says, "cant go combat, it's finally dropping"
[2017-01-31 08:08:38] Fenn says, "spell casting stopped working too"
[2017-01-31 08:08:43] Hellswrath says, "running place"
[2017-01-31 08:08:45] Hellswrath says, "here it goes"
[2017-01-31 08:08:47] Hellswrath says, "about time lol"
[2017-01-31 08:08:59] Fizzel says, "this is sad"
[2017-01-31 08:09:11] Shad says, "indeed"
[2017-01-31 08:09:22] Sinned says, "i tried going to mp but I'm all purple and bubbly"
[2017-01-31 08:09:42] Shad says, "IRL? ;)"
[2017-01-31 08:09:44] Borndead says, "surprise it was me Droden all along!"
[2017-01-31 08:09:49] Borndead says, "looool"
[2017-01-31 08:09:54] Haz says, "I can't id anything but running around isn't giving me any issues, prob not doing anything heh"
[2017-01-31 08:21:36] Strider says, "they live"
[2017-01-31 08:23:06] Strider says, "Server population: 1"
[2017-01-31 08:23:15] Paxtalon says, "and we're back"
[2017-01-31 08:23:49] Strider says, "cant get either of the bots on though"
[2017-01-31 08:24:03] Snowstyle says, "and here we come again"
[2017-01-31 08:24:51] Doognine says, "glory hallelujah!"
[2017-01-31 08:25:56] Kybar says, "i was starting to think it was over"
[2017-01-31 08:26:03] Nephi says, "The death watch begins..... sad"
[2017-01-31 08:26:09] Hellswrath says, "gamesalivelol"
[2017-01-31 08:26:12] Loveredheads says, "its getting close"
[2017-01-31 08:26:46] Hellswrath says, "if they so dare as to try and do something sentimental, I will burn down turbine HQ"
[2017-01-31 08:26:48] Strider says, "took several more minutes before i could get either of the bots on,kept getting server full try again and I was only one on at the time, full with one"
[2017-01-31 08:27:53] Kybar says, "last villa empty ='("
[2017-01-31 08:27:54] Strider says, "now which will colapse first the servers or me"
[2017-01-31 08:27:58] Unavoidable says, "made it back on"
[2017-01-31 08:28:11] Kybar says, "kinda what im thinking, todays going to be a rough day."
[2017-01-31 08:28:21] Nephi says, "Nothing sentimental I bet, just neglect from turbine."
[2017-01-31 08:28:36] Snowstyle says, "Sc up ?"
[2017-01-31 08:28:58] Loveredheads says, "yes"
[2017-01-31 08:29:47] Hellswrath says, "Does this feel surreal for anyone else, or do I just need sleep."
[2017-01-31 08:29:59] Paxtalon says, "need more alcohol."
[2017-01-31 08:30:00] Bluepython says, "maybe a little of both"
[2017-01-31 08:30:30] Strider says, "im on a sugar high at the moment, just had 5 cinnasnacks from sonic"
[2017-01-31 08:31:03] Shad says, "Holy Kow... and your still alive to talk about it. =D"
[2017-01-31 08:31:12] Unavoidable says, "surreal is a good word"
[2017-01-31 08:32:16] Shad says, "Heading to me 1st ever mansion S of Qalabah'r"
[2017-01-31 08:33:00] Nephi says, "Nice pile of corpses in Holtburg (MT)!"
[2017-01-31 08:40:39] Strider says, "havent seen a live farmer in a while"
[2017-01-31 08:41:06] Snowstyle says, "we shall all quit ac proud and meet at a farm to continue the adventure"
[2017-01-31 08:41:29] Shad says, "We're still around... feeding the world"
[2017-01-31 08:42:25] Hellswrath says, "Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
[2017-01-31 08:43:53] Shad says, "Great passage//// very approperate"
[2017-01-31 08:47:43] Strider says, "appologize if miss someone, im sorta nodding in and out here at the moment"
[2017-01-31 08:48:20] Hellswrath says, "keep an eye out for roaming rentsdueboys, I smell lag."
[2017-01-31 09:24:05] Strider says, "im not leaving them anything, packed it all up on mules and taking with me"
[2017-01-31 09:24:19] Shad says, "Good man"
[2017-01-31 09:32:12] Virindi says, "I think maybe I will send off a character in each place that I have spent a lot of time in"
[2017-01-31 09:32:30] Immortalbob says, "visual studio?"
[2017-01-31 09:32:38] Haz says, ":D"
[2017-01-31 09:32:39] Immortalbob says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 09:32:40] Istri says, "i returned my oldest toon to where he was born"
[2017-01-31 09:32:41] Virindi says, "that one is not going away! :D"
[2017-01-31 09:32:44] Haz says, "IDA Pro "
[2017-01-31 09:32:49] Doognine says, "bob /wave"
[2017-01-31 09:32:52] Unavoidable says, "i logged my mains at places of signifigance... chillin on a lifestone warrior on darktide right now"
[2017-01-31 09:32:53] Immortalbob says, "hey doog"
[2017-01-31 09:33:11] Hellswrath says, "you mean you aren't wiping your windows vm and dropping microshit for good?"
[2017-01-31 09:33:24] Rangerops says, "Thank You all and especially Virindi for all that you have done for the players and the game"
[2017-01-31 09:33:24] Virindi says, "meh soon"
[2017-01-31 09:33:39] Kurik says, "hi virindi and thanks for tank :)"
[2017-01-31 09:33:44] Unavoidable says, "thank you everyone that had anything to do with making the game better (Virindi, Immortalbob, Hellswrath, im sure others I don't know as much about)"
[2017-01-31 09:34:34] Strider says, "Dmdtt, Silo"
[2017-01-31 09:34:38] Haz says, "I turned off Old AC UI on a char and now it is broken. Damn virindi code."
[2017-01-31 09:34:43] Immortalbob says, "magnus..."
[2017-01-31 09:34:52] Immortalbob says, "and countless other plugin devs"
[2017-01-31 09:35:05] Immortalbob says, "wiki volunteers too"
[2017-01-31 09:35:13] Strider says, "yep many more over the years"
[2017-01-31 09:35:33] Virindi says, "someone from the old days suicided their characters at the old hangout spot."
[2017-01-31 09:36:00] Haz says, "That's a great idea, leave corpses everywher."
[2017-01-31 09:37:04] Hellswrath says, "MT had a suicide party, row of corpses in holt"
[2017-01-31 09:38:25] Virindi says, "need to leave a character in tusker holding and one in egg orchard :)"
[2017-01-31 09:38:41] Rangerops says, "been great for a long time, and I am out of here, I have neddle point to learn"
[2017-01-31 09:38:56] Virindi says, "bye :)"
[2017-01-31 09:39:11] Shad says, "Gonna leave one in Eastham sewers aND ONE ON dEN OF tHIEVES =p"
[2017-01-31 09:39:42] Depapp says, "Holtberg West for me"
[2017-01-31 09:39:45] Hellswrath says, "Lol ranger, take care"
[2017-01-31 09:39:53] Virindi says, "yeah my main original chars are holt west."
[2017-01-31 09:40:10] Haz says, "HOLT SOUTH REPRESENT"
[2017-01-31 09:40:30] Magnus says, "in 10 years when they refire up AC, all my chars will be in their macro spots where I left them, so I can just load up ac and hit the pause key."
[2017-01-31 09:40:54] Hellswrath says, "lmfao"
[2017-01-31 09:40:56] Hellswrath says, "thats a win"
[2017-01-31 09:41:28] Virindi says, "too bad you can't stand on a head in tusker holding anymore"
[2017-01-31 09:52:17] Dene says, "don't quite know where to be when the world ends, had so many special places"
[2017-01-31 09:53:35] Mcantrell says, "One last remidner before I head out -- if I hear anything I'll make sure to get the word out on reddit -- reddit.com/r/asheronscall"
[2017-01-31 09:53:44] Mcantrell says, "SaveAC will likely have an update as well if we hear anything"
[2017-01-31 09:54:00] Immortalbob says, "saveAC is dead in the water imo"
[2017-01-31 09:54:02] Hellswrath says, "whens the next showing of the rocky horror picture show?"
[2017-01-31 09:57:32] Magnus says, "a shame how that turned out"
[2017-01-31 10:17:40] Magnus says, "omg this is the coolest live event ever.. lol /sarcasm"
[2017-01-31 10:17:56] Virindi says, "most real people logged in in years"
[2017-01-31 10:17:59] Unavoidable says, "*cry*"
[2017-01-31 10:18:06] Virindi says, "and bot count is way down"
[2017-01-31 10:18:12] Dene says, "hmm i just realised i am probably still the only person that has used a bag of fireplaces as a weapon in PK :)"
[2017-01-31 10:18:31] Istri says, "we have a crew of bots running Colo still on LC"
[2017-01-31 10:19:28] Unavoidable says, "what a sad ending to such an amazing game"
[2017-01-31 10:19:56] Hilaryduff says, "bag of fireplaces?"
[2017-01-31 10:19:59] Giii says, "it was nice to see so many returnees last night though"
[2017-01-31 10:20:14] Kurik says, "i did a few runs of Col before maintenance shut down "
[2017-01-31 10:21:00] Dene says, "yeah i was dueling a friend at the black hill portal and he went through to the spire, i managed to hand him a bag of fireplaces as he jumped off the ledge and it put him at almost max burden"
[2017-01-31 10:21:14] Shad says, "I rememberth humming crystal there is a snall ledge just beloe platform grade than I jumped down apon, I then yelled yo to my partner that I survived the fall, which he promptly jumped and 30 seconds later a DAY-m U! came acrodd me screen."
[2017-01-31 10:21:32] Dene says, "so he hit the ground while at max burden imped and bludg vulned lol"
[2017-01-31 10:23:45] Shad says, "Now is the time to make your BEST deal in gently used Villas! Get yours TODAY!"
[2017-01-31 10:24:02] Virindi says, "the market can only go up!"
[2017-01-31 10:24:24] Shad says, "Egg-Zactly!"
[2017-01-31 10:24:32] Strider says, "yep supply will be exhausted soon"
[2017-01-31 10:25:08] Virindi says, "just noticed some of my army isn't 275"
[2017-01-31 10:25:11] Virindi says, "ouch."
[2017-01-31 10:25:28] Unavoidable says, "bummer :P"
[2017-01-31 10:26:13] Shad says, "Ahh the sword of Azoroth!"
[2017-01-31 10:26:32] Shad says, "... oops... wrong game"
[2017-01-31 10:40:58] Kernclaytor says, "LOL I put each of the vowels separately in Virindi Sense and it's detecting every arrow that shot"
[2017-01-31 10:42:55] Strider says, "vowels? a e i o and u?"
[2017-01-31 10:44:12] Magnus says, "sometimes y"
[2017-01-31 10:44:27] Immortalbob says, "final stream for AC is live https://www.twitch.tv/immortalbobmt"
[2017-01-31 10:44:43] Strider says, "had something to do with cowboys"
[2017-01-31 10:49:37] Surargo says, "so how many people do you think will actually boot up AC tomorrow and test the login just in case?"
[2017-01-31 10:49:51] Kurik says, "lots lol"
[2017-01-31 10:49:59] Unavoidable says, "i will :<"
[2017-01-31 10:50:11] Hotdog says, "yo"
[2017-01-31 10:50:28] Strider says, "me will"
[2017-01-31 10:50:43] Powermage says, "I sure will"
[2017-01-31 10:54:55] Edwardclark says, "not even a message from the devs, pretty sad"
[2017-01-31 10:55:16] Powermage says, "did you expect one?"
[2017-01-31 10:56:01] Simius says, "a hour left, so might still be one :P"
[2017-01-31 10:56:50] Hellswrath says, "iso the intern to smite every single player at the same moment and then pull the plug"
[2017-01-31 10:57:07] Edwardclark says, "i must have miscalculated the time differental, i thought it was down in a few mins from now"
[2017-01-31 10:57:15] Virindi says, "1 hour."
[2017-01-31 11:15:22] Fenn says, "staring off the edge of the world into the void out in the middle of the ocean, wondering if maybe i should stay here to watch the world end"
[2017-01-31 11:16:31] Razordenial says, "Hello everyone."
[2017-01-31 11:16:37] Hotdog says, "hello"
[2017-01-31 11:16:37] Virindi says, "morning"
[2017-01-31 11:16:53] Ourichie1 says, "REPENT!!! FOR THE END IS NIGH!!!!"
[2017-01-31 11:17:06] Virindi says, "it's GAME OVER man"
[2017-01-31 11:17:29] Bluewiz says, "thanks for everything V"
[2017-01-31 11:17:35] Dininy says, "is there an external vchat chatter "
[2017-01-31 11:17:57] Virindi says, "I figured people were all using discord so I shouldn't bother"
[2017-01-31 11:24:29] Redacted says, "I'm streaming from HG - Yanshi Rock https://www.twitch.tv/dirtfeast"
[2017-01-31 11:25:11] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 11:30:42] Ripley says, "Gonna miss you all"
[2017-01-31 11:31:04] Ripley says, "until we meet again =)"
[2017-01-31 11:31:04] Zackthesilent says, "30 minutes remaining"
[2017-01-31 11:31:18] Razordenial says, "You're not the only one Ripley."
[2017-01-31 11:31:21] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 11:31:34] Magnus says, "vt: <{Mag-Tools}>: Plugin now online. Server population: 33"
[2017-01-31 11:31:41] Cryraos says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 11:31:54] Simius says, "lol are vt aware of the fact that game is closing? =P"
[2017-01-31 11:32:04] Razordenial says, "Fiedt, I'm in my Discord server for SaveAC"
[2017-01-31 11:32:09] Fenn says, "yes : ("
[2017-01-31 11:32:15] Bok says, "too bad AC did not have this much support 6 months ago"
[2017-01-31 11:32:17] Dene says, "there has to be someone logged in for them to be aware of it lol"
[2017-01-31 11:32:22] Magnus says, "FF: <{Mag-Tools}>: Plugin now online. Server population: 318"
[2017-01-31 11:32:23] Snails says, "I Love You All, Thanks for the good times we have had on Darktide and Thisledown! You Shal all be greatly missed, yet always remembered!"
[2017-01-31 11:33:03] Hellswrath says, "my favorite inscript so far - thanks bob"
[2017-01-31 11:33:05] Hellswrath says, "[VI] Immortalbob tells you, "you're like the bald unic on game of thrones""
[2017-01-31 11:33:11] Virindi says, "think I will leave some of my army in the HUB"
[2017-01-31 11:33:13] Hellswrath says, "will miss shit like this :p"
[2017-01-31 11:33:20] Magnus says, "hopefully players are capturnign the last dungeons in the trello list!!!"
[2017-01-31 11:33:42] Virindi says, "[VI] Logged in clients: 816"
[2017-01-31 11:33:52] Virindi says, "likely all human now"
[2017-01-31 11:34:02] Fenn says, "im capturing the outside of caul, does that count?"
[2017-01-31 11:34:10] Baeked says, "Thanks for everything, Virindi!"
[2017-01-31 11:34:22] Fenn says, "got time for one last buff"
[2017-01-31 11:34:25] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 11:34:27] Hotdog says, "what does the capturing do? is it to save the 3d models?"
[2017-01-31 11:34:38] Ripley says, "indeed, Thanks Virindi! and all the other Decal devs out there"
[2017-01-31 11:34:39] Akando says, "yo"
[2017-01-31 11:34:55] Ripley says, "you helped make the game what we all enjoyed over the years"
[2017-01-31 11:35:06] Snake says, "^true! TYVM V"
[2017-01-31 11:35:30] Snake says, "and to all who put in countless hours improving this game we all have grown to love"
[2017-01-31 11:35:33] Zackthesilent says, "Virindi, Hellswrath, and ImmortalBob! Thank you all!"
[2017-01-31 11:35:34] Paxtalon says, "V, you helped this disabled guy play again."
[2017-01-31 11:35:59] Virindi says, "glad to hear it :)"
[2017-01-31 11:40:30] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 11:41:22] Sumdeath says, "what time does world go down"
[2017-01-31 11:41:33] Cryraos says, "at the hour"
[2017-01-31 11:42:12] Sumdeath says, "goodbye alll"
[2017-01-31 11:42:19] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers welcome stay in touch! free discord app"
[2017-01-31 11:43:26] Sumdeath says, "bows deeply for the final time"
[2017-01-31 11:43:40] Snake says, "*salute*"
[2017-01-31 11:44:31] Sumdeath says, " "
[2017-01-31 11:45:37] Sumdeath says, ":("
[2017-01-31 11:47:38] Giii says, "admin online on FF?"
[2017-01-31 11:48:06] Ripley says, "yeah +Moosier at Asheron's Castle on FrostFell"
[2017-01-31 11:48:25] Immortalbob says, "lol so one admin on one server"
[2017-01-31 11:48:31] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers welcome stay in touch! free discord app"
[2017-01-31 11:48:37] Cryraos says, "probably the same guy"
[2017-01-31 11:50:39] Ripley says, ":| Just got booted from FF.. that was odd"
[2017-01-31 11:51:38] Fenn says, "You have reached the maximum level of 275!You have 69,811,531,162 experience points and 4 skill credits available to raise skills and attributes."
[2017-01-31 11:51:47] Virindi says, "phew!"
[2017-01-31 11:52:10] Lino says, "Grats :)"
[2017-01-31 11:52:12] Magnus says, "the white light of the sun...."
[2017-01-31 11:52:20] Hellswrath says, "nice fenn :D"
[2017-01-31 11:54:13] Incrediblyblessed says, "Oh my goodness :) Everyone take good care ;) Thank you Virindi :)"
[2017-01-31 11:54:18] Virindi says, ":)"
[2017-01-31 11:54:42] Snowstyle says, "Yeah thanks for every ac devoted person in this chat."
[2017-01-31 11:54:47] Bok says, "too bad AC did not have this much support 6 months ago!"
[2017-01-31 11:54:55] Magnus says, "110 players at asherons castle on FF"
[2017-01-31 11:55:24] Paxtalon says, "we're in mp and old yanshi on HG"
[2017-01-31 11:55:51] Razordenial says, "I'm sitting on top of the tower in Greenspire on TD."
[2017-01-31 11:56:01] Depapp says, "bye bye"
[2017-01-31 11:56:03] Doognine says, "bye AC community. it was great!"
[2017-01-31 11:56:07] Snake says, "at Ash Castle on DT :)"
[2017-01-31 11:56:11] Magnus says, "mag-tools exntends a player count via virindi huds, so you can see how many players are near you"
[2017-01-31 11:56:16] Depapp says, "I started in holtberg outpost. this is where I'll die"
[2017-01-31 11:56:22] Razordenial says, "I'll be on the Save AC Discord channel if anyone wants to chat."
[2017-01-31 11:56:22] Aloriahg says, "goodbye friends, I'll miss you."
[2017-01-31 11:56:33] Redjade says, "Thankyou everyone, its been a wonderful journey."
[2017-01-31 11:57:08] Nephi says, "Bye all...."
[2017-01-31 11:57:16] Dene says, "cya"
[2017-01-31 11:57:22] Trigger9008 says, ":("
[2017-01-31 11:57:29] Hotdog says, "adios amigos"
[2017-01-31 11:57:38] Zongtong says, "Adios Muchachos!"
[2017-01-31 11:59:12] Magnus says, "was a blast my friends. :)"
[2017-01-31 11:59:23] Virindi says, "It has been an honor."
[2017-01-31 11:59:28] Hellswrath says, "*salute*"
[2017-01-31 11:59:29] Trigger9008 says, "same"
[2017-01-31 11:59:38] Simius says, "thnx guys, have a great life :)"
[2017-01-31 11:59:43] Lino says, "Thanks Virindi for all you did for this game!"
[2017-01-31 11:59:44] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers welcome stay in touch! free discord app"
[2017-01-31 11:59:48] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers welcome stay in touch! free discord app"
[2017-01-31 11:59:51] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers welcome stay in touch! free discord app"
[2017-01-31 12:00:01] Virindi says, "I am actually crying right now."
[2017-01-31 12:00:06] Kernclaytor says, "Goodbye everyone"
[2017-01-31 12:00:07] Fenn says, "i jhust now realized you could double click packdolls for text"
[2017-01-31 12:00:10] Spindar says, "Thanks again V"
[2017-01-31 12:00:12] Trigger9008 says, "*feelsbadman*"
[2017-01-31 12:00:12] Depapp says, "bye bye"
[2017-01-31 12:00:23] Magitek3 says, "thanks everyone, especially Virindi"
[2017-01-31 12:00:33] Ripley says, "It. has. begun"
[2017-01-31 12:00:37] Virindi says, ""Please log out"....never."
[2017-01-31 12:00:39] Trigger9008 says, "Indeed! THANK YOU VIRINDI! And all those who contributed!"
[2017-01-31 12:00:46] Kernclaytor says, "ahhhhh!"
[2017-01-31 12:00:48] Fenn says, "goodbye Dereth"
[2017-01-31 12:00:49] Magnus says, "kicking and screaming......"
[2017-01-31 12:01:00] Depapp says, "FUCK ME RUNNIN"
[2017-01-31 12:01:02] Vitamind says, "this is the end, my beautiful friend, the end"
[2017-01-31 12:01:11] Depapp says, "good bye cruel world"
[2017-01-31 12:01:22] Depapp says, "any time for sad handjobs?"
[2017-01-31 12:01:42] Strider says, "so much for sentimental goodbyes from them"
[2017-01-31 12:01:50] Nephi says, "bums"
[2017-01-31 12:02:05] Depapp says, "the suspense is killing me"
[2017-01-31 12:02:11] Valence1 says, "kiss my ass WB"
[2017-01-31 12:02:12] Zongtong says, "Bye Bye Immortalbob"
[2017-01-31 12:02:18] Depapp says, "I'll never hear the call again"
[2017-01-31 12:02:32] Magnus says, "nooooo"
[2017-01-31 12:02:40] Immortalbob says, "noooooo"
[2017-01-31 12:02:42] Nephi says, "The light"
[2017-01-31 12:02:43] Lino says, "Does this still work?"
[2017-01-31 12:02:44] Dwarlock2 says, "no"
[2017-01-31 12:02:45] Haz says, "And so it ends :("
[2017-01-31 12:02:45] Stramus says, "Bye guys"
[2017-01-31 12:02:45] Ripley says, "BYE"
[2017-01-31 12:02:46] Hellswrath says, "FeelsBadMan"
[2017-01-31 12:02:48] Snake says, "<3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:48] Snake says, "<3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:49] Depapp says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 12:02:49] Snake says, "<3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:49] Hotdog says, ":("
[2017-01-31 12:02:50] Trickyii says, "yay"
[2017-01-31 12:02:50] Feidt says, "CANT TAKE ME AWAY"
[2017-01-31 12:02:51] Adarke says, "damn it"
[2017-01-31 12:02:51] Stramus says, "<3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:51] Snails says, "that was sad"
[2017-01-31 12:02:52] Snowstyle says, "see the tunnel !"
[2017-01-31 12:02:52] Dininy says, "nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo"
[2017-01-31 12:02:52] Immortalbob says, "noooooo"
[2017-01-31 12:02:52] Averoth says, "take care all"
[2017-01-31 12:02:53] Akando says, "laters all"
[2017-01-31 12:02:53] Killertemplar says, "I LOVE YOU AC"
[2017-01-31 12:02:53] Persie says, "bye bye guys"
[2017-01-31 12:02:54] Sumdeath says, "bye guys "
[2017-01-31 12:02:54] Bluepython says, "safe travels <3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:55] Depapp says, "still logged in"
[2017-01-31 12:02:56] Lino says, "LOL, don't quit the clients. We can chat forever"
[2017-01-31 12:02:56] Paxtalon says, "it's dark momy"
[2017-01-31 12:02:57] Redjade says, "Bye Everyone! LOVE YOU~"
[2017-01-31 12:02:58] Unavoidable says, "<3"
[2017-01-31 12:02:58] Giii says, ":("
[2017-01-31 12:02:59] Nephi says, "invisible..."
[2017-01-31 12:03:00] Shad says, "I BUFF U ALL!!! er.. LOVE"
[2017-01-31 12:03:00] Cryraos says, "bye"
[2017-01-31 12:03:00] Surargo says, "wtf?"
[2017-01-31 12:03:01] Willikins says, "lol"
[2017-01-31 12:03:01] Trigger9008 says, "DX"
[2017-01-31 12:03:01] Hotdog says, ":("
[2017-01-31 12:03:02] Virindi says, "Be well, everyone."
[2017-01-31 12:03:02] Bok says, "LOL.... saw everyone log off at same time"
[2017-01-31 12:03:02] Depapp says, "hahaha"
[2017-01-31 12:03:03] Hotdog says, "adios"
[2017-01-31 12:03:06] Pol says, "bye all"
[2017-01-31 12:03:06] Spindar says, "See ya gang"
[2017-01-31 12:03:07] Dene says, "cya guys thanks for all the memories"
[2017-01-31 12:03:08] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:08] Cryraos says, "at least this still works"
[2017-01-31 12:03:09] Robbversion1 says, "Goodbye everyone"
[2017-01-31 12:03:09] Lino says, "Bye everyone!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:10] Persie says, "lvoe ))"
[2017-01-31 12:03:10] Wooymooy says, "Bye guys <3"
[2017-01-31 12:03:11] Kurik says, "bye all"
[2017-01-31 12:03:11] Hellswrath says, "I will miss all of you. Safe journeys."
[2017-01-31 12:03:13] Haz says, "Have a great life."
[2017-01-31 12:03:13] Lz says, "byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
[2017-01-31 12:03:14] Fenn says, "will miss you guys"
[2017-01-31 12:03:16] Ripley says, "don't close yet"
[2017-01-31 12:03:16] Sumdeath says, "bye guys "
[2017-01-31 12:03:17] Clairvoyant says, "bye all.. love yas"
[2017-01-31 12:03:18] Sumdeath says, "bye guys "
[2017-01-31 12:03:20] Sumdeath says, "bye guys "
[2017-01-31 12:03:20] Doognine says, "AC3 ANNOUNCEMENT TIME?"
[2017-01-31 12:03:20] Redjade says, "Thanks for all of the memories"
[2017-01-31 12:03:21] Pol says, "this is still working :P"
[2017-01-31 12:03:22] Magnus says, "peace and prosperity. :)"
[2017-01-31 12:03:23] Tulk says, "virindi is keeping the servers up@"
[2017-01-31 12:03:23] Immortalbob says, ":("
[2017-01-31 12:03:25] Istri says, "bye all"
[2017-01-31 12:03:26] Ripley says, "we're all still here!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:27] Nephi says, "Thanks all"
[2017-01-31 12:03:27] Shad says, "Bu-Bye!!!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:28] Bok says, "TAKE CARE EVERYONE !!!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:32] Kernclaytor says, "how am I still in the game?"
[2017-01-31 12:03:34] Killertemplar says, "THANK FOR THE PLUG IN VIRINDI"
[2017-01-31 12:03:34] Strider says, "goodbye cruel world"
[2017-01-31 12:03:43] Valence1 says, "haha hell yah vcg"
[2017-01-31 12:03:44] Drid says, "no doubt"
[2017-01-31 12:03:44] Killertemplar says, "love you Hells"
[2017-01-31 12:03:46] Ripley says, "ACEmulator.org we'll rebuild"
[2017-01-31 12:03:46] Giii says, "AC just doesn't want to die"
[2017-01-31 12:03:47] Shad says, "LuV all you coders!!!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:48] Hotdog says, "im just a wand!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:48] Strider says, "thanks everyone for wonderful 16 years!!!!!!"
[2017-01-31 12:03:49] Depapp says, "keep it alive"
[2017-01-31 12:03:51] Awsomedm says, "anyone know where my brother Zathras is?"
[2017-01-31 12:03:56] Redacted says, "Game left in emulator mode"
[2017-01-31 12:03:56] Kernclaytor says, "VCG lives forever"
[2017-01-31 12:03:58] Persie says, "love you all and thanks for all the help"
[2017-01-31 12:04:00] Adarke says, "AC website is down already"
[2017-01-31 12:04:01] Stramus says, "whos up for VR run"
[2017-01-31 12:04:03] Baeked says, "tears"
[2017-01-31 12:04:03] Strider says, "and turbine/WB suck"
[2017-01-31 12:04:03] Awsomedm says, ""
[2017-01-31 12:04:03] Willikins says, "*salute*"
[2017-01-31 12:04:05] Adarke says, "wow"
[2017-01-31 12:04:06] Dene says, "we left him a 1000 years in the past"
[2017-01-31 12:04:06] Awsomedm says, ""
[2017-01-31 12:04:07] Hotdog says, "im in for VR"
[2017-01-31 12:04:08] Awsomedm says, ""
[2017-01-31 12:04:10] Virindi says, "ISO accounts paying $"
[2017-01-31 12:04:10] Tulk says, "ISO potal to teth"
[2017-01-31 12:04:10] Awsomedm says, ""
[2017-01-31 12:04:11] Adarke says, "WB works fast"
[2017-01-31 12:04:13] Clairvoyant says, "im still in the meeting hall, LOL, toon is gone, but im here, hehe"
[2017-01-31 12:04:13] Immortalbob says, "much <3 everyone"
[2017-01-31 12:04:14] Killertemplar says, "it's insane we are still in the game lol"
[2017-01-31 12:04:17] Stramus says, "ISO MOTES"
[2017-01-31 12:04:18] Strider says, "but was a great ride"
[2017-01-31 12:04:20] Killertemplar says, "well sorta in it"
[2017-01-31 12:04:24] Feidt says, "https://discord.gg/TwrRmGD Ac Chat - All servers wlcome stay in touch!"
[2017-01-31 12:04:28] Steveo says, "thanks Turbine, for the good times"
[2017-01-31 12:04:31] Valence1 says, "Tell WB to kiss my ass"
[2017-01-31 12:04:32] Lino says, "Selling lvl 275, cheap!"
[2017-01-31 12:04:35] Feidt says, "80+ members all servers welcome"
[2017-01-31 12:04:39] Awsomedm says, "hi"
[2017-01-31 12:04:39] Vale says, "Good Bye everyone!!"
[2017-01-31 12:04:41] Stramus says, "Iso account"
[2017-01-31 12:04:43] Istri says, "i see floating weapons"
[2020-07-01 17:28:48] Hellswrath says, "well hi"
[2020-07-01 17:28:51] Hellswrath says, "=D"
[2020-07-01 17:31:04] Virindi says, "you just wanted to be first"
[2020-07-01 17:31:18] Hellswrath says, "damn right"
[2020-07-01 19:02:18] Thwargle says, "oh, hi."
[2020-07-01 19:02:29] Hellswrath says, "!"
[2020-07-01 19:02:30] Thwargle says, "this looks like it worked fine ;)"
[2020-07-01 19:02:36] Virindi says, ":P"
[2020-07-01 19:02:37] Hellswrath says, "imagine, in 2020."
[2020-07-01 19:02:47] Thwargle says, "and i'm on some random (my own) server. imagine"
[2020-07-01 19:02:49] Brycter says, "hi"
[2020-07-01 19:03:27] Thwargle says, "look we can all be buds, and we're not even playing together. what a concept in 2020. in a 20 yr old game"
[2020-07-01 19:03:31] Thwargle says, "the future is real guys."
[2020-07-01 19:03:34] Brycter says, "had to change my host remotely"
[2020-07-01 19:04:15] Hellswrath says, "okay we 100% need the position tracking for all players across all worlds, like fellows"
[2020-07-01 19:04:25] Hellswrath says, "how much bandwidth would that consume :D"
[2020-07-01 19:04:39] Hellswrath says, "i want to see floating arrows for everyone on every emu "
[2020-07-01 19:04:56] Brycter says, "hype im down"
[2020-07-01 19:05:29] Brycter says, "togglable please"
[2020-07-01 19:06:17] Brycter says, "i cant type on phine be home in 30mins or so hells you meta support agaon now lol"
[2020-07-01 19:06:23] Hellswrath says, "i quit"
[2020-07-01 19:06:28] Hellswrath says, "peace"
[2020-07-01 19:06:32] Brycter says, "bahahaha"
[2020-07-01 19:06:38] Hellswrath says, "I don't get paid enough for that anymore ;)"
[2020-07-01 19:06:42] Virindi says, "HELLS MY MACRO ISN'T WORKING WHAT DO I DO"
[2020-07-01 19:06:43] Virindi says, "HELLS MY MACRO ISN'T WORKING WHAT DO I DO"
[2020-07-01 19:06:44] Virindi says, "HELLS MY MACRO ISN'T WORKING WHAT DO I DO"
[2020-07-01 19:06:45] Virindi says, "HELLS MY MACRO ISN'T WORKING WHAT DO I DO"
[2020-07-01 19:06:53] Hellswrath says, "theres a meta discord"
[2020-07-01 19:06:56] Brycter says, "ROFL"
[2020-07-01 19:06:59] Hellswrath says, "*linked*"
[2020-07-01 19:07:08] Hellswrath says, "I have it muted on principle"
[2020-07-01 19:07:20] Brycter says, "heya V"
[2020-07-01 19:07:32] Brycter says, "i always wanted to ask"
[2020-07-01 19:08:06] Brycter says, "are there any parts of the meta system you think.are under utilized"
[2020-07-01 19:08:19] Hellswrath says, "RELEASE VSCRIPT"
[2020-07-01 19:08:19] Virindi says, "I hate meta, I never used it"
[2020-07-01 19:08:20] Hellswrath says, "RELEASE VSCRIPT"
[2020-07-01 19:08:20] Hellswrath says, "RELEASE VSCRIPT"
[2020-07-01 19:08:20] Hellswrath says, "RELEASE VSCRIPT"
[2020-07-01 19:08:55] Virindi says, "all the meta functionality is based on people who actually used meta, asking for stuff"
[2020-07-01 19:09:13] Hellswrath says, "I can't wait for reddit to freak out about macros becoming better. We still see the monthly rant about macros killing the game"
[2020-07-01 19:09:41] Virindi says, "except vi2 doesn't add anything to macros atm"
[2020-07-01 19:09:46] Hellswrath says, "atm"
[2020-07-01 19:09:49] Hellswrath says, "i see what you did there"
[2020-07-01 19:11:24] Thwargle says, "there's a lot of bugs here, and it's starting to get annoying."
[2020-07-01 19:11:28] Thwargle says, "who put all these bugs here."
[2020-07-01 19:11:39] Hellswrath says, "hey whoa what server you on"
[2020-07-01 19:11:43] Hellswrath says, "DeadGame?"
[2020-07-01 19:11:46] Thwargle says, "maybe."
[2020-07-01 19:11:53] Thwargle says, "also, get on let's go hunt olthoi arcade for a minute, lol."
[2020-07-01 19:11:57] Hellswrath says, "I'm on GamesDeadArena"
[2020-07-01 19:12:00] Hellswrath says, "brt"
[2020-07-01 19:12:02] Thwargle says, "what a chump."
[2020-07-01 19:13:19] Ripley says, "already 537 players here.. wow"
[2020-07-01 19:13:31] Thwargle says, "hells, for some reason i'm not + anymore. ACE decided to figure it out i guess."
[2020-07-01 19:13:37] Virindi says, "mostly anon"
[2020-07-01 19:13:46] Hellswrath says, "V did you add naming to the ????"
[2020-07-01 19:13:57] Virindi says, "naming?"
[2020-07-01 19:13:58] Hellswrath says, "its pulling it from the worldname"
[2020-07-01 19:14:00] Thwargle says, "i say you kick out the anon's. they can suck it."
[2020-07-01 19:14:03] Hellswrath says, "add me to friends"
[2020-07-01 19:14:08] Hellswrath says, "it shows DeadGame and GamesDeadArena"
[2020-07-01 19:14:15] Virindi says, "uh"
[2020-07-01 19:14:16] Hellswrath says, "er GDACE"
[2020-07-01 19:14:24] Thwargle says, "mine shows DeadGame with ACE"
[2020-07-01 19:14:26] Hellswrath says, "because those are our worldnames"
[2020-07-01 19:14:40] Virindi says, "it is supposed to only show if it is the same as your server"
[2020-07-01 19:14:44] Ripley says, "I see ????"
[2020-07-01 19:14:50] Hellswrath says, "ohhhh right, im in fellow"
[2020-07-01 19:14:52] Hellswrath says, "fellow shows it"
[2020-07-01 19:14:54] Thwargle says, "i see that for your other client."
[2020-07-01 19:15:00] Thwargle says, "but i see DeadGame for mine."
[2020-07-01 19:15:04] Hellswrath says, "yea yea, that tracks"
[2020-07-01 19:15:10] Virindi says, "hells you are seeing it because you are in secret bypass mode :P"
[2020-07-01 19:15:17] Hellswrath says, "yay"
[2020-07-01 19:15:34] Virindi says, "SHHHHHHHHHH"
[2020-07-01 19:15:44] Ripley says, "this will be fun as multi emu"
[2020-07-01 19:15:58] Brycter says, "when you logged in hells i got ???? fir server"
[2020-07-01 19:16:04] Hellswrath says, "good"
[2020-07-01 19:16:10] Hellswrath says, "working flawless"
[2020-07-01 19:16:55] Brycter says, "my fellows are gone:/"
[2020-07-01 19:17:32] Virindi says, "fellow and map is currently blocked"
[2020-07-01 19:17:52] Thwargle says, "i see bob, mag, silo, and hells on my friends list the rest i don't recall who they are."
[2020-07-01 19:19:31] Hellswrath says, "lool"
[2020-07-01 19:19:50] Brycter says, "my map seems to be there"
[2020-07-01 19:20:07] Virindi says, "I had to edit it to allow admins to add more than 50 friends because I had so many from old times"
[2020-07-01 19:20:23] Virindi says, "errr"
[2020-07-01 19:21:15] Thwargle says, "is this ok for virindi to be flexing her friends list on me?"
[2020-07-01 19:21:20] Thwargle says, "i feel attacked."
[2020-07-01 19:21:21] Hellswrath says, "rofl"
[2020-07-01 19:21:39] Virindi says, "the map should be there and also blank, only showing the dungeon name"
[2020-07-01 19:21:51] Thwargle says, "dungeon maps are blank, overworld is populated"
[2020-07-01 19:21:56] Thwargle says, "on mine"
[2020-07-01 19:21:59] Brycter says, "i see putside maps"
[2020-07-01 19:22:06] Trevis says, "hi"
[2020-07-01 19:22:10] Virindi says, "oh yeah, outside map doesn't rely on the server"
[2020-07-01 19:22:12] Thwargle says, "oh hi, it's trevis."
[2020-07-01 19:22:17] Virindi says, "but it won't show portals and npcs"
[2020-07-01 19:22:17] Ripley says, "o/"
[2020-07-01 19:22:17] Brycter says, "trevis!"
[2020-07-01 19:22:41] Thwargle says, "hells i'm calling the cops on you."
[2020-07-01 19:22:42] Ripley says, "gamesdonelol"
[2020-07-01 19:22:45] Hellswrath says, "i didnt cheat"
[2020-07-01 19:22:48] Thwargle says, "you can't TP to me, on my own server.."
[2020-07-01 19:22:55] Hellswrath says, "hax"
[2020-07-01 19:22:56] Thwargle says, "choo mean you didn't cheat."
[2020-07-01 19:23:00] Brycter says, "lol"
[2020-07-01 19:23:30] Thwargle says, "who thought admin hells was a good idea... smh"
[2020-07-01 19:23:45] Hellswrath says, "i dont think we ever voted"
[2020-07-01 19:23:56] Thwargle says, "there was definitely no voting."
[2020-07-01 19:24:49] Ripley says, "ac stream again tonight?"
[2020-07-01 19:24:54] Thwargle says, "tomorrow night for sure"
[2020-07-01 19:25:11] Ripley says, "alrighty"
[2020-07-01 19:25:11] Thwargle says, "tonight is sea of thieves, i already told a buddy i'd play some with him"
[2020-07-01 19:25:16] Hellswrath says, "i gotta update the server first -.-"
[2020-07-01 19:25:21] Hellswrath says, "stop making things change"
[2020-07-01 19:25:23] Thwargle says, "and hells didn't do the stuff."
[2020-07-01 19:25:34] Thwargle says, "we like to think he's lazy."
[2020-07-01 19:25:36] Ripley says, "more changes all the time.."
[2020-07-01 19:27:00] Thwargle says, "i dunno what else utility belt is good for, but i like the floaty names."
[2020-07-01 19:27:28] Brycter says, "shows dmg over mobs too"
[2020-07-01 19:27:39] Thwargle says, "must be off by default then."
[2020-07-01 19:27:45] Hellswrath says, "you didnt update"
[2020-07-01 19:27:52] Thwargle says, "update? what year is this."
[2020-07-01 19:27:53] Brycter says, "thats beta i beieve"
[2020-07-01 19:27:54] Thwargle says, "no. i didn't."
[2020-07-01 19:28:01] Hellswrath says, "and you're mage? does it show damage for mage?"
[2020-07-01 19:28:03] Trevis says, "i dont even think its in the beta yet, just a schneebly branch"
[2020-07-01 19:28:29] Thwargle says, "imagine updating your stuff for people.. whooey, not me man. not me."
[2020-07-01 19:28:40] Brycter says, "oh nkt public beta got it"
[2020-07-01 19:28:48] Hellswrath says, "rofl"
[2020-07-01 19:29:19] Brycter says, "i just want ut to close out crsshed clients avain"
[2020-07-01 19:29:59] Hellswrath says, "is that the "not closing clients that are minimized but are displaying a DC message" issue?"
[2020-07-01 19:30:01] Thwargle says, "that whole thing is being addressed. we had a brief moment of config instead of dev... annoying."
[2020-07-01 19:30:16] Thwargle says, "spent 2 hrs getting zorgle's dev environment set up again, since he had to get covid tested and couldn't meet up. "
[2020-07-01 19:30:22] Thwargle says, "so instead of dev. we configured. yee haw."
[2020-07-01 19:30:37] Thwargle says, "he's never played AC, and has no clue how to install and configure decal lol"
[2020-07-01 19:31:01] Brycter says, "might be i run most of my clients minimized"
[2020-07-01 19:31:03] Hellswrath says, "a true hero. countless hours on a game hes never played lol"
[2020-07-01 19:31:19] Thwargle says, "easily a thousand hours of dev, and maybe 3 minutes of moving a character."
[2020-07-01 19:31:34] Thwargle says, "ever."
[2020-07-01 19:31:34] Virindi says, "I thought devs were forbidden to play the actual game"
[2020-07-01 19:31:37] Virindi says, "it's the dev code"
[2020-07-01 19:31:40] Thwargle says, "he doesn't play games, lol."
[2020-07-01 19:31:46] Hellswrath says, "im following thwarg right now /shrug"
[2020-07-01 19:31:49] Thwargle says, "i'm the opposite.. i play games instead of fixing things."
[2020-07-01 19:32:00] Thwargle says, "probably why i'm a failure, ya know?"
[2020-07-01 19:32:11] Brycter says, "i just show up- to talk to peeps i like "
[2020-07-01 19:32:37] Brycter says, "im stoaked for Vi2 being back "
[2020-07-01 19:33:00] Virindi says, "it needs to be connected to the discord now :("
[2020-07-01 19:33:20] Brycter says, "can plugnis read vi2?"
[2020-07-01 19:33:22] Thwargle says, "i honestly don't see the use case yet."
[2020-07-01 19:33:29] Ripley says, "[2017-01-31 12:03:46] Ripley says, "ACEmulator.org we'll rebuild""
[2020-07-01 19:33:50] Virindi says, "yeah without maps and fellows the ingame utility is very limited"
[2020-07-01 19:34:01] Ripley says, ":')"
[2020-07-01 19:37:24] Hellswrath says, "oof"
[2020-07-01 19:38:13] Thwargle says, "we HAVE rebuilt ripley. you were a prophet."
[2020-07-01 19:38:49] Thwargle says, "kinda funny to see the VI lines under the utility belt lines."
[2020-07-01 19:39:03] Thwargle says, "old blue we know and love with aggressive fuchsia new"
[2020-07-01 19:39:08] Hellswrath says, "rofl"
[2020-07-01 19:39:13] Thwargle says, "we need the opacity slider lol."
[2020-07-01 19:39:17] Thwargle says, "shebright"
[2020-07-01 19:39:52] Thwargle says, "ding."
[2020-07-01 19:39:54] Thwargle says, "31"
[2020-07-01 19:40:14] Brycter says, "what server yall playing on?"
[2020-07-01 19:40:23] Thwargle says, "mine. just a private one"
[2020-07-01 19:40:33] Brycter says, "i have a few metas ill come run on it lol"
[2020-07-01 19:40:37] Thwargle says, "i have it set up so when i stream, it's on, and when i don't it's off. but we were testing vi"
[2020-07-01 19:40:40] Thwargle says, "so here i am atm."
[2020-07-01 19:40:42] Virindi says, "gimptide?"
[2020-07-01 19:40:51] Thwargle says, "hey now.."
[2020-07-01 19:40:54] Virindi says, "nerfcull"
[2020-07-01 19:40:56] Thwargle says, "it's called DeadGame"
[2020-07-01 19:41:12] Virindi says, "weaksebb"
[2020-07-01 19:41:21] Brycter says, "it would be bad if i hit 275 before you on your own server "
[2020-07-01 19:41:31] Thwargle says, "oh you def. would."
[2020-07-01 19:41:43] Thwargle says, "i'm running the most useless path in olthoi arcade atm while chatting lol"
[2020-07-01 19:41:51] Brycter says, "lol you dont know me i dont level like at all i farm stuff and get leves off that"
[2020-07-01 19:41:52] Thwargle says, "i just hit like 4 points and am running back and forth uselessly"
[2020-07-01 19:42:30] Brycter says, "lol i get to 120 150 and sit them in rare farm spots until they arte 275"
[2020-07-01 19:42:51] Thwargle says, "i haven't even started 9-manning on this server yet."
[2020-07-01 19:42:55] Thwargle says, "single account scrub atm."
[2020-07-01 19:43:07] Brycter says, "sounds about par ;P"
[2020-07-01 19:43:11] Thwargle says, "bro; i'm running the game in full screen.... yikes"
[2020-07-01 19:43:17] Virindi says, ""noworries content" is stupid with one account :("
[2020-07-01 19:43:56] Brycter says, "hells you have a 1-275 meta?"
[2020-07-01 19:44:03] Hellswrath says, "no comment"
[2020-07-01 19:44:14] Thwargle says, "his 1-275 meta is, type /godly"
[2020-07-01 19:44:15] Brycter says, "oh thats right no meta talk"
[2020-07-01 19:46:01] Thwargle says, "guys, we're pulling a solid half a mil an hr in here."
[2020-07-01 19:46:05] Thwargle says, "get on my level noobs."
[2020-07-01 19:46:23] Brycter says, "yeah i get that but 2020 been rouch nice to talk to yall and have a good time "
[2020-07-01 19:46:59] Brycter says, "mt"
[2020-07-01 20:10:58] Laser says, "is the fellowship for vi2 work or not yet?"
[2020-07-01 20:13:22] Virindi says, "we are talking about how to make it so each server sets up their own"
[2020-07-01 20:13:51] Laser says, "nice"
[2020-07-01 20:58:20] Thwargle says, "hells, i'm shutting server down if you read this ;)"
[2020-07-01 21:35:59] Testaccount4141 says, "Wow, Hello 2017! :-)"
[2020-07-02 17:10:23] Thwargle says, "ollie ollie oxen free!!! anyone home?"
[2020-07-02 17:10:44] Hellswrath says, "too bad anon acounts dont see vcg"
[2020-07-02 17:11:45] Thwargle says, "honestly? good."
[2020-07-02 17:11:51] Thwargle says, "a little more regulate-able lol."
[2020-07-02 17:12:49] Thwargle says, "ok i'm leaving this running until 9 something when it's about time to start."
[2020-07-02 17:12:55] Hellswrath says, "cool cool"
[2020-07-02 17:12:59] Thwargle says, "afk."
[2020-07-02 19:05:48] Thwargle says, "where'd ya go?"
[2020-07-02 19:05:54] Hellswrath says, "look at discord"
[2020-07-03 21:51:18] Brycter says, "anyone on?"
[2020-07-03 22:30:47] Sslider says, "yo"
[2020-07-03 22:34:22] Sslider says, "anything going on?"
[2020-07-05 05:26:49] Robintaran says, "Anyone in here?"
[2020-07-07 15:15:49] Reawakener says, "test?"
[2020-07-07 15:15:52] Reawakener says, "oooo"
[2020-07-07 15:17:02] Virindi says, "nope"
[2020-07-07 15:19:02] Robintaran says, "Virindi - Do fellow not work as yet or is it me doing something wrong?"
[2020-07-07 15:19:42] Virindi says, "fellows and map are currently disabled pending me getting to writing some more code"
[2020-07-07 15:20:26] Virindi says, "I plan to bring it back with private fellow/map servers (preferably run by the game server op)"
[2020-07-07 15:20:47] Virindi says, "so I don't have to host it"
[2020-07-07 15:21:49] Robintaran says, "Ahh ok - I was using the work around via Silo before I heard it came back up - Is it possible to get fellows working before that? (It was working with whatever Silo was hosting)"
[2020-07-07 15:22:31] Virindi says, "nah probably use that for awhile more then if you depend on fellows"
[2020-07-07 15:22:42] Virindi says, "I'm assuming that is pegasus"
[2020-07-07 15:23:18] Robintaran says, "I think he may have taken it down when you came back up - Stopped working the day after everyone mentioned VI2 was working (normally without hosts entry)"
[2020-07-07 15:23:29] Virindi says, "ah"
[2020-07-07 15:23:48] Virindi says, "you can run your own copy of pegasus too"
[2020-07-07 15:24:04] Reawakener says, "utilitybelt works great for vital sharing if you are running all accts from one machine too"
[2020-07-07 15:25:07] Robintaran says, "I do have my VPS server doing sweet FA at the moment - I find UB is better at vital sharing then straight fellow window but it's still pretty slow compared to VI2 (at least it certainly seems that way - might just be how often it's polled/refreshed)"
[2020-07-07 15:26:18] Robintaran says, "Very much appreciate all the Virindi Bundle though - has made playing AC fun for many years (as well as giving me headaches writing huge metas lol)"
[2020-07-07 15:26:54] Reawakener says, "hmm looks like utilitybelt does it every 500ms?"
[2020-07-07 15:27:26] Virindi says, "vi2 client sends vitals updates anytime vitals change, rather than a poll"
[2020-07-07 15:27:32] Virindi says, "probably the difference"
[2020-07-07 15:28:57] Reawakener says, "yeah, makes sense. i'll nag sunnuj to improve it =P"
[2020-07-12 21:31:31] Ripley says, "anyone out there?"
[2020-07-12 21:31:35] Reawakener says, "oh hi"
[2020-07-12 21:32:01] Ripley says, "o/ any idea how to solve: Warning: could not find a way to regain vital 'Health'!"
[2020-07-12 21:32:19] Ripley says, "trying to get vtank to use a healkit..."
[2020-07-12 21:32:24] Reawakener says, "depends... you want to heal or want it to stop stopping the macro?"
[2020-07-12 21:32:52] Ripley says, "i just want it to use a healkit.. trying to debug double use"
[2020-07-12 21:33:08] Virindi says, "add a kit to your consumables"
[2020-07-12 21:33:11] Reawakener says, "oh - you have heal kit added to "
[2020-07-12 21:33:14] Reawakener says, "yeah that"
[2020-07-12 21:33:33] Ripley says, "i think i did? it says Peerless Healing Kit"
[2020-07-12 21:33:36] Virindi says, "make sure your healing skill is high enough to succeed with the amount of hp you are missing, or change the heal kit success chance"
[2020-07-12 21:33:39] Reawakener says, "you have healing trained?"
[2020-07-12 21:33:45] Ripley says, "yeah"
[2020-07-12 21:34:04] Ripley says, "245 skill not enough to do a heal? heh"
[2020-07-12 21:34:12] Virindi says, "depends on how much HP you are missing"
[2020-07-12 21:34:20] Ripley says, "almost all of it"
[2020-07-12 21:34:43] Virindi says, "/vt opt set minimumhealkitsuccesschance 1"
[2020-07-12 21:34:51] Virindi says, "will heal if success > 1%"
[2020-07-12 21:35:08] Reawakener says, "I wonder if anyone has ever actually changed that setting"
[2020-07-12 21:35:49] Ripley says, "22/201 and healing is at 371 now.. still just says could not find a way to regain "
[2020-07-12 21:36:00] Ripley says, "before attempting to change the min setting"
[2020-07-12 21:36:14] Reawakener says, "does the true math make it over 95%?"
[2020-07-12 21:36:39] Reawakener says, "for emu - obv vtank hasn't changed"
[2020-07-12 21:37:14] Ripley says, "oh.. i had no stam... think that probably affected it"
[2020-07-12 21:37:20] Virindi says, "well the diff check for healing was pretty well known I think"
[2020-07-12 21:37:22] Virindi says, "oh, yes."
[2020-07-12 21:37:34] Virindi says, "duh you can't actually use a kit without stam heh"
[2020-07-12 21:37:46] Ripley says, "i had only partially messed with stats.. still had only 5 lol"
[2020-07-12 21:38:19] Ripley says, "only ever played a mage so never really used a healkit"
[2020-07-12 21:38:25] Virindi says, "did you arbitrarily set flags |= 0x80"
[2020-07-12 21:38:27] Virindi says, "heh"
[2020-07-12 21:39:19] Ripley says, "i wanted to see the double hit first, just to see what was going on, now going to switch to "commands" version and retrry"
[2020-07-12 21:39:55] Virindi says, "vtank uses a state machine for healing and the "waiting for result" state is not switched to until it sees a "correct" packet to begin the animation"
[2020-07-12 21:42:15] Ripley says, "ok lets see how much breaks now haha"
[2020-07-12 21:43:03] Reawakener says, "[VI} {Ripley}(???)Ripley logged out."
[2020-07-12 21:43:08] Ripley says, " and fixed"
[2020-07-12 21:43:18] Ripley says, "only did 1 hit"
[2020-07-12 21:43:20] Reawakener says, "that simple?"
[2020-07-12 21:43:28] Virindi says, "/me waits for everything else to be broken"
[2020-07-12 21:43:49] Ripley says, "yeah total"
[2020-07-12 21:44:03] Ripley says, "would need to see this in combat i guess"
[2020-07-12 21:45:02] Ripley says, "gmriggs might have better insight or plan, but using the same method as recently changed for recalls worked"
[2020-07-22 16:58:31] Xyo says, "do fellows work on this?"
[2020-07-22 16:58:49] Xyo says, "/vij isnt working"
[2020-07-24 09:48:44] Ggtw says, "Anyone know why I cant join a channel?"
[2020-07-24 09:49:46] Ggtw says, "Seem to have everything else working just nothing happens when I click 'Add' on Channel/Fellow"
[2020-08-04 21:35:37] Caelvan says, "test"
[2020-08-04 21:36:00] Caelvan says, "anyone else in here?"
[2020-08-04 21:36:16] Valoth says, "nope"
[2020-08-04 21:36:34] Dt says, "yes"
[2020-08-04 21:37:06] Caelvan says, "Hello! Anyone know if the wiki is out of date in how to make the vi2 fellows to work?"
[2020-08-04 21:37:27] Dt says, "I have no clue"
[2020-08-04 21:37:41] Sapphireknight says, "/vij fellow name"
[2020-08-04 21:38:36] Sapphireknight says, "now whether is up and working yet--dunno"
[2020-08-04 21:38:36] Dt says, "I have never really used it and hell this is like the second time I've ever seen this channel used"
[2020-08-04 21:38:53] Caelvan says, "ah, that could explain it then"
[2020-08-04 21:39:40] Dt says, "is that how you get chars to go into portals and buff and stuff?"
[2020-08-04 21:40:29] Caelvan says, "I can get that with Virindi Tank just fine"
[2020-08-04 21:40:49] Caelvan says, "I've a simple slave meta I put them on, and make them use the Fac Hub gem or a nearby gateway"
[2020-08-05 21:41:27] Laser says, "sure is quiet tongith"
[2020-08-06 20:12:01] Never says, "hello"
[2020-08-08 04:32:18] War says, "test"
[2020-08-09 06:13:56] War says, "Gday guys :)"
[2020-08-09 10:36:19] Dim says, "Test"
[2020-08-09 23:39:36] War says, "gday guys"
[2020-08-10 17:24:14] Locane says, "test"
[2020-08-10 17:24:37] Obie says, "failed"
[2020-08-10 17:25:21] Locane says, "lol just set it up"
[2020-08-10 17:26:07] Locane says, "how broad is this chat system?"
[2020-09-01 01:24:18] Evil says, "has anyone been able to get virindi fellows to work?"
[2020-09-01 10:16:45] Talonstarr says, ""
[2020-09-01 10:17:04] Talonstarr says, "hello"
[2020-09-10 23:26:03] Warweaver says, "eat cock"
[2020-09-10 23:26:20] Valoth says, "rude"
[2020-09-10 23:26:37] Warweaver says, "sorry assumed it woulnd't work"
[2020-09-10 23:28:13] Obie says, "it's ok, only got sent to everyone running tank"
[2020-09-10 23:28:53] Warweaver says, "fuck the world this shit is FUCKING gay "
[2020-09-10 23:29:14] Warweaver says, "i'll muss with it later sorry for interupption will read faq and you can all blow me"
[2020-09-10 23:29:29] Valoth says, "loool"
[2020-09-11 00:59:24] Warweaver says, "anyone use the command codes feature in the thwarg launcher?"
[2020-09-15 14:48:47] Serafino says, "Yo!"
[2020-09-15 14:54:21] Toogruforu says, "Hello"
[2020-09-15 14:57:47] Obie says, "go away, i gave at the office"
[2020-09-18 18:06:57] Picaro says, "hello?"
[2020-09-18 18:07:23] Brad7623 says, "sup"
[2020-09-18 18:07:36] Picaro says, "oh! it works!"
[2020-09-18 18:07:42] Picaro says, "cool"
[2020-09-18 18:07:55] Takaezo says, "hi"
[2020-09-18 18:07:57] Brad7623 says, "yea not super useful tho lol"
[2020-09-18 18:08:24] Picaro says, "eh, just wanted to reminese"
[2020-09-18 18:08:42] Takaezo says, "what server are ou on?"
[2020-09-18 18:09:03] Picaro says, "my own, not public, just tweak'n with it"
[2020-09-18 18:10:21] Picaro says, "do you have the VI Remote still? i'm not finding it. had it several months ago, but now it's gone?"
[2020-09-18 18:11:26] Takaezo says, "I clicked on your Vigeneral to talk. I ddidnt even know I could do this"
[2020-09-27 20:41:02] Thwargle says, "hey."
[2020-09-27 20:41:45] Valoth says, "hi"
[2020-09-27 20:41:59] Thwargle says, "what's happenin? anything fun and exciting?"
[2020-09-27 20:42:23] Valoth says, "nope =/ lol"
[2020-10-05 15:25:01] Swdc says, "."
[2020-10-13 00:29:37] Trevis says, "sup"
[2020-10-13 00:37:35] Fartwhif says, "test"
[2020-10-13 00:41:11] Fartwhif says, "test2"
[2020-10-13 00:51:05] Fartwhif says, "testing window redirect"
[2020-10-13 00:52:24] Fartwhif says, "testing window redirect"
[2020-10-16 02:24:15] Ceddy says, "Hello."